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Canada reiterates concerns

Canada has once again publicly criticized Sri Lankaover its human rights record, setting the scene for a confrontation at the Commonwealth summit next month.

Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird told the Canadian House of Commons yesterday that he had told his Sri Lankan counterpart of Ottawa’s “concerns on the lack of accountability for the serious allegations of war crimes, the lack of reconciliation with the Tamil community and with events that have taken place since the end of the civil war.”

Baird had told External Affairs Minister, G.L. Peiris, that Canada wants progress on human rights and post-civil war reconciliation, pushing back, according to a summary provided by sources, against Peiris’s “trust us” assurances.

Reuters Canada reported that Baird told the House of Commons that Canada will continue to speak loudly and clearly on behalf of human rights around the world, especially in Sri Lanka.

The Reuters report further states that opposition legislator in Canada Jim Karygiannis had gone even further, asking Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper “to urge the Commonwealth to revokeSri Lanka’s membership until it holds the perpetrators to account and they are judged in international courts.”

Sri Lankais under increasing Western pressure to probe allegations of war crimes and humanitarian law violations at the end of its war with Tamil Tiger separatists in 2009.

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  1. Candidly

    Shouldn’t Mr Harper be inquiring into allegations of war crimes committed by his own nation rather than pointing the finger hypocritically at others?

    • John Abraham - Colombo


    • Ma-Rout-Ti

      Nope – they are Westerners and don’t commit War Crimes or violate Human Rights or send their citizens to languish in Guantanamo Bay. Their cops don’t taser people at airports for kicks, they don’t fight in Libya and send their oil companies in there soon afterwards (because it was all about “protecting civilians”, right ?)

      Nope – It’s Sri Lanka that should be pointed at


      • aratai

        When Mr. Harper became Prime Minister in 2006, the first thing he did was to ban LTTE, then close down world tamil offices.
        Then, in 2008/9, thousands of Tamils were protesting all over Canada, but Mr. Harper or his cabinet refused to meet them.


    • raj


      Unitl disproves allegations of war crimes, Sri Lankans do not have moral authority to criticise othes. Other man’s crimes does not automatically allow to commit crimes.

      • Kotahena Billingwatte

        Yes we can say that the LTTE committed most of the crimes by slaughtering women, old people and children in villages that were not within a war zone. What about the mosque in Kaathankudy? War crimes? You supported with your collection of money the war criminals of the LTTE!

  2. Shiva

    Sri Lanka Rajapakse regime is the worst abuser of human rights of the 21st Century.

    Thanks to Global media, Channel 4, AI, HRW and others to expose and consistently put pressure on the International community to take action against this regime.

    Further legal cases that are filed in western nations including against Rohan Gunartna Shavendra Silva, Palitha Kohona and Mahinda Rajapakse will give Tamils greater confidence to fight for freedom and independence. Rohan Gunaratne has become like a chicken after the lawsuit by the CTC officials in Canada. Recently, a leading Tamil lawyer in North America has said that enough is enough and the Tamil community will not tolerate war crimes and crimes against humanity and their sympathizers and supporters.

    No one will be surprised if the lawsuits are filed against Sinhalese people who live in the Western nations for their support to the Rajapakse regime and they can be charged for collaboration – war crimes and human rights abuses and for hate crime. It is going to be full of fun!

    There are further lawsiuts on the works against Gotabhaya, Basil and others. Thanks to the good Sinhala people who have come forward and provided evidences of war crimes and provided information and evidences of war crimes and human rights abuses.

    • kudu

      while we are at it lets get the other war criminals like bush,cheney,Blair,netanyahu and now of late NATO

    • Kotahena Billingwatte

      Try the US and the UK. Don’t worry about the dole money because soon you will all be back in the “Nothing to declare” queues in Katunayake with a free ticket on a plane marked “for deportation”. Say good bye to the easy money and the houses in the West Thambi. Now you will have to live ina pallyrah hut in Yaal paanam.

  3. Shiva

    In the West Tamils are making their moves and educatiing the people about the Rajapakse regime and its crimes against humanity.

    Soon the Rajapakses will be on the RUN!

  4. dagobert

    Ontario Provinial Council election are in the offing. What best Harper can do other than to beat a dead leather to garner the Tamil votes???

    Otherwise,, how would how would Harper come to terms with Sita Sabainesha’s NDP??
    Harper is verywell aware, with a foot hold on NDP through the windfall of Sita, next move by the Tamils Canada will be to divert their funds to the NDP for now & takeover the party later. ( Little now & more later).
    Then the Tamils in Canada will have a legitimate political party & begin puppeteering at the next General elections in that once they get a hold on the Administrative Control of the NDP, will be puppeteering with their white nominies with one agenda for the Constituents to win elections and Tamil Agenda once in Parliament.

    Bob Rae & gang had to bite the gust. If Harper party wins it will be later & if they loose the PC to NDP, Harper & John , both will bite the dust.

    Therefore, one need to understand why CFanada cameout strongly against Sri Lanka at the UN and now & continuing……
    If the Harper govt think Tamils in Canada too are gullible like their white Canadians, fine. If not, with Ontario PC results Harper & John too will bite the dust.
    Harper Govt playing with fire.. As for Rajapakshes, they can defend the salvos that are aimed by ruling politicians from Kenada land of tamils…….

  5. Kotahena Billingwatte

    You can hope!

  6. Kotahena Billingwatte

    You are a joker Abrahams! What the hell is the Commonwealth anyway? Nothing.! Absolutely nothing! China and Russia. is our Commonwealth. Tamils depend on the Commonwealth because Britain is responsible for all the friction in the world. Imposing the Tamils on Malaysia where they are hated and treated as scum or introducing the Indians to Fiji and in the West Indies. It is your selfish view. The Sinhalese do not care for the British Commonwealth because multiculturism they have found out does not work. Now it is time to deport all the Tamils living in Sinhalese areas back to where they came from..

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