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LLRC report to Commonwealth

The Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) report may be submitted to the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Perth, Australia this month.

The Commonwealth has also offered to assist the Sri Lankan government in the reconciliation process in the country following the end of a three-decade ethnic conflict in May 2009.

“Commonwealth has offered its assistance to Sri Lanka to bring about reconciliation between the Tamils and the Government,” Amitav Banerji, Director, Political at the Commonwealth has been quoted by PTI as saying.

According to PTI, Banerji has said the Sri Lanka’s Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) is expected to submit its report next month and it might be presented to the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Perth.

Asked whether the issue of Sri Lanka hosting the 2013 CHOGM would be reviewed, Banerji has said “the decision that Sri Lanka would host 2013 CHOGM was taken at the 2009 CHOGM” and that issue was not on the agenda at the Perth meeting next month. It might come up at the Retreat”.

Steve Cutts, the Commonwealth Assistant Secretary- General, has said several issues including reform of the Commonwealth, democracy and human rights and the impact of the current global economic crisis on development would be on the agenda.

Banerji has said the official level meeting would be held on October 24 and 25 and the Ministerial level meeting on October 26 and 27 before the CHOGM on October 28 and 29.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon recently submitted a special report on Sri Lanka to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and also to the president of the UN Human Rights Council, alleging human rights violation in the country.

6 Comments for “LLRC report to Commonwealth”

  1. raj

    Tamils have seen man round table and square table conference which produced nothing but wasted time. Now the world has LLRC from Sri Lanka. Good luck!

  2. Shiva

    LLRC is a Rajapake regime’s agent and not an independent war crimes and human rights investigation of crimes committed by all parties.

    Further we receive information that the LLRC refused to listent to the victims and their version of events, crimes and attacks.

    LLRC is created by the Rajapakse regime without a clear mandate to independently investigate crimes against huamnity but to cover up crimes committed by the regime.

    This LLRC report is useless and the Tamils will never accept this report and an International independent war crimes and human rights investigation is imminent.

    India and Sri Lanka should be kicked out of the Coomonwealth for the part in the crimes against humanity.

  3. Shiva

    What about other crimes committed by the Rajapakse regime:

    - murder of 34 Journslists and attack on several others

    - denial of unrestricted access to the Tamils areas by the NGOs, media, jounalists, diplomats and Human rights groups

    - White van abductions and grease devil attacks

    - Prof. Ratnajeevan Hoole was forced out of Sri Lanka for requesting the President Rajapakse to take action against Douglas Devananda’s criminal gangs

    - 17 French Charity workers’ murder and its investigation, accountability and justice

    - Cold blooded murder of 5 shool students in Trincomalee, investigation and accountability

    - Headless bodies of innocent Tamils found in Sinhala areas, no charges yet

    An excellent report gathered and compiled by a researcher at the Harvard University in the USA:

    Sri Lankans are demanding for accountability, justice, freedom, human rights, fundamental rights, transparency, R2P and Rule of Law.

    Only an international independent nvestigation can bring the above to Sri Lankans.

    All political parties that failed to demand for the above must be banned in Sri Lanka.

  4. There is no point in submitting the LLRC report to Commonwealth as they never asked one. The report should be first submitted to UN. Our Government think they can fool the world. I know for certain the report will suggest an investigation by the government and use certain Army officers as scapecoat. I won’t be surprised if Sarath Fonseka may be quoted as the villan. People have no faith with our President and his merry men.


    hahaha…the fun starts at march UN human rights council.
    LLRC report, every single person in sri lanka will know wats in the report.
    both gob n LTTE commited war crimes.
    LTTE part will be highlighted n government part will be missing.

    of course coz if LLRC did say gov committed war crime, the international committee would ask for international investigation.

    the UN report took just 3 months, LLRC took like 2 years. hahaha…

  6. ifaz

    the much anticipated report of LLRC need to emphasize the truth to the public of this country without grovelling to the Government. The world too expects the revelation of the facts from this Commission. It has the responsibility to foster those who are briskly engaged to create a peaceful and compatible environment on this earth.
    The world desperately need a crusader. Norway can preside the earth to a better position due to its great concern and altruism upon the Human-beings.

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