BHC Says Britain Believes In Free Media

The British High Commission inColombohas said the British government did not exercise control over media contents.

A spokesperson for the High Commission has told the media that Channel 4 is an independent television broadcaster and thatBritainbelieved a free media is a vital part in every democratic country.

The statement was made in response to a comment made by a senior official in the country’s defence establishment that the British Government should take action against Channel 4 for airing what he describes as “an irresponsible video.”

“Britainhas a robust mechanism for ensuring that media organizations, maintain appropriate ethical and legal standards, but the government doesn’t exercise control over media contents,” British High Commission spokesperson has said.

5 Comments for “BHC Says Britain Believes In Free Media”

  1. Ruwan Ferdinandez

    Leave Mr.Murdoch alone then.will ye?

  2. Yehiya-Doha

    The way of communication will create lot of diplomatic disturb nrar future.

  3. SL

    Yeah, Robust mechanism of herding media heads to parliamentary commissions and allowing idiots to attack them physically.

  4. gamarala

    UK is a land of the free press. It is a treat to read british newspapers like The Telegaph which always call a spade a spade, and have latest information on a variety of subjects. Even the Royal Family is not spared, for any even accidental transgressions.

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