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Mervyn elected by the people says Gota

Defense Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa says that despite accusations being made against Minister Mervyn Silva, one should keep in mind that he was elected by the people to parliament.

In a live interview over ITN late this evening, Rajapaksa also dismissed accusations that he had close ties with MP Duminda Silva who was allegedly involved in the death of Presidential Advisor Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra.

Rajapaksa said that his connection with Silva was only on an official basis as he was involved in the urban development projects which fall under the defence ministry.

He also said that a suspect involved in the killing of Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra was arrested in India with the help of a top Indian police official.

Rajapaksa said that he had personally contacted the Indian official to seek the arrest of the suspect who had fled to India and did not go through the diplomatic channels.

13 Comments for “Mervyn elected by the people says Gota”

  1. prkirubai

    Who knows?? Karuna also went to UK??

  2. HUD

    Mr. Rajapakshe, that is not a excuse to allow Mervin to act like a mad dog! People may have sent him in. But it is your government’s duty to take a action when he is acting like that. Please remember that it is not only the people who directly assaulted by Mervin Silva will go against the government, so millions people who see his hilarious and mad behavior will be upset. Most of the Sri Lankan stood by the government and you in your great endeavor to defeat LTTE. They certainly will expect the same greatness in the future too.

    • Sisira

      I agree Hud. Elected members do not have licence to act like lunatics. Elected by the people is the very reason for them to act with respect, dignity, wisely and carefully. What I cannot comprehend is why Raja family has given him so much freedom to bring this government into disrepute.

  3. Edrisinghe

    Meryn is elected M.P., any one argued ,yes of course this is correct statement but how he was elected is in question.Voters were intimidated by his supportes and money and arrack bottles were the generous gifts for the voters.
    Any democratic country this would not be accepted or aggreable by ordinary citizen. Why Gota wasting your time to after this suspect because every body knows what will happen to himm even after his arrest. History will teach us what has happened to Lasantha killers or any other political victims.

  4. dirukshi

    Yes, we indeed need these Mervyns and Dumindas to develop the country. Go ahead and elect a few more of this calibre. We will be the superpower of the world!

  5. P.L.J.B.Palipana

    A society is consisted of people. The people is a mixture of engineers, doctors, lawers, professors, teachers..ete..ete…ete. In this case Mervin, Duminda ete…ete..were selected by the people to the Parliament over vast amount of votes. That’s why I wrote to this newspaper that this politico+economic system is responsible to her products and not the people like Rajapaksas or Wickramasinghes. As an example the same was happening in CUBA before the year 1959.

  6. raj

    in a democracy even criminals, drug dealers, war criminals, and terrrorist have chance to be elected by people who share similar views.

  7. Sudukody

    Dear Defense Secretary, Gen. Sarath Fonseka was also elected to the parliament by the people, wasn’t it? But then…..

  8. Haramanis

    Just because he was elected by people doesn’t mean that you/your govt.

    - is utter stupid to say he is ‘play acting’ when he ties a man to a tree
    - Should be blind to any antihuman act he does such as preventing meat sales, liquor etc as he wishes knowing that he is covering for his sins such as underworld/ drug connections
    -Should be spineless not to act when he rampages streets with his gangs or when his gangs attack workers
    -Should be gutless to reprimand him when he says he wants to drink milk from an actress, says he will be the first to pull a gun etc
    -Should be impotent to take action when he buys a Jaguar car from his ministry
    -Give absolute most dumbest decision by a ‘so called’ leader to give him MINISTER of PUBLIC RELATIONS despite all above!!!!

    Surely Lankans do not deserve this crap !!!

  9. Mr Gothabaya Rajapakse thinks that we Sri Lankans are fools and he is very clever. Let me tell to Gothabaya one thing loud and clear that you cannot keep on foolling this nation for ever. One day whole truth will come out and you will pay for your sins. You, Mr Gothabaya, is a representative of criminals like Duminda and Mervyn.

  10. after all, this happening because Sri Lankans’ elected him at an election! why blame the defense secretary who is correct that as a public servant, does not want to intervene in the matters of a politician! Why cannot someone make a complaint to police and they will investigate the matter and the due process of law will follow.
    Did they not investigate the “Tying the man to the tree” and exonerate Mervyn?

  11. Bruz

    This Govt. cannot be run without Mervyn, Duminda,Wimal,Champika,Gunadasa Amarasekera,Douglas,Karuna,Pillayan, and the likes. Guess who are in the helm
    of ruling clan.They will only select people of their kind to rule,rob & ruin the nation.
    The funny thing is even some so called educated people are supporting this kind of
    jungle rule. The suffering is going to be a long one,unfortunately.

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