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Liberation Tigers Of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) Initiates Procedures Against EU Terrorism List

A petition by Attorney-at-Law Victor Koppe (together with his colleagues Marieke van Eik, Tamara Buruma and Marina den Houdijker) has requested the European Court of Justice to annul Council Implementing Regulation 83/2011. The Implementing Regulation, which is based on Council Common Position on Terrorism, reassigns the LTTE on the EU terrorism list.
The LTTE was involved in an armed conflict with the Sri Lankan government from 1987 to 2009 in the pursuit of the right to self-determination for the Tamil population.
Victor Koppe argues that the proscription of the LTTE as a terrorist organization has frustrated the exercise of this right. Furthermore, the Council decision is argued to be null and void as it is based on outdated facts and as it does not take into account the current situation.
The LTTE was militarily defeated during the final stage of the war in May 2009 and is no longer active in Sri Lanka. It has declared that it will no longer engage in military strategies to further its political goals, thus the organization, as described in the Council Decision, does no longer exist. Finally, Victor Koppe argues that the decision is not sufficiently reasoned and does not meet the procedural criteria required by EU law to proscribe terrorist entities.

10 Comments for “Liberation Tigers Of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) Initiates Procedures Against EU Terrorism List”

  1. Yakolis

    Koppe is trying to put a “Thoppi” on Sri Lanka! I wonder how much “Tiger Money” was paid to him by the Diaspora!

  2. Saro

    How can any organisation that renounced violence be terrorist? This move by EU and other countries might have intended to appease Sri Lanka or convince her the importance of genuine rehabilitation, fair treatment and devolution of power to the minorities.

    • Ma-Rout-Ti

      errr…. when and where did the “organization: renounce violence ? Who speaks for it ?

  3. Sinhaya

    LTTE is chased out from Srilanka but still it is healing in the Hospitals of Tamil Nadu by the step doctors who has given the Birth to LTTE.

    • L.Annadoure

      Respected Sinhaya, I would like to request you to inform the wolrd pertaining the hospitals in Tamil Nadu were the LTTE who were chased out of Srilanka had been healing and the names of the setep doctors who have given birth to LTTE

    • Kesavan

      Don’t think LTTE just jumped from the sky. LTTE emerged within the Tamil Nation. It fought for the Right of the Tamil Nation with it’s full support. May be there conducts could’ve been categorized as terrorism in nature like there Sinhala counter part (Armed forces) but their goal (Liberation from the State Terrorism) is not their goal but The Tamil Nation’s goal rather. If you understand this is Good.

  4. Laven

    if sinhala Chauvinist think the tamilstruggle is over after mullivaikal. In tamil we say “vila vila meendum elluvom”. we will rebirth till we get our Homeland. You can destroy us in ceylon und deny us our rights. But one day we will come back from Diaspora. Then all of the those who support the Genozide has to face it.

  5. Prassanna

    Sinhaya is very smart :-)

    DOn t talk like a fool and embaress everyone one of us.

    I beleive we should ban JVP too,they too killed so many innocent people in this country and was never tagged as a Terrorist Unit.

    It is a funny world.

  6. kanagapillai

    why did the LTTE indiscriminately kill Tamil nationals as well if it was fighting for the rights of Tamils…!!!!

  7. Appuhamy

    Why don’t you European fellows remove the proscription on both the Tiger Terrorists and the Al Qaeda terrorists at the same time?

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