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Prabha Calls For Indian Intervention

UNP MP who defected to the government, Prabha Ganeshan has written to Indian Premier Manmohan Singh to intervene and address the aspirations of the Tamils of Indian origin.

Ganeshan has stated that the Tamil of Indian origin faced the risk of being sidelined in the process of finding a solution to the ethnic issue.

He has requested the Indian Prime Minister to put in place a mechanism to commence a continuous dialogue between the Indian government and the Tamils of Indian origin.

He has also requested India to remove visa restrictions to Tamils of Indian origin.

5 Comments for “Prabha Calls For Indian Intervention”

  1. Gemini

    Reactivate Srima Sasthri fact and deport them to Tamilnadu.

  2. cabs

    Only way to help is to take all these back to India. We do not need any support from anybody for our internal affairs.

  3. These racially biased extremist Tamils while living in Colombo,South of Sri Lanka without any problem are trying to show that they are being sidelined.Asking India to intervene is the biggest joke of the century.This racial minded Praba should ask India to take back all the Tamils with Indian origin so that we Sri Lankans-Sinhalese and others can LIVE PEACEFULLY!!!

  4. Nan

    They should send PRABHA & the GANG to INDIA.
    So the trouble is OVER.
    At the end ” Indian TAMILS ” belong to INDIA.
    Why keep them in SL
    They feel INDIANS anyway.
    Good NEWS is : Its just a short TRIP to the promised LAND, eh !!!!

  5. dave

    Yes, Mr ganeshen you being a traitor against the Sri lankan people and LTTE supporter for while this is not new move.What I can not believe is how normal Sri lankan people tolerate you.Why do you think India should interfere Sri lannka matters any cost?Is it same as Sri Lanka calls Pakistan or China to to intervene Indian matters? If you not happy living under Sri lankan government please go to Tamilnadu and join with political thugs like Vaiko and Jayalalitha.This is Sri Lanka ,not India.We have different system to follow.You so lucky living with Sri lankan,eventhough they know you are traitor.

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