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Israel Supports Sri Lanka

Israeli Ambassador to Sri Lanka based in New Delhi, Mark Sofer has said the Israeli government has discussed the UN advisory report with President Mahinda Rajapaksa and has extended the country’s support to Sri Lanka.

Sofer has added that Israel did not have any recommendations to make to Sri Lanka in that regard as the country has dealt with it properly and is capable of taking care of its own affairs.

Addressing a press conference in Colombo, Sofer has observed that report by the UN Secretary General’s panel of experts on Sri Lanka was not based on human rights, but has been politically manifested.

The advisory panel report on Sri Lanka was compared to the Goldstone report by the UN in 2009, where Israel was accused of war crimes during the Gaza conflict.

Sofer has noted that the author of the report has had to retract most of the accusations leveled against Israel in the report.

According to Sofer, it was the number of political backings you can get that determined the allegations made against countries and they are not based on right and wrong.

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  1. Israel#s reputation is well known to this world. All those countries supporting Srilanka against the UN panel reports are themselves criminals. So one criminal support another criminal is not something new.

  2. Tamil circle

    Birds of a feather flock together or grate minds agree or better still fools seldom disagree.

  3. Yukthiya

    Sri Lanka’s hypocrisy towards Israel for last few decades has been unbelievable. Govt appointed Palitha Kohona to head a UN Panel against Israel where he said that a “2 state solution” is the only answer. We should not compromise on right and wrong for filthy oil money and support racist terrorist groups (e.g. Fatah, Hamas) who use other peoples children as suicide bombers to kill civillians. Let us not forget that natural justice caught up with Indira and Rajiv for supporting terror abroad. As for minnal, I dont blame you for not knowing the truth (you have obviously not been to Israel) about the middle east, cos the world media bends in 3 to keep 1 1/2 billion of the population happy.


      In the DAILY MIRROR of June 3es 2011, (front page) – the Israeli Ambassador to Sri Lanka has given a great reply – “Sofer compared the advisory report on Sri Lanka to the Goldstone report issued by the UN in 2009 on the Gaze conflict which claimed that Israelis had committed war crimes ”
      Since then in 2011 Mr. Goldstone has withdrawn his remarksaganssraead not seethe full picture of wat took place.
      Israel seems to be standing up for Sri Lanka and we too should view what the situation Israel is facing in an impartial manner.

    • Against Idiocy

      The fact that, in your garbled English, you choose to hold Israel up as a model for other nations, says more about you and your morals and ethics than anyone else could!

      Incidentally, athat appears like a particularly inappropriate pseudonym!

  4. angelo

    Israel was always a true friend of Sri Lanka. Israel is the only democracy in the ME. All the Arab countries kill their own innocent people…, Iran, Libya, Iraq..etc have killed thousands of innocent muslim people while Israel protects the muslims as if they were protecting the Jews. Shalom Israel, you are proud of you and we appreciate all your amazing support towards our motherland!

  5. Kahandawela

    It is only those who have faced similar situations know the ground realities, irrespective of what the world media projects or UN Agencies state. Both Sri Lanka & Israel had to face terror attacks from suicide bombers to rocket fires that were aimed at civilians and hence understand what it takes for the governments to protect the general masses.
    Thank you Mr. Ambassador, for standing up for the truth.

  6. Wendy Ebenezer

    Sri Lanka has suffered for long enough owing to cutting off Israel – God’s chosen people, from our nation. The Word of God states that “in that day..I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem” (Zechariah 12:9); “..for the nation and kingdom that will not serve thee shall perish; yea, those nations shall be UTTERLY DESTROYED” (Isaiah 60:12). This is the Word of The LORD God of Israel, who we worship & serve. Those who bless Israel will in turn be blessed. This is His promise to us. The choice is ours, individually and as a nation, to either bless Israel & be blessed; or to curse & be damned for eternity.

  7. S.A.

    ITS THE DOUBLE GAME. SL stinks to its core. Like all the previous Govts. before, SL has to play the double game until one fine day it realizes the destruction it has caused to us all.

  8. Janaka

    SO If a Muslim Country Supports Most people here will Thank them .. even though most of them are far worse than LAnka and Israel?? What a Joke.. Lets not Forget Its countries Like Israel, China, Russia, Pakistan who supplied LAnkan Army with weapons while the rest of the world stopped the supply.. Nodoubt these western people supplied the LTTE with unlimited support. And Lets not forget the Close Links the LTTE had with Islamic Terrorist groups such as Hamas and Al qeida… dealing from weapons to drugs..all in the nme to kill women, children and men.. So thank at least Israel arent hypocrites like most western countries who talk about human rights via missiles..

  9. Bruz

    Israel’s stand is not at all a surprising one.It’s a criminal state doing all kinds of inhuman terror against palestinians, with full support of brutal ‘ world police’ USA.
    Sri lanka can put it’s head high for having the full support of countries like Israel,China,Russia,Cuba,Iran ,Pakistan, Mayanmar etc., with tacit & indirect support of India too .No worry for now .Sri lanka seems to be doing very many things just like the Israelis .So Israel is a good friend indeed !

  10. Dushantha Kurera

    UN panel did know or wanted to know only one side and that was influenced by South African HR Rep Pillay who is a South African Tamil. Everybody knows its a biased report to satisfy the Tamil Diaspora who is smarting over the Military defeat, now wants to keep the LTTE flag going to collect funds for thier excistance. Luckily, we have China, Russia, Isreal & Co who cannot be taken for a ride by the false propaganda of the LTTE Int wing. Send your money to Sri Lanka and help the country and the fellow Sri Lankans of all races to develop like the Isrealis are doing now.

  11. Gopalan

    Israelis decision to support Sri Lanka is well known fact. Due to the recent demand of Mr.Obama for a seperate state for Palestenians based on 1967 border which Istrael has already refused to accept . So Israel has no more moral rights to support a criminel while Israelis are unwanted race in the western courntries
    ( indrectely due to the occupation of palestin

  12. Saravanan

    All countries supporting the butcher Srilanka are China – a well known undemocratic and dictatorship nation who suppressed the Tibetian movement, Pakistan – a great leader of spreading terrorism throughout the world and Isreal – a well armed and uniformed terrorist and finally Russia – who always on the side of lies

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