PSC Yet To Be Formed

The government’s proposed Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) aimed at finding solutions to resolve the ethnic issue is yet to be entered in the House Order Book and then tabled in parliament.

Parliament Secretary General Dhammika Kitulgoda has said the PSC would not be able to commence sittings for a few more weeks.

He has said a party leaders’ meeting chaired by Speaker Chamal Rajapaksa including the Leader of the House and Opposition Leader will have to decide on the business of the PSC and submit a report to parliament.

A decision would also be made on whether the proposal is to be subjected to a debate in the House.

The government proposed the formation of the PSC stating that a unique opportunity has arisen for the people to unite and work together as one nation towards the economic, social and political development of the nation and its citizens.

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  1. PSC is another eye wash. Ethnic problem has not been resolved for 60 years. Sinhala politicians always use Tamils issue for their election victory. I remember Hon. President has said on many occassions that he will resolve the issue after, first the Presential election and then after the General election. Now he appoints PSC. Hon.President thinks he is a very clever man and the rest of world is full of idiots. What happened to the Hon.President buddie Libya’s dictator now? Our President will have the same fate very soon unless he changes the way he rules Sri Lanka.

  2. raj

    PSC’s real mission and vision is different from the stated mission and vision. Real mission is to buy time. PSC has its own objective of self death. Wait and see.

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