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Lasantha Murder Trial Takes Another Twist

By Mandana Ismail Abeywickrema

Following a sensational twist in the case currently being heard at the Mount Lavinia Magistrate Court on the murder of Founder Editor of The Sunday Leader Lasantha Wickrematunge, Counsel for the aggrieved party, Attorney Shiral Lakthileka requested on Thursday (26) that the Magistrate holds a magisterial inquiry into the statement made by former army intelligence officer Kandegedera Piyawansa.
Lakthileka said that courts had provision to take appropriate action if there is an inducement or threat made by an investigating officer to a suspect that is in violation of the Criminal Procedure Code.
“In such an event, the Magistrate can record a statement from the suspect and hold an inquiry,” Lakthileka told The Sunday Leader.
Former Army intelligence unit member Kandegedara Priyawansa making an statement in open court during a previous hearing of the case on May 12, had said that one OIC Prasanna Alwis of the Terrorist Investigation Department (TID) had tried to influence him into making a statement implicating a senior military officer in Wickrematunge’s assassination.
Mount Lavinia Chief Magistrate Nirosha Fernando requested on Thursday that the TID submit a report on the investigation along with the relevant TID officer on the next date, June 9.
Counsel appearing for Piyawansa, Attorney Upul Anuradha Wickremaratne had also asked the Magistrate to record a statement from his client.
The Magistrate recorded a statement from Piyawansa at her official chamber which lasted over three hours.
On May 12, Piyawansa had said that he was asked by a TID officer to implicate a senior military officer in Wickrematunge’s killing, with the promise of being made a state witness and overseas employment.
However, TID Sub Inspector A.E. Adhikari rejected the statement made by Piyawansa and informed court on Thursday that the investigation officer concerned would appear in court on the next hearing date on June 9.

10 Comments for “Lasantha Murder Trial Takes Another Twist”

  1. Murali Dharan

    Sensational twist indeed!

  2. Guzban

    We really aren’t interested in the Lasantha murder. We all know who assassinated him. The trial is just hogwash. As a national paper you should step out of this rut and start publishing real news.

    • Sakabambole

      Quote- ‘ making a statement implicating a senior military officer in Wickrematunge’s assassination’

      Govt. will move the earth to keep SF in prison for ever as they as so scared of him. Many things already said by him in the current court cases must be shaking govt. crooks.

      The vengence on SF will go down the most diplorable victimisation in the history of SL !

      By hook or by crook, the govt. will try to implicate him in every unresolved crime cases to keep him behind bars but I feel the SF will use the courts to expose the govt. crooks to the maximum as he has nothing to loose!

      As Gazban says as Lasantha had mentioned before his death, Lankans know who the killer is but they will concoct a story to keep the true killer on the loose and keep SF behind bars for ever !!

  3. Gonapala

    Leader Editor, Surely you must have heard of a saying ” A Red Herring”. What surprises me is that you keep getting sucked in all the time. and surely but slowly are getting caught in the spiders web. Watch out Little Miss Muffet1

  4. LIMA

    every day we are listening to this enq , so on and so forth , when this will end , why these judges do not carry the duty with efficiency and close the case in a week or so since they know who killed lasantha , why dragging , to whom the judges are afraid. if they are afraid why these judges sit in the court and give judgement.

  5. As usual twisting all over and over again to the sound of bootha misic, and the case never be closed !!

  6. Saro

    Of course the Rajapakse supporters hate any news that hurts or incriminates the brothers. Until this murder case is resolved the news paper whose editor was murdered in cold blood has every reason to publish any relevant information and dig deep to find the culprit(s). Further it is not this newspaper’s fault that these revelations come to the open.

  7. Sarat is not that well ,you know?have to hurry up the sittings..

  8. mahinda

    Lasantha and Pirabhaharan have met in the last few weeks in Europe and discussing very Interesting matters. I think both persons are cosidering giving a capital punishment to Mahinda Kingdom. Lasantha wants to have re birth in Valvettithurai.

  9. gamarala

    Even up to now, as far as I know, the full Postmortem report on the body of Lasantha has not been made available.
    Earlier I read that there were reports of “death due to gunfire” but there were no bullets recovered from or outside the body nor were bullet casings recovered.
    Apparently, SLPolice have even now NOT been supplied with digital cameras and accessories which are essential in crime scene investigations.
    We no longer hear the postmortem reports which were always read out at the beginning of murder trials/inquests by the medical officers concerned,as was the rule in the old days, known to all those who have carried out postmortems.
    Why this avoidance, is beyond understanding.
    I await the postmortem report on the body of the FTZ worker shot dead recently. Will it be another “natural death” after a long delay and obfuscation?
    The army in the north have enough digital cameras to carry out “photo registration” of citizens which has been reportedly recommenced after having been stopped for some time, due a court order.
    The new Chief Justice should look into this matter, as it is an essential part of implementation of the laws concerning investigation of unnatural deaths.

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