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FTZ Worker Succumbs To Injuries

A worker from the Katunayake free trade zone (FTZ) who was injured due to the police attack on a group of protestors on Monday (30) has succumbed to his injuries a short while ago.

The victim, 21 year old Roshan Chanaka was admitted to the Ragama General Hospital following the clash between police and FTZ workers.

He had succumbed to his injuries while being treated at the ICU of the Ragama General Hospital.

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    We need a Libya style up rising RIGHT NOW!!!

    • love2beTRAITOR

      DREAM ON……..
      people deserve the ruler, Roshan Chanaka deserved wat he got. it may happen to anyone tomorrow, specially when wifes of all the government servants are considered VIP in this country n their escorts travel at 150kmph, who knows, tomorrow i might cross the road that time, n just like Roshan Chanaka, i too deserve my fate.


  2. Parakrama

    Editor we are not satisfied the way you report looks you have taken 180 degrees turn. The real news been the boy got a gunshot on his private part was amputated along with one leg. How can you report it so lightly which suggest editor is now in Ragapaksa’s pocket? The independent media reveals that Gatabaya who gave the orders to shoot as the protesters destroyed Rajapaksa statue in the previous protest. To save the Rajapaksa’s name and IGP sacrificed his position surely he will receive gratitude for that but my concerned is why “The Leader” ignore the true story and utter all if Lasantha was there it’s a different story. Please consider, thank you.

    • Ruwan Ferdinandez

      Parakrama, You are advising a national newspaper how to report after reading a tabloid type eNews website, who reports in a language used only in illegal bookies. You are funny. The “true story” as you know is not a news, but an allegation if you didn’t know. The fact of the matter is, the trade unions backed by bankrupt politicians launched a protest disturbing peoples’ lives and the police had to maintain the law and order. They should not have used live bullets but the issue is, bankrupt politicians would go any low to grab power. Here by protesting these people are asking the government to withdraw the pension bill. In another country, workers would protest demanding pensions. Now a poor misguided guy is dead, the bill will go through at some point and the guy will be forgotten. UNP came to power in 1976 on Weerasuriya’s dead body. What did the JVP and UNP do to Weerasuriya’s family? Nothing, just forgotten. This guy’s fate will be no different. It will be used until they get back in power. SLFP did the same, they used 1988-89 situations to win elections but the families who suffered still suffer. The poor people should know, whenever a government does a rare good thing, not to be misguided by parties with vested interests.

      • Against Idiocy

        ruwan Ferdinadez:
        How much time do you spend earning your keep with the government by writing the kind of rubbish you do?

        The Private Pensions Bill is nothing but a cash grab by a bankrupt government and NO ONE has proved otherwise.

        Whether this young man’s martyrdom is going to shake this government, goodness only knows.

        However, apologists like RF should stick to reading the Daily Noise and their like rather than display their ignorance in the Leader.

      • JUSTICE

        This is the year of the Jasmin revolution. Its time for justice in sri lanka , like in Tunissa, Egypt and Libiya. The masses have got to get the army to turn and then its a matter of time this regime will run for cover.

      • Somapala

        This man Ruwan Ferdinandez is a shame for all the decent human beings.

    • Yehiya

      Only media publishing people comments without chop & cut

  3. siriyalatha bisomenike

    At least his parents will receive SOME compensation now. Otherwise this poor worker, if he is entitled to EPF will have to wait for another 35 years at least to get some benfit. And that also, nobody can be sure the way things are going now.

  4. Kelliya Neda Kollo Thappeta

    Hi Ruwan, Could you please use all the parts of your brain to elaborate how the propose pension system will be beneficial for the poor private worker ?
    From what I read, it is not only a pure nonsense but also an insult to the word PENSION it self !!!
    It is also pathetic and disgusting that you have NO courage to condemn the attack on this poor worker. Instead you comes with a load of nonsense in your poor attempt to justify this ! Hope you are related to Karuna or KP, coz Sinhalese like you is a total disgrace to the whole race. thuk witharak !

  5. Parakrama

    Ruwan, we really don’t care about what happen long ago or the political background connected to those if at all need no reminders as our birth counts way before the end of WR 2. Unlike decades ago today everything in the world is exposed, so open and free with news reaching people in minutes having “www” in place if you really wants to know the other side of the coin. Well let’s forget about the details of this whole episode for a moment but sure you would agree for a fact this 22 year old youth died due to injuries caused by police gunshot. So tell me where it has mentioned in this nutshell report? True we don’t need to know who gave the orders now an open secret though. We know how Leader used to report news in good old days now fading away slowly and surely. In this respect it creates so many doubts in the readers mind whether Leader publication deliberately omitted reporting the real truth and if so we have the right to know the reasons why they shouldn’t? Hence it is pertinent to highlight no matter what whether it’s a National News paper or some garbage trying to survive a day pampering rulers.

  6. Minimaru Pakse

    This whole Govt right from the President MUST Take full responsibility and be tried and be answerable…Good for the UN to look at this also and see who is RESPONSIBLE.
    The president is also the minister for defence and is responsible to provide absolute security to ALL the people of the country.
    MR…what have you to say other than safeguarding your personal interests and to hell with the lives and welfare of the common masses.
    Are you MAN enough to take responsiblity or do the PEOPLES POWER need to show what needs to be done?

  7. Sapumal

    This is another sad incident and some Blood Suckers still go shopping for maffia regime.Enough is enough.We dont need anymore evidence to prove that this kind of governance doesnt match with the democratic principle.What is the difference between Rajapakshe and Gadaffi…………..Think, more and more, analyse the way they came to power………….then you will understand the reality! One thing is for sure, one who rle and oppress his own people have to pay the prize some day! Dont come to argue with this, will wait and see!

  8. STF

    Hello Mr. Ruwan are you from the news paper or are you one of the Rajapaksa worshipers but if you are report well not to publish nonsense please.

  9. gamarala

    The Pensions Bill has not been published in detail. Even MPs may not be aware as was the case when the 18th Amendment was debated in parliament.
    It is the right of workers to protest peacefully. They protested as they did not agree with the provisions of the bill, leaked to them. If not, it would have been a ‘fait accompli’ by the government.
    Police should firstly fire in the air after warnings IF public property was in danger, and then fire below the knee if live bullets are used. This was the rule earlier.
    The IGP’s “resignation” should not have been accepted; he should have been interdicted, pending inquiry, along with the police officers in charge of the police party and the policemen who fired at the crowd.
    Readers need to know whether an inquest was ordered/conducted by a judicial officer and the verdict of same.
    It is reported that the family of the slain worker is to get Rs. One Million as compensation. All other workers who too were injured by the police action too need compensation.

  10. Rex Arsecularatne

    This is a reply to Ruwan Ferdinandez. I see that you have dropped your “Dr.” for this comment, which you use on LankENews (“a tabloid type eNews website”, to use your own words). Please don’t come to the defense of a corrupt, violent government and the megalomaniac who gave the order to use live ammunition. The Rajapakses had to kneel down at the feet of the workers and withdraw the so called “Pension” Bill, which is another ruse to rip off Sri Lanka’s poor.

  11. The failure to see the reason for that is because what

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