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Sri Lanka Police

Captured on candid camera, a policeman snoozes at a checkpoint with a loaded gun in his lap

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  1. ENW

    This is a wonderful country/ All are sympathetic towards this guy.If you have this type of attitude, downfall of SL is not a wonder.Tell me any catogery in SL receives reasonable salary for their employment other than politicians.

    So do you excuse everyone like this.

    • Job Sleeper

      I think the photo is VERY funny. Adds nothing new though. Everyone sleeps on their jobs in Sri Lanka.

    • Ma-Rout-Ti

      So ENW, can you tell me why the whole photograph is not shown ? Only the form of the man is visible – the surrounding area is not. For all we know, he may be in an enclosed area., which could be his post’s rest area.

      Than looks like a bunk for sleeping. Why is he alone ? Guard posts are usually manned by more than one person.

      the Sunday Leader, being the News of the World of Sri Lanka, we have no idea of the antecedents of this photograph

      Dont be so quick to judge

  2. tn tn 2tn sri lanka pol

  3. Musthaq Jianudeen

    Without clarification no one suite to comment about the policeman, every body is there for criticism but not feeling about the practical

  4. sanjaya

    come on leader!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!denwath me picture eka remove karanna…………….R u blind…..?? read the comments……………….

  5. Vanniyay Kumari

    Perhaps he was pretending to be sleeping in trying lure in potential thieves, terrorists and corrupt politicians :)

  6. Tom Thumb

    Probably tired out from drinking moonshine, smoking and robbing innocent poor people of bribes for trumped up charges. Certainly not from answering the 118 119 emergency numbers which in my experience are never manned. He typifies the Sri Lankan work ethic and mindset as do a number of comments posted here in his defence. Of course the Rajapaske’s could never tolerate a truely professional independant Police force which would expose them for what they are. Murderers and robbers.

  7. Raja

    This guy is not sleeping, If you look closely he is awake and ready to launch like a panther, this is the new style of catching pick pockets. Nice work sir

  8. Raja

    Least you could’ve cover his eyes, poor man would’ve lost his job.

    • Zubin

      It could be worse, he could have been shot. Those of us old enough to remember dear Somawansa’s JVP in action in the Eighties will recall this incident. The police and home guards were asked to protect the harbour against JVP attacks. Unfortunately when the JVP struck they found the policemen asleep at their posts. Instead of shooting them straight away, the JVP cadres woke the cops up first………and then shot them!

    • Manjua

      No he will be promoted as an ambassador and sent overseas like the former IGP who was also got caught sleeping.

  9. Shiva


  10. Shamis

    Wow, if this is the security we have in our country, we should be shamed. It is true that the war is over, but that does mean you can take a nap while on the job. I really hope that this cop got some kind of disciplinary action and realize the seriousness of his job. if you can’t do it – stay home and let someone else who is responsible take care of the country!

  11. LELA

    Why are all the half wits in here supporting this incompetent buffoon. Don’t you fools realize its your tax money that is paying this ape to take a nap while on duty? No wonder, I bet most of the clowns who support this chap goof off at work as well. If you are paid to do a job, do the job. If you can’t quit. We should expose more of these things, especially our MPs who attend parliament just to eat rice and curry at a discount, which by the way for the benefit of the retards on this site, is also paid by tax money.

  12. Lion

    When his former boss was sleeping in the same manner, he would have thought why not I.Commody country commody people.

  13. KD

    He is really relaxing and thinking as to what has happened to the once proud Ceylon Police Force.He at that time was thinking of what a great guy the IGP was to resign and not go into retirement like other great officers of the past but offer his services to please his masters. This guy should be commended for well securing his rifle and pretending to sleep to as said earlier to lure any pickpockets , druggies and politicians who must be prowling around.

  14. nihal

    the country is free, am is my way

  15. nalaka

    isnt he cute. sleeping like tat :D

  16. kovi

    why not ….deserve some rest after 30 years of war… can’t blame them .

  17. sarath.A

    Every expert give their comment not knowing what has happened him to be in this situation. Theif always thinks like what he does. Thug always thinks as he
    does. Everyone, comments according to their experiences & knowledge.

    His supervisors to be blamed If he is realy in sleep. No policeman can take a
    leave unless their supevisor approved it, even they are tired or unfit. Sometime
    they work more than 24 hrs, until replacement comes when they are on gaurd.
    Niether a policeman can go home for a rest nor he can perform his duty as he
    need a sleep like any other humman if he was awake more than 18 hrs.

    Being a policeman, he is not above any other human who all make their best comments not knowing real situation. Many pundits say lot of things & may not behave them-self when they are in same duty. All this situation to be managed
    by his seniors or supervisors. They are suppose to look on this matter and to
    organise correct policeman to be on duty or gaurd with limited duty-time.

    Many pundits say that the policeman is paid by tax money and they don’t see
    how these pundits collect others tax money just spending time in their office, not doing thier work in time,delay work and etc. Then, they don’t feel that they also collect salary in wrong manner. They think it is not others tax money.

    Everybody can always blame others but don’t see what they do themself. It doesn’t mean I agree with this policeman situation but need to verify reasons.


    • ranFerdi

      Yes true .. but it is necessary to expose these kind of stuff to open the eyes of whoever responsible. Whats happening in this country is hiding the truth and showing a rosy picture like Asiyawe ashcharya etc.. come on we need to be honest realistic so let whats or ever wrong doings be exposed as a fact he is not supposed to sleep while on duty. So if he has excuses let him give it to the police itself. Now may be new police chief have to resign.

    • di

      Saratha, agreed. Almost all the time people at the top are to be blamed. Not these guys. Sometimes they have to work even when they are very sick.

    • Indrajith

      I quite agree with you. I am really appalled by the fact that this picture was published. its cheap journalism. Why do you ot see the bigger picture?. These people are treated like switches on a keyboard where it is some one else who decides what they do, whether it be work, their time to spend with his own life etc. etc. every time some important person is around these cops have to sacrifice even the basics we enjoy as humans. It is same story for an ordinary soldier as well. When they are at office, they are uniformed slaves who are required to do all the work the superiors entrust them to do. Marketing for the boss, picking kids from school, driving the wife around on shopping, just a few jobs they do as a routine. Often, they are verbally abused for no valid reasons. The fear and the stress they go through are visible if we bother to look at them in their eyes. When do not hesitate to show our prowess, especially when we are caught by a cop violating the laws of the state. Then, its vicious cycle. They take their pressure on people, especially the poor , helpless, rural folk who have noon to get influence from. about the comment that these kind of stuff should be exposed , there are many issues which we should really use our newspaper space to expose. This issue is a simple human issue which needs bigger heart to understand. I really hope, though very unlikely, that this picture did not lead to any punishment to the cop concerned.

  18. SOS

    shhhh… dont disturb him, he is tired and let him take a break

  19. prem

    Let him snooze. Just because he is alert, crime rate come down?. He may have sleepless nights with his new born baby… let him enjoy ..

  20. sachith

    The Miracle of Asia…yeah right..

  21. Ruwan

    The GoSL will no doubt release a press release that this photo has been faked by rogue Channel 4 journalists.

  22. Markon Iya


  23. Octopus

    Srilanka Police “Suba Anagathayak”

  24. priyantha

    those things happen. what’s the point publishing them? cheap publicity to sell the paper?

  25. Ma-Rout-Ti

    So where’s the rest of the photograph ? As you can see, it’s only the person who is clearly visible – No one can see where he is sitting, whether he is on the street r whether he is in an area away from the street..

    To me, he looks as if he is on a bunk of sorts – perhaps within the guard post and he is taking a breather while his colleagues have taken over outside

    and then some jerk takes this photo and Sunday Leader jumps on it like flies!!

    • wim

      Yes mate you are absolutely correct. we should not take like this sceen as a joke with-out having any justification. this photographer has opened a doorway, for big fool to laugh by giving childish comment…………..


      Ok, well this last post of yours confirms that you are a full blown buffoon! He has a gun in his hand, clearly a sleep, and being the clown you are, want to see under what context this is happening. With halfwits like you in the country, Sri Lanka needs no enemies!!!

  26. T.Nadarajah - Mahanuwara


  27. There are lapses of this sought in every profession and in every country. We SL,s need to be a little deaf and a little blind. The Police serve us well.Too often we generalize from a single instance. Go ahead, cast the first stone!


  29. sancha

    A human in KHAKI suit.

  30. Roshan

    Common guys lets blame U.S.A and Europe for this

  31. It’s nice . To see now our country in peace
    Thank u. Sunday leader

  32. optimus0101

    I have to agree on the fact that we do not know THE LOCATION where the picture was taken. And for all we know this guy may have been ill and might have dozed off while his comrades covered for him. I’m sure most if not all of you have taken a break from work or snoozed for a bit due to a terrible headache (or a similar illness). So don’t just judge from an incomplete picture. It’s almost as bad as telecasting fake videos!

    ‘He has the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty’

    • raj

      My friend they are used to sleep….. If u also need a job that u like to have more free time…. This is the job.. JOIN THE POLICE….

  33. firazcassim


    APPITTA LANKAVA……..something gone wrongly on this person, don’t try to be this much, we have to come forward to make strong our country,

    if all of us Criticize who will do the country?

    open your eyes, come together , we have victory front of us………LOVE OUR COUNTRY

  34. Lion

    simply cheap journalism…. looking for cheap publicity ….

  35. Al Amaray

    Please remove this picture of the police officer. Sleepyness is a condition that we all experience. This is not a laughing matter.

  36. jayantha

    Lucky the LTTE not in visibility.
    Final sleep & HEAD OFF

  37. CMB

    Overtime !

  38. raj

    When the president is also fast a sleep…. This is normal in sri lanka… He is selling all the sri lankan land to china…. One day i hope very soon sri lanka will be a chinees base… Please try to stop this… Please open your eyes and dream about your future and your little once….

  39. Lal

    This is nothing.The top man in the country too sleeps both eyes open when his relatives and hooligons are running riots ruining the country.

  40. chaminda

    is he still in Police – might have lost his job already !

    these poeple had (i dont know wether still has) situation in bankers in North and east.
    for arround or leass than 120000/- (rs.) per month X 24 hours duty ?

    i hate police – also i knew why they are in that behavior !

    remove this picture have a quality media culture – do not play with peoples lives like this ? check his sorrunding – not in a AC roonm or managerial chair

  41. poor guy, let him sleep

  42. Bond Connery

    Yes, all of us can be sympathetic towards this cop. He may be tired bcoz of over work or so many other reasons mentioned. But, he is a member of a Police force who are expected to be alert while on duty. It shows that the system lacks discipline, and if this has been maintained down the line, we will not see such incidents, and this lad will not be subject to humiliation. Over to you, IGP.

  43. sha

    In this country police men is not respected. The lower ranks are treated mere slaves by their superiors. (has any superior address their subordinates by their name or title. All they addressed by is in slang sinhala or by their number) Unless this is changed you can’t expect better from them. On the other hand their superiors are addressed by the politicians in a degrading manner all because they have become their leaders by some rigging. So the superiors show their frustration is shown on their subordinates and they in return pass it on public. Till this attitude is changed you can’t expect them to be sincere

  44. sha

    n this country policemen are not respected. The lower ranks are treated mere slaves by their superiors. (has any superior address their subordinates by their name or title. All they addressed by is in slang sinhala or by their number) Unless this is changed you can’t expect better from them. On the other hand their superiors are addressed by the politicians in a degrading manner all because they have become their leaders by some rigging. So the superiors show their frustration on their subordinates and they in return pass it on public. Till this attitude is changed you can’t expect them to be sincere

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