CMC: No Evictions

The Colombo Municipal Council (CMC) says a people centered view is adopted when relocating persons in the Colombo area.

However, the CMC maintains that it has not evicted any of the persons who are currently being relocated in some Colombo suburbs.

According to the CMC, the evictions are being carried out by the Urban Development Authority and the Land Reclamations Board.

CMC’s Special Commissioner Omar Kamil has told the media the Council had not evicted anyone for the past two to three years and that a people centered view was adopted in the event of relocation.

He has said that when there is a need to relocate persons, the CMC discussed with the families concerned about the move before relocating them and finding them suitable accommodation.

According to Kamil, the departments that were currently carrying out relocations had to do so as the circumstances required them to relocate some families.

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  1. Srilal

    Another EX UNP member joined the UPFA for personal Gain. You never rightfully earned the mayoralty in Colombo. You inherited it from Karu. Karu J promised that he will step down and he did giving you a short stint at the position. You career is over Mr. Kamil. The City is Green no matter what. Not you or the Monarchy can change that. The people of the great city will decide on the 8th. They say Muzammil is RW man, for what is worth I remember him as President Premadasa, Lalith, Gamini and Ossy’s man. Your days are numbered so enjoy it while it last. We need experts and not drop off’s.

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