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Spiritual Leader Speaks Of A Love Unsurpassed

By Nirmala Kannanagara

Younus AlGohar from the UK is a spiritual leader who was in Sri Lanka to promote spiritual love among mankind. Representing the Messiah Foundation International which is a multi-faith spiritual organisation, AlGohar told The Sunday Leader that he has received a special power from God that could connect hearts with Him to bring spiritual happiness in lives of people by eliminating the factors of hatred from them, changing their life spiritually.
“Divine power, is a power that has been granted to us to connect hearts with God. This helps to bring spiritual happiness into the lives of people, and eliminate hatred from them by changing their lives spiritually. People go to temples, mosques, churches, synagogues etc., but still their connection with God is missing. This is why people are fighting each other; the religions are fighting each other. Our purpose is not to disturb or criticise any religion, and we do not promote any specific religion, but what we teach is the core of every religion, the divine love,” said AlGohar.
When asked how he wants to change people spiritually AlGohar said, “When God’s name is repeated over and over, divine light is generated within the heartbeat.”
“When God’s name is repeated, divine light is generated inside the beating system of the heart. The heart will then begin to say ‘God, God’ or ‘Ram, Ram’ or ‘Rab, Rab.’ It doesn’t matter which name you use to call God. All you need is to be able to learn how to generate divine light out of that practice… The more divine light we have the more we begin to love and respect God,” he said.
I asked him, how do you insert God’s name into a person’s heart?
“It is done with the help of spiritual authority and power. I don’t have any power, but my Master allows me to carry out this activity; I visualise my Master, and my Master inserts God’s name into the hearts of the people who want to take it. This is how it happens and there are thousands of people in Sri Lanka who have been blessed. Changes are coming into people’s lives, they are becoming happy. The families are beginning to enjoy their lives, their problems are solved, their negativities diminished, everybody wants to be happy, but because of the negative elements around us and because of different factors and undue hatred, we are suffering, and that will go away once the root of hatred is taken out of our hearts. The problem is not outside, it is inside. Spirituality fixes the inside,” he added.
When asked whether his Sri Lankan tour was a success, AlGohar said, “Their response is wonderful, they are very happy. Just one family visited us ten minutes ago, and they were telling us what they experienced, and that the name of the Lord has entered their hearts and has changed their lives.
“According to this family, their lives have changed positively, inner-satisfaction and bliss have entered their hearts, and they are leading happy lives,” said AlGohar.
AlGohar further claimed, “I have a spiritual healing power and there are accounts where people who have suffered from cancer were cured according to  medical reports. It was the same with people who have suffered from heart diseases and other kinds of incurable illnesses.” When asked whether he thinks that all these illnesses could be cured when one takes out the hatred from one’s heart, AlGohar said that it was not because of divine love but because of a spiritual healing power.
“Every organ in our body has a soul and a special energy. When that particular energy is lost due to any reason, that organ is affected. Now, the remedy is in two things, energy through spirituality, or that energy comes from herbs… When all souls are enlightened, divine energy is released when you speak or breathe.  So when such people, who have divine energy in them, blow upon water (as an example), divine energy is transferred from them to the water. Once the sick drinks this water it goes into the body and replaces the lost energy into the organ. This is how spiritual healing is conducted,” he said
He went on to say, “There are hundreds of sick who have come to me with fatal and incurable diseases. Now they are healthy and have no trace of disease. I am happy that we could provide them with some kind of solution; this gives me satisfaction in order to serve humanity, not for money, not for any hidden agenda, just for the sake of humanity. This is the message of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi.”
I asked him whether he has never charged money from the sick, and he replied, “No, we have never charged money nor have we demanded anything.”

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