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GL: Govt. Will Not Respond To Darusman Report

The government said that it would not send a response to the UN Secretary General’s panel of experts on Sri Lanka.

External Affairs Minister Prof. G.L. Peiris told media heads today that the government would not respond to the Darusman committee, but would continue with the dialogue with the UN Secretary General.

Peiris made this comment in response to a question posed about the government’s response to the Darusman report during a meeting of media heads at Temple Trees under the patronage of President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Rajapaksa agreed and added that the UN Secretary General will be informed of the government’s response on the events in the final stages of the conflict.<p>

Peiris observed that the government of Sri Lanka never recognized the validity of the Darusman committee.

“We will keep the Secretary General informed of the reconciliation process initiated by the government and the whole gamut of steps taken by the government,” Peiris said.

The President said that although there was no need to respond to the allegations in the Darusman report, the only way to cast aside such false allegations is by responding with the truth.

10 Comments for “GL: Govt. Will Not Respond To Darusman Report”

  1. KABAB

    One of your article dated 8/5 states: Govt. prepares its response to the UN. Today’s article states: Govt. will not respond to Darusma report. What’s the difference between the two?

  2. Shiva

    This is the biggest joke of the 21st Century!!!!!

    This Rajapakse regime and its cronies must face International War Crimes Court for the crimes committed and no excuse on the massacre of Tamils!!!!

    May 13 Tamil Nadu results are to be released and when Jayalalitha comes to power and Congress gets defeated badly. Jaya will demand for Justice, Justice and Justice for the Victims!!!

  3. love2beTRAITOR

    aiyoo GL, haahaha
    1.there is no such thing called Darusman Report. it is a expert panel report which UN published as its own report.
    2.ban ki moon have already dismantled the expert panel as its purpose has been served n of course u cant reply to panel anymore n U HAVE NO OPTION BUT TO REPORT TO UN.

  4. Priyanka

    the government is inviting trouble to its doors by confronting with the world body and international community by failing to respect human rights. Anyone who suppress freedom of speech is a terrorist/criminal. Unti those crimials are charged and punished, there will not be any real freedom. You can’t enjoy the freedom of speech while being afraid.

  5. ila

    International community should go take war criminals even if they need to violates soverignity as US took Osama Bin Laden. War criminals are dangerous to its citizens. The following links can predict what will happen in Sri Lanka:

    China’s human rights violation (remember China is best friend of Sri Lanka)

  6. Bruz

    For once,make up your mind people without further confusion !

  7. ila

    nobody is forcing the governenment either to respond or not to respond. it is up to the government. choosing either of them is not easy since there is a consequences.

  8. willows

    what a joke, one says that they will respond and other says no?? whom to believe

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