MR: Ready To Accept Any Solution Proposed By Parliament

President Mahinda Rajapaksa today said that he would accept any political solution to the ethnic issue presented by parliament.

Rajapaksa addressing a meeting of media heads at Temple Trees this morning dismissed claims that the proposal to appoint a parliamentary select committee (PSC) to decide on a political solution to the ethnic issue was yet another time buying exercise that would delay the final solution.

The President explained that the PSC would function simultaneously to the government’s discussions with the major Tamil political party, the TNA. He said that it would therefore save time as otherwise, the decision arrived at the discussion with the TNA would have to be taken to parliament separately for discussion.

“The final solution has to be approved by parliament. So it is the best place to initiate a political solution,” Rajapaksa said.

According to the President, the parliament needs to be empowered, as it is the responsibility of the House to propose a final solution.

Then PSC would also give the opportunity to all political parties to express their views and proposals on a final solution, Rajapaksa said.

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  1. I will not trust one word from our President Rajapakse. He appointed Mr Tissa Witharane to work APRC and come with a proposal. I remember him telling he will sort out the ethnic issue once the Presidential election was over in January 2010. Then he said after the general election in April 2010. He only thinks about Sinhala voter. Sadly he doesn’t know when he spends his time in Hague on his own he will regret all his sin.

  2. sangaralingham

    Parliament its members most do not the country its people. they come from parts of the country with less knowledge of the land and its people. it is hoped that they are well versed educated of thei country its people culture language religion. if they are the past members are not if they knowledgeable the country will not be in the present plight. did late Bandaranayake Dissanayake Nm peera travel to north east as the majority of the parliamentarian. Country is and was facing with lot of ignorances. it is hoped defence personnal in the north mingle with citizen create a sense of value respect to society for themselves and advice parliamentarians do the same. all members of parliament must act wisely thinng carefully in the name of the country its people.

  3. raj

    it is a very good strategy to buy time. This is a version 2 of APRC commission. Am I right?

  4. vintage voter

    HA!!!!!!!!!!! ha!!!!!! HOO!!!!!!!!!!

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