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“Lies Agreed Upon” at UK Parliament

The Sri Lankan defence ministry video “Lies Agreed Upon” was screened at the British Parliament yesterday, the Sri Lankan high commission in London said.

Following the screening of the vide a dialogue was conducted with MP Rajiva Wijesinha and Dr. Chris Nonis, High Commissioner for Sri Lanka in the UK.

Dr. Nonis said it was a particular imperative to have the screening at the British Parliament at a time when Sri Lanka in the post-conflict era was firmly embarked on the process on reconciliation and reintegration following a 28 year conflict.

“Of paramount importance is that the Reconciliation and healing process should progress unimpeded, while evolving a framework of mutual respect and understanding between all our communities.  In that context it was essential to have objective, fair and impartial reporting that will create unity and not divisions, help to heal the wounds of conflict, and assist all our communities to join together in building a pluralistic and inclusive society, to make peace durable,” the Sri Lankan high commission in London said in a statement today.

Rajiva Wijesinha said that moderate British and Sri Lankan friends needed to realise the nature of the current threat to peace. He pointed out that, in the absence of any major publicity tool for Sri Lanka to present the true story, as against the LTTE rump which enjoys such privilege in the UK, only frequent interactions with attention to documented evidence will help lawmakers separate facts from fiction.

5 Comments for ““Lies Agreed Upon” at UK Parliament”

  1. Bruz

    “…mutual respect & understanding & blah blah…”…
    “…reconciliation…peace blah blah…”

    all these are nice sugar coated B.S only….what really happens in north & east is….
    Grease yakka hide & seek games,more army camps,harassment of public,assault,
    extra judicial acts of violence,disappearances,registration of lands & properties of Tamils only… etc etc., only going on in the name of
    “uthuru vasanthaya” and nothing, All these lies in public forums are only for the international jokers who are still believing SL govt lies. The sufferings of people
    is always suppressed with false propaganda while blaming LTTE rumps & diaspora.How long can this fooling the world will go on…?…!

    • Peter Fernando

      Well, that is “lies….still to be….. agreed upon”.


      both sri lanka’s killing fields n lies agreed upon say one thing. there has been war crimes committed. so only an independent investigation can reveal the truth

  2. Don Sarath

    Another LTTE apologist giving his two cents worth.

  3. Ruwan Ferdinandez

    Glad it was Rajiv who was there to dicuss this matter post-screening. Had Rajiv been the High Commissioner in London during the last phase of the war in 2009, we would not have had to undergo such difficulties to convince people now who we are, what we do. SL-HC in London usually is the most irresponsible, most lethargic work place, so it shouldn’t be them who organised this screening. Nevethless, well done to whoever who organised it. LTTE diaspora shouldn’t always be allowed to persuade British MPs, who easily get mesmerised by such stories, they have to be made to listen to the truth at some point as well.

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