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SLMC Displeased With Blake

The Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) has expressed its dissatisfaction over the failure of US Assistant Secretary of State Robert Blake to meet with any Muslim political leaders during his official visit to the country.

The SLMC has said that Blake should have met the Muslim political representatives if the US was keen on discussing a solution to Sri Lanka’s ethnic issue.

SLMC Chairman and Deputy Minister Basheer Segudawood has told the media that the Muslim community had also been severely affected by the three decade long war.

He has said the Muslim community should also be considered when discussing a political solution to the ethnic issue.

However, he has added that the SLMC was unaware as to why Blake did not meet any Muslim leaders during his visit.

14 Comments for “SLMC Displeased With Blake”

  1. raj

    why does SLMC need to talk with Blacke regarding their local problem while being part of the government. If it cannot find a solutions whilbe being part of the government, then it should resign immediately from the government.

  2. nimp

    Blake is a meddlesome guy. Whenever he comes to Sri Lanka and opens his mouth he creates disharmony among the communities here.

  3. sarath G

    Hakeem is a joker… Didn’t we see him all smiling and shaking hands with Prabhakaran not long time back? Didn’t he witnessed SF taken to custody in a inhuman manner (he vehemently criticised it when in opposition) and not a word when he is back as the JUSTICE minister… ???

  4. hansan

    You very well know why .

  5. Brian

    Blake & US know that there are no Muslims in Sri Lanka, when opportunists like Rauf Hakeem and Segu Dawood calling themselves to be representing Muslims of Sri Lanka and fellows like Cader and Maharoof have crossed over to the ruling government to serve their self-interests. Bloody rogues like Rauf, Dawood, Cader, Maharoof & Asad Salih are enough to destroy the muslims of Sri Lanka, don’t blame Blake or US, you rogue SLMC and UNP selfish-devils.

  6. Radioeuro1

    Blake wants more trouble in sri lanka in the near future, please note : depends on next US elections – if obama wins wants trouble If not open for discussions

  7. Toplan Mohamed

    Of course, Blake does not speak to stooges who have betrayed the masses who had voted for them

  8. gamarala

    Did muslim leaders request such meeting?
    There were no such reports.

  9. CW

    Apart from the President he was only intesrested in meeting those who are asking for a separate state & those who are will “all negative” approach like JVP or their so called student unions.

  10. Yehiya-Doha

    Muslims shrine destroyed today. Where freedom for Muslims for religion rights.


    muslim community affected by war? when?
    the muslims should be clear about their stand.
    they jump to the ruling party. claim they r happy with the sinhalese. then they too ask for political solution n they support pakistan in world cup.

    guess its the muslim trick. to keep a foot in all the boats.

  12. Imran Hussein

    Probably Mr Blake its waste of time to meet so call self claimed muslim leaders. SLMC does not represent the Muslims in SL instead they busy taking U turns, going back and forth from party to party. Now Bashir Segudawood is making a story that SLMC is upset in order to show Muslims that they are very concerned. This maybe another cheap MR tactics. Where were all these SLMC & other so called Muslim leaders when gota’s grease devils playing havoc? The didnt have th ecourage or backbone to say a single word agaisnt that atrocity. Fawzie gave a cock and bull story to the media (‘kohedha yanne malle pol’ speech). Trying every possible cheap way to win CMC.

  13. I thought SLMC is part of Sinhala people. For power and money they join government and I don’t blame Mr Robert O Blake for not meeting SLMC. Mr Hakeem, the leader of SLMC, is government man and Mr Blake met the President. That’s good enough.

  14. Reginald

    As SLMC is part of the government there was no need for US Assistant Secretary of State Robert Blake to meet each of the coalition partners. SLMC and EPDP can negotiate with their master of honesty and sort out how best the Muslims can develop their Islamic culture within a Tamil (language) dominated N-E Provincial Council.

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