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Emergency our baby says Gota

Gotabhaya Rajapaksa

Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa says the state of emergency will not be removed to make India, the US or UK happy. He says the President will decide what’s best.

India has been pushing Sri Lanka to repeal the emergency laws which were in place mainly as a security measure during the war against Tamil Tiger rebels.

With the defeat of the LTTE two years ago the Indian government has continuously said that the emergency laws should be withdrawn.

Several human rights groups had alleged that the emergency laws were being misused by the security forces in Sri Lanka to suppress opposition to the Sri Lankan government.

Gotabhaya Rajapaksa told reporters this evening (Tuesday) that President Mahinda Rajapaksa knows what’s best for the country and only he will decide on the emergency laws with the support of the Sri Lankan parliament.

He also dismissed as rumors that the “grease devil” character was something created by the government to extend the state of emergency.

Several violent incidents have been taking place in Sri Lanka over the past few weeks with angry mobs attempting to arrest suspicious men with grease on their body, known by locals as “grease devils”.

Gotabhaya Rajapaksa said the security forces and the police were not “grease devils” and such characters will be arrested.

He also warned that action will be taken against anyone who attempts to take the law into their own hands.

13 Comments for “Emergency our baby says Gota”

  1. raj

    there is no proof in the world criminals who committ crimes by using their power is ready to loose that. Likewise, Gadhafi wanted to rule the country with his rule which allowed him to supporess any opponents.

  2. Gemunu

    More than the US or the UK or India, it is essentially the average man in the street who wants emergency removed. We are being harassed by military and police check points. There is no need at all to continue to govern with emergency law , except for those who are afraid of their own people.

  3. godaya

    The only honorable man in the whole Rajapaksa family!

  4. Sellam

    I think mr. Gothapya Rajapakse is going out of bounds. He may be the defence secretary but the parliament decides what is good for the country and when to repeal the emergency laws.He has a complex because the LTTE is defeated. He should understand that many Tamils supported the government to get rid of the LTTE as they were against the war. If the Rajapakses do not heed the demands of the Tamils in the North and East, they may be willing to join those who still support the LTTE still.

  5. joe

    this man is dangerous for sri lanka and to the world.

  6. Tomsamusa

    Very soon ,alike to the fate of gaddafy,your best friend and financier,the countries you mentioned will decide your fate and that of your brothers(thugs); including Emergency and genocide of Tamils.

  7. Shiva

    Gota wants to keep the emergency laws to commit more and more crimes against humanity.

    If the LTTE is defeated and the Rajapakse regime had celebrations on this, why emergency laws are in place after years?

    Just to operate the White Van, Grease man and other crimes!

  8. Martin Thomas

    Gotha, the grease devils are your creation. If your bloody army is not involved how come when they are apprehended by the public they run inside the army camps for protection?? I am pretty sure you have no answer to this. Your are the big Lucifer and the grease devils are your deciples.

  9. Sri

    Just look at Gota’s photo. Does he not remind one of the biggest devil of them all ? What next after the grease devils?

  10. logi

    He is such a ruthless monster. This man doesn’t know what the real law is apart from what the dictators own law. But, we all hope, one day he will face the real law if not in SL we all love to see him at the internation crime court!

  11. Do not care about Indian, USA Uk dogs. we lions can decide exactly what is suitable for us. tell those dogs & bitches to shut their stinky mouthe & mind their own matters.

  12. sam

    The whole world knows that Sri Lanka is ruled my a “rougue family” and they think that the whole of Sri Lanka and the citizens are all their personal property!!! They think they have the right to rob, kill and plunder the country and its citizens and no one has the right to question them!!

  13. Mark.Anthony

    He needs to see a doctor soon.

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