Dayan Jayatilleka On The UN Panel Report (Video)

Diplomat Dayan Jayatilleka spoke on the show ‘Cross Fire’ on the recently released UN panel report. Below are links for the interviews, in Sinhala and English respectively.

Dayan Jayatilleka on the UN Panel report (Sinhala)

Dayan Jayatilleka (English)

6 Comments for “Dayan Jayatilleka On The UN Panel Report (Video)”

  1. Shiva

    Dayan Jayatilleka is just another Sinhala who is an agent of this war criminal Rajapakse regime.

    Hundred of thousands of innocent Tamils were brutally killed as Daya is talking about bogus claims by the international Community to invade and interfere with a country.

    Rajapakse regime has not allowed any one – International Community, Media, Journalists, NGOs, Human Rights groups to tamil areas even after 2 years of endign the War. This regime is not doing reconciliation but involved in ethnic cleansing, using thugs to sign petition against the UN, terrorize and intimidate Tamils.

    Only an International investigation and judicial process can bring justice and accountability. No Sinhala can bring peace and stability and the Tamil Diaspora will not rest until this is achieved!

  2. gamarala

    Dr Jayatilleke says firstly, that there should be no action against tamils by the government and/or the armed forces.
    But reports from the tamil areas are that tamils are continually being harassed , robbed, occasionally killed, not allowed to freely pursue their livelihoods, not allowed to reoccupy their homes most of which are damaged, their temples desecrated, buddhist shrines erected unnecessarily, arrested without reasons being given and held incommunicado & tortured, arrested when they attempt to go abroad, all tamils excluded from public service recruitment on pretext that all failed examinations for same, familly, society & religious events compelled to be approved by the military, tamils compelled to sign peititions against the UN Panel Report, tamil businesses being forcibly handed over to sinhalese from the south, tamils’ lands encroached by sinhalese and muslims aided by government politicians etc. etcc
    Reconciliation cannot happen with all this happening.
    Will he accept that these are happening and use his good offices to advise the president, to correct this state of affairs.

  3. Punchinilame

    Being a paid agent of Bill Pottiger, one is bound to keep saying things in
    support of the <regime – such cheap gimmicks will not do justice to the
    effected T AM I L S?

  4. Bruz

    This ‘educated ‘ diplomat is just talking rubbish, not even mentioning about the
    deaths,destructions,attrocities undertaken by the SL forces against civilians.
    Forget thge Tigers, they fought the Govt and were ready to die in any battle.
    This is about the civilians who were massacared by the forces.
    This gentle man didn’t utter a single word about the Tamils who suffered.
    These are the ‘educated’ racist people trying to trample a nation & it’s people.
    Tamils had their own country in North, invaded by Portugese in 1638,invaded again in 1638 by Dutch, then by British in 1796 and made a single country for easy administration. When British left SL in 1948,it was given to Sinhalese , Tamils & Muslims & other minorities as one country. Now the majority sinhalese claims the whole country as theirs. That is the sad part & the reason for all the troubles. Tamils have to get back their own country at any cost and let them rule their individual countries without resorting to absurd & stupid fights ,wars. Only that can solve the problem. There is no better way.

  5. vintage voter

    OH! NO NOT AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!

  6. vintage voter



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