Death threat to Sunday Leader Editor

The Editor of The Sunday Leader Frederica Jansz has been issued with a death threat in a letter posted to her residential address yesterday.

The letter handwritten in Sinhalese mentions the White Flag case and threatens Ms. Jansz for the evidence she had given in the hearings so far.

A complaint has been lodged with the Mirihana police over the death threat.

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  1. Bruz

    Must be an LTTE anti Govt. stunt to bring discredit to SL wide,when
    Commonwealth countries are meeting in Australia.! ‘Kudu’ guys don’t believe in letter writing either & also they are busy & keeping a low profile with the Mulleriyawa
    case for now !!


      r u crazy? lol
      when did LTTE ever write letters? all they know is BOooOM!!!
      n not kudu guys either, most of they guys there dont believe in letter writting.

      this is either the gov itself or some jobless fellow with plenty of time, just wanna fake blackmail.

      anyway, conclusion is, this is the miracle of asia. 100′s of journalists died, 1000′s left the country. the numbers will increase n not decrease.

  2. Mahinda's friend

    Gottabaya is at it again. His goon squad is now looking for FJ. What sweet guy to have a defence secretary.

  3. It is not new in our paradise the state use their muscles to supress journalists. Sunday Leader is the only news paper who expose the corruption of this regime to outside world. So Sunday Leader is a public enemy to this government only. The rest of the news media are pro government and have no fear. Police will not take note of the complaint as the Police, Army and Navy are only working for the benefit of Rajapakses family.

  4. raj

    What kind of Budhist prinicipal allows any individual to threat some body who is doing his job. It is not a safe country for ordinary. To be safe in Sri Lanka, either you have have to be war criminals or underworld gand or terrorist. Ordinary people’s safety is guaranteed if they ever speak against government.


      buddhism is an amazing religion, just that it doesnt suit most sri lankans.
      specially hela urumaya thugs(u cant call them monks, there is so much of anger n hatred in them).

  5. Political Ignorant

    Just raise the white flag and you will be ok. Next election time they will ask your vote. Please confirm you will and vote for anyone you wish to vote. Ofcourse they will bite the dust! What can you do? If they kill you anyway they won’t have your vote?! Be sensible.

    The trick is say what they want to hear and do what your heart and mind determines you to do! Don’t tell them! Dem O’cracy is what you publicly portray. Not your rational or innermost feelings! Be smart! Yes ofcourse you are.

    • kudu

      where did all our votes go
      somebody says it went to temple trees before going to the elections commissioner
      commissioner please tell me it aint so

  6. D.J.S.De Mel

    We have no confidence of This government,Law ,and the Police including the forces.The real reason is the government is using all these sectors to carry out all their activities.We know that the murder of late Mr. wickremathunga’s killers are living freely while producing different guys.You may notice the nearest killing of Bharathas killers are going to be under world guys.But lankaenews has given the real characters who were behind it.So what could we expect from the police department?Is this is the so called Democracy.They talk loud about human rights while killing people. People should realize the real fact and send this corrupted government home.

  7. HUD

    It seems some people are fool enough to link the government and defense secretary to things such as anonymous letters! However it this bunch of poor guys who arms against Frederica Jansz regarding the “white flag” case against SF!

  8. HUD

    Raj, not only in Buddhism, this kind of threat letters are not condoned in any religion. What is the link that you see between these letters and Buddhism? Does that letter mention that it is in accord with Buddhism or was written by a Buddhist?

  9. raj

    What kind of Budhist prinicipal allows any individual to threat some body who is doing his/her job. It is not a safe country for ordinary people. To be safe in Sri Lanka, either you have have to be war criminals or underworld gang or terrorist. Ordinary people’s safety is not guaranteed if you ever speak against government.

  10. Ruwan

    Boss stand strong against these fools

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