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War Crimes, Genocide Case Filed In Norway Courts

Norwegian Lawyer on Human Rights, Harald Stabell, has filed a case under Norwegian national law, against President Mahinda Rajapaksa, his brother and Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa, and former Army Commander Sarath Fonseka and several others for alleged war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide against ‘Eezham’ Tamils.
The case is filed on behalf of the Norwegian Council of Eezham Tamils (NCET) and 15 affected Norwegian Tamils. Following the latest revelations by the Norwegian Minister Erik Solheim on Norwegian national media NRK about his knowledge of the white-flag surrender, which turned into a war crime, the lawyers have indicated to the Chief Prosecutor of Norway that evidence may be sought from Solheim.
One of the 15 Norwegian Eezham Tamils who have filed the case through NCET’s legal effort, is seeking justice for a Norwegian citizen who died in the Wanni during the war. The other plaintiffs are Norwegian citizens or residents requesting the court to grant redress for their kith and kin killed in the Wanni.
The charges filed in the case arise under Norwegian Penal Code Articles (20 May 2005) which are applicable to specific acts committed abroad by persons who are not Norwegian citizens or residents in Norway or in another Nordic country. Under these provisions, Norwegian Eezham Tamils who lost their relatives or property can sue those who committed these crimes against them.
Under the Norwegian Penal Code, courts may hear cases involving war crimes and other major violations of human rights.
The plaintiffs have cited the report on war crimes by the International Crisis Group and the latest report by the UN Secretary General’s Panel of Experts on Accountability in Sri Lanka.

19 Comments for “War Crimes, Genocide Case Filed In Norway Courts”

  1. love2beTRAITOR

    useless effort, sri lankan government is really strong, only UN or EU can make sri lanka kneel and no other country can do that

  2. Rohan

    What can Norway do ? do not interfere this part of the world . stay far away from this part of the world as you are.

  3. LankanLion

    Good move and eradicating war criminals will lead to a civilised society. I am pretty sure that this move will be replicated in all civilised countries and international arrest warrants will be issued to arrest criminals who committed war crime and genocide

    • Ma-Rout-Ti

      Does this mean SL can bring an equally bizarre charge against the likes of Erik Solheim and the gang in our own courts ? Charges like Supporting and Encouraging Sedition, Conspiring against the legally instituted government of a sovereign country, Supporting Terrorism … ? Perhaps under the Prevention of Terrorism Act ?

  4. ila

    if a journalist write something critical, he/she would have been killed or jailed. Now the UN panel has prepared a reporst on war crimes in Sri Lanka. Those who killed journalist, will they do anything against UN as they do those journalists?

  5. Appuhamy

    Sri Lanka needs to immediately file a case against Adele Balasingham – the notorious wife of Anton Balasingham – and request her to be extradited to Sri Lanka to stand trial for her role in the recruiting and training of little children as child soldiers to the barbaric terrorist outfit, the Tamil Tigers – and for allowing these child soldiers to be sacrificed as cannon fodder in the front line of the battles against the Sri Lankan military and encouraging them to swallow cyanide capsules and commit suicide.

    • justice

      Sri Lanka should stand trial for killing babies, children, men,, women, old and infirm, maiming them, destroying their properties and torturing them, abucting them and other unmentionable atrociities to them since 1956!!!

      • Ma-Rout-Ti

        Hey justice, why stop at 1956 ? We can go back a few centuries and put the Portuguese, Tamils, Dutch and British on trial at the same time for the same things as well…

  6. Saro

    Rajapakse brothers are of the view that whatever they commit in Sri Lanka to minorities is protected by either the sovereignty of the country or their friends China, Russia, Libya and Iran. But the Karma is so strong that it overturns all the worldly obstacles from justice being done to innocent victims.

  7. Looks like Mahinda & Co is going to spend tax payers money to defend the cases against them in International Courts.

    • leba

      You only see Sri lanka news papers.If you see the news paper in the world all the MR have can go to china only

  8. M.V.R.Perera

    Is there credible evidence to file action in any court

  9. Randi

    However much we may dislike the players, we should not forget that within the country, human rights violations are still being committed.
    Ask any family of the missing, kidnaped or killed journalists, who have criticized the Rajapaksa regime.

  10. Vijaya

    humbug, a lot of gas and hot baloons. it is the circus of remaining LTTE criminals. We will be entertained by similar cases coming soon to the nearest theatre from Canada and the UK.

    • Ma-Rout-Ti

      Absolutely – some smart Norwehian lawyers are going to make a lot of money off the dimwitted Tamil/LTTE diaspora. The numskulls are so busy celebrating this “victory” that they haven’t figured it out yet

  11. Citizens of Srilanka

    When judging the cases against Srilankan government in various countries for the” Killings of Tamil Citizens” at the last stage of “War Against LTTE Terrorism”. same way give the judgement against some of the main LTTE, Lieutenants and their kith and kins living in and out of Srilanka comfortably today by killings thousand and thousands of Sinhalese, Muslims, and Tamil citizens all over the country for 32 years by Parcel Bombs, Pistol Gangs, Bus Bombs, Train Bombs, Maradana Bombs,Gas Paha Bombs,Central Bank Bombs, Killing Buddhist Monks, Muslim Mosque Killings, Killing Srilankan President and Ministers, Destroying Srilankan President`s Eye Etc: That is why, My Lord, Srilankan government had to take such hard action against “Terrorists” eliminating LTTE was the main request made by millions of Srilankan Citizens from Rajapaksa Government.

  12. Balasooriya

    No matter what, let us keep our Rajapakses who killed so many LTTE & the supporting Tamils in hundreds & thousands. Today our nation is so happy
    and people are so proud of our forces. We don’t have to worry about Ban-ki-boon or
    any body. We do have Russia,China,Iran,India,Cuba,Mayanmar etc etc. to support & save us from these stypid minor complaints. It is some buddha jayanthi thing now
    and let us all pray !

  13. The factual and truthful UN report on Sri Lanka(SL) is explicit about the war crimes against the Tamils and crime against humanity but is not expilicit and assertive about the existing political repression of Tamils that caused these crimes.

    The governments of SL, the Sinhala mass media and the “Buddhist clergy” were instrumental in creating the repression of Tamils; abusing the legislature to pass anti-Tamil and emergency laws for the past 39 years. This caused torture, disappearances and civilian killings.

    Any sensible person who knows the events in SL since 1972 wiill acknowledge that the Tamil nation can never ever live with safety and security under the Sinhala nation.

    The Tamil nation will therefore always cry for their legitimate right for independence, started at Vaddukoddai in 1976; after the unilateral declaration of independence, only by the Sinhala nation, with a Sinhala Buddhist constitution in 1972.

    If asking for independence is asking for “separation”, Mahatma Gandhi was leading a “separatist movement” and not an independence movement and all the hisorians are wrong.

    A cry for freedom is not a cry for “separation”. A cry of a nation against oppression, genocide and military occupation is a cry for freedom.

    A cry for self rule and self governance to protect against oppression is a democratic request for survival as a nation.

    But the government of SL(GOSL) brands all these cries as illegal expressions of “separatism” and it is political repression.

    Obviously, the defiant policy of “Unitary state” of the GOSL is a “wolf in sheep’s clothes” strategy to control, subjugate and exterminate Tamils.

    The UN has an obligation to protect the Tamil nation from such an extermination.

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