CEB losses at Rs. 29 billion in 2011

Power and Energy Minister Champika Ranawaka says that the losses of the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) estimated for this year is Rs. 29 billion and that there was a likelihood of the amount increasing further due to the increase in thermal power generation.

Ranawaka told The Sunday Leader that although the CEB has streamlined its operations and worked at cost reduction and loss reduction, the massive cost incurred in power generation would increase the CEB losses for this year.

The Minister explained that the CEB now operates without receiving any money from the Treasury and therefore the increase in losses would result in the increase in the bank over drafts taken by the Board.

However, he said that the Public Utilities Commission that regulates the electricity tariffs has been informed of the CEB’s financial situation.

4 Comments for “CEB losses at Rs. 29 billion in 2011”

  1. Bruz

    Why still going as CEB ?
    Change the name to “Sri lanka Electricity Board”, then everything will be OK !


      u mean eberything else under the name of sri lanka, functioning well?
      how foolish


    as a high end user, i pay for electricity which no one pays in first world countries.
    but still, how r we in loss?

    champika rawana is good for racial anti tamil speech. the president should put champika as governor of north n appoint an educated minister for electricity

  3. kudu

    last year this circus rabbit said CEB was making profit
    now he says more than 29 billion loss
    would like to say more
    but this guy is a another nut and bolt case like duminda
    and i do not want any stray bullets whizzing past my bald head

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