Karu Heads UNP’s LG Poll Campaign

The UNP’s campaign for the local government elections for October 8th will be managed by the party’s elections steering committee headed by deputy leader Karu Jayasuriya.

UNP General Secretary Tissa Attanayake has said the party’s election campaign would focus on rallying the people against the corruption in the government.

The party has already finalized its mayoral candidates for the local government bodies and the election campaign is to officially be launched this week, he has observed.

The UNP’s campaign for the local government bodies is to include house-to-house visits, cluster meetings and public rallies.

3 Comments for “Karu Heads UNP’s LG Poll Campaign”

  1. chandran

    Yes, Sri Lankan people like present Govt.Whether Consumers Items hike or not, They are not bother about that.They need this present Govt.So, good chance to this present Govt. Until the Innocent Sri Lankan people are living this country why should the Govt has to afraid.UNP is trying their best to over-come the Govt. But this is invain.

  2. Sakaplas

    Hello Karu, you cannot give life to the dead party. Only, if Ranil stepsdown from the leader and pave the way for Sajith or younger member to lead the party, may have chance to rebuild the party or win a couple of seats. Good for the opposition which enjoys the victory at the expense of the division within the unp.

  3. Bangra

    Why not ask him to lead the party for 5 years and see whether there is an improvement. People have Ranil fraction now…

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