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Lankan embassy in Oslo angry

The Sri Lankan Ambassador in Oslo, Norway Rodney M. Perera, has protested the decision by a leading Norwegian television station to air the British Channel 4 documentary titled “Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields” yesterday.

In a letter sent to TV NRK, the Ambassador said that the program content is completely biased and contains unsubstantiated allegations against the government of Sri Lanka.

The Ambassador said that at a time when a great deal of efforts are underway for reconciliation, rehabilitation and reconstruction in Sri Lanka, this type of sinister and unsubstantiated visual material could inflame the passions of those elements concerned only about carving out a mono-ethnic enclave against the wishes of Sri Lankan nationals treading on democratic pluralistic ideals.

“The obvious bias of the program is further illustrated by the fact that a major portion of the dubious video footage has been acquired from LTTE-related sources,” the Ambassador said in the letter, a copy of which was made available to the media by TV NRK.

The Ambassador warned that the safety and security of not only the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Oslo and its staff, but that of all persons of  Sri Lankan origin residing in Norway, could be compromised by these types of telecasts.

However at the same time he also urged NRK to consider telecasting the video titled “Lies Agreed Upon,” a documentary released by the Ministry of Defence which looks to counter the Channel 4 video.

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  1. prashan

    “Lies Agreed Upon,” isn’t this bias ? does thhis video shows anything from other side?


      ambassador Rodney M. Perera, calm down. Norway is not sri lanka. there is something called MEDIA FREEDOM there.

  2. raj

    fortunately this television station is outside Sri Lanka. Otherwise, it would have been attacked by thugs as the way it is being done in Sri Lanka. Poeple know who are those thugs and who is behind those thugs. It is called freedom of speech.

  3. sg

    Suggest them to broadcast altenative film documentry otherwise it will completely bias and harmfull diplomacy.

    • raj

      Can you ask Sri Lankan government to boradcast Chnnel 4 film ” Killing Fields”? If not, how you expect other boradcasting station to fullfil your wishes.

  4. Sam Da Man

    ‘Lies Agreed Upon”, is this about the all the lies the Rajapakses agreed upon?? What a joke!

  5. Nathan Spears

    My country, Unites States’ politicians, as well as Canadian, British and all European politicians are in the LTTE payroll. Money talks. Media can easily survive with blood money from the LTTE terrorists.


      u crazy guy, hahaha
      the budget of LTTE as per is few million dollars. not even 10% of sri lanka’s budget n how to bribe with that money? guys like u from down south blame international community even if it rains in hambantota

    • raj


      Whos is get paid by Sri Lankan war criminals?

      • Nathan Spears

        LOL. United States is not for terrorists. I’m American, and I say that proudly. Sri Lanka has a legitimate government in place, Whereas LTTE is a banned terrorist organization. Those who support terrorists must die a miserable death. I’m American and I say that proudly.

        • Eustace

          Well said Nathan!! Hats off you you. These hate mongoring morons will never realise the harm they are doing to many societies

  6. The Ambassador is a paid employee of the regime to do the “dirty job ” to protect his criminal masters Rajapaksha clan. This dirty job will not have any impact on a real democratic country like Norway. It might prevail in democratic PRETENDERS like Sri Lanka where this responsible broadcasters mights vanish from the earth , (white van ) abduction. Rajapaksha criminals and their cohort are trying to bury the fact with their childish antics —
    Producing “Lies agreed upon ” ,world knows it is a deceit.
    Whole troupe of cabinet ministers flocking to Jaffna peninsula for election
    campaigning with false promises ( but did not succceed ).
    Erecting Statue of Buddha forcefully in the North.

  7. Sri

    Angry? He should be utterly ashamed of what had happened! “Lies” is very common in the island Republic. Reconciliation is another big lie. What about the Grease Devils unlimited?

  8. Saro

    Tamils in Norway know about the content of CH-4 Killing Fields and much more about the atrocities. CH-4 wants the allegations of war crimes and violations of international laws found credible by UN Panel of Experts investigated by an independent committee so that we all know the truth once and for all. The video titled ‘Lies Agreed Upon’ was prepared by the Ministry of Defence of Sri Lanka, which is accused of being the party responsible for the crimes and as such how can it be considered relevant or credible? More and more people have come to know the allegations and until the Sri Lankan government agrees to either investigate internally by an UN approved committee or let the UN does it by its own committee the demand for accountability will grow wider. At present the mono-ethnic military and police suffocate the local population, which must be stopped at once.

  9. raj

    there is no need to get angry since people in Norwary have media freedom. Suppressing media freedom or killing them is wrong.

  10. Channel 4 is a reputable TV station in the UK. They work according to guidelines fixed by the UK government unlike Sri Lankan state owned TV station who work according the orders of MR. Our government should have challenged Channel 4 contents immediatley after it broadcasted. But we did not. We barked for few days and could not challenge Channel 4. Who supplied Channel 4 the evidence of war crimes. These evidence came from some Security personnel, who felt it is their duty to tell the whole world about war crimes. There is no point in telling Norway TV station not to screen theclips from Channel 4. I understand Channel 4 is going to screen more evidence to the whole world until such time the justice for thoese innocent people who got killed during the war. Our government think they can fool the world like they are fooling her citizens. Sri Lanka is going to face more and more problems in coming months. Ministers who are working for the President think they are telling the truth to the public. They are only looking after their jobs and perks.

  11. daya weerasinghe

    It was sent on NRK2 and not many people watch that channel any way ….and I think the movie was a load of crap….!(Just a lot of horrible pictures ….and one sided comments.)
    Channel4 news sounds like LTTE4news !

    • Shiva

      Thanks for the your comments.

      Tamils are hunting for the war criminals and allegely support the alleged war criminal Rajapakse regime while live in the Western nations.

      There are several Sinhalese are about to be deported from the UK. Oslo leaders are fully aware of the war crimes committed by the Sri Lankan regime including the murder of surrendered POWs.

      Palitha Kohona has sent text message to surrender and he is in hot waters now!

  12. Karua

    Lies agreed upon is directed and produced y Mr. Rajapaska & Co to safe them.

  13. dagobert

    Hold you tongues, thoughts & pens guys………
    For all the right and wrong, ALMIGHTY is there to deal with them and meet out just punishment.
    We the people need to repent & move on. Nobody is perfect.

    Just unable to fathom why ever that massacre in Norway occurred out of the blues??
    We are all vulnerable & all of us have to pay for our mistakes. Punishment will be swift & when least expected.

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