Canadian Govt. To Assist SL’s National Languages Policy

The Canadian government has said it would support Sri Lanka to implement the National Languages Policy.

Canadian High Commissioner in Sri Lanka Bruce Levy has said Canada would give its experiences to implement bilingualism in Sri Lanka.

Levy had made this comment after signing a MoU between Sri Lanka and Canada for a US$ 5.6 million project to implement Sri Lanka’s official languages policy.

National Languages and Social Integration Minister Vasudeva Nanayakkara has said at the event that President Mahinda Rajapaksa was encouraging the implementation of the Sinhala and Tamil languages in the country after the end of the war.

5 Comments for “Canadian Govt. To Assist SL’s National Languages Policy”

  1. vintage voter


    • lankanlion

      dude, its a good move n should be appreciated. this is not a gov tender to get commission dude, this is MOU, y should the canadian gov pay commission to vasu?

      canada is really good in bilingualism n they encourage it. its good we r getting help from canada.

  2. P.L.J.B.Palipana

    The teaching methodology of English language for the children in schools must be changed entirely.

    • lankanlion

      they r talking about national language u moron. they r not talking about teaching school children. this is more important than teaching school children a language.

  3. The CANADIAN GOVERNMENT should know that even if GOD came down to the EARTH, the implementation of the National Language Policy could be implemented. The Sinhala Governments always have got their excuses in the form of OPPOSITION PARTIES and unaccepted excuses. Tamil People of this land will never get their Fair share in the next ten thousand years. So the Governments of the other countries should ACT to ACTION THE RIGHT ACT. Otherwise it will be just wasting their time and prolonging the PAINS of the Tamils.

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