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Ranil To Remain As Leader, All To Work Together

The decisive Working Committee of the UNP held on Wednesday (17) ended with both the pro-reformists and the party leadership agreeing to work together to bring victory to the party at the forthcoming local government elections.

UNP General Secretary Tissa Attanayake told the media that Deputy Leader Karu Jayasuriya would head the election campaign as chairman of the coordinating committee.

The others in the committee include Co-Deputy Leader Sajith Premadasa, Party Chairman Gamini Jayawickrama Perera, Senior Vice President Lakshman Kiriella and Joseph Michael Perera.

Attanayake said that both factions have decided to forget the past and work together with the sole objective of winning the elections and this was indeed a surprise.

He added that the incidents that took place prior to the Working Committee meeting will be forgotten.

However, there was cross talk and heated arguments at the UNP Working Committee meeting.

Party leader Ranil Wickremesinghe’s supporters said the Working Committee meeting had resulted in a setback for the reformists who do not command a majority in the working committee.

Meanwhile, Premadasa said the process to unite the party and bring victory to the party would continue.

11 Comments for “Ranil To Remain As Leader, All To Work Together”

  1. Ruwan

    Sajith is all talk, thats all he does is talk. Sajith will not talk about anything, he is a puppet.

  2. Imran Hussein

    What an anti-climax.
    Who says that Ranil is weak. Never seen such a thick skinned politician.

  3. hakeem

    as long as ranil stay UNP will not win. Ok if you still need to win as have a transperent plastic ballet boxes.

  4. td


  5. Pro-reformists you all are a bunch of empty vessels!! You A’s B’s C’s D’s L’s and S’s all work togather for another stinking defeat at the next elections.Be aware that the the elephant cheerers will be hanging the bell and cheerering the bellboys cause there are no options but a change.

  6. Somasiri

    With Ranil UNP vote base will be Nil!

  7. Kelaniya Yakka

    Cant compare Ranil with his opponents. Karu is without a spine and is waiting to do a jumping fish whenever he gets a chance. Sajith has no class. Good only for the Keselwatte crowd.

  8. trinco

    Mr Premadasa, when are you going to grow up?

  9. Sad Voter

    Absolutely correct. However Ranil need to be thrown out to win the confidence of the masses. Ranil thinks that his time will come one day as people gave power to his uncle JR after many many years. The problem is who can wait for so long! Sajith doesn’t have the backbone and equally proved that he is not a leader. It is a waste of time trying to organise under Sajith, considering him as an alternative leader.

  10. Alice in Wonderland

    Congratulations for this feat should go to President Rajapakse. Not only has he ensured that most of his opposition including the JVP is divided, but also made sure that The strongest opposition party is led by a weak leader who is not trusted by the majority of the voters.

  11. Ranil iis a wonderful guy, but today he is an out dated product. UNP will never win an election as long as Ranil is at the helm. Ranil is certainly working with Mahinda. Mahida wants Ranil to be UNP leader. The country has no proper opposition leader. Every time there is an election Ranil simply leaves the country and go to abroad. If Ranil thinks about the country and its future he will certainly relinguish his post as UNP leader. Ranil thinks about his post, thats all.

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