Govt.-TNA Discussion Today

Government and TNA representatives are to hold discussions on power devolution today with the government expected to hand in its recommendations for a political solution.

The government at the last discussion with the TNA agreed to hand in its recommendations to the political solution in writing.

TNA parliamentarian M.A. Sumanthiran has said that the TNA was still awaiting the government’s recommendations.

However, power devolution is expected to be the main focus at today’s discussion.

The discussion between the government and the TNA was to take place this evening at the Presidential Secretariat.

3 Comments for “Govt.-TNA Discussion Today”

  1. raj

    who is fooling who? What about APRC 2009?

    • lankanlion

      if TNA n guys like managonesan r the representatives of the tamils, then who r?

      does the government think douglas is representative of the tamil people?

  2. Government and TNA discussions is the only LIFE-BOAT the MR Government has in order to save themselves from present pressure it faces. The Government thinks that it can drag this LIFE-BOAT for ever, but environment of the present is suddenly changing to “Limited Time Factor”. It is going to be “DO” or “DIE”.

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