MR makes pitch for Hambantota

President Mahinda Rajapaksa made a strong pitch for port city Hambantota to host the 2018 Commonwealth Games, for which Australia`s Gold Coast is also in the fray.

Rajapaksa made a brief speech at the Sports Breakfast organised here on the sidelines of the ongoing Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) and said that winning the bid to host the Games would be a “life changing event” in his country`s history.

The breakfast, hosted by Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, was attended by members of the 71 Commonwealth Games associations who have a vote in deciding the bid.

Gold Coast and Hambantota have bid to host the 2018 Games and a vote at an assembly in St Kitts and Nevis in the Caribbean on November 11 would decide the venue.

Rajapaksa said that the island nation was keen to emulate Malaysia, which hosted the Games in 1998 and witnessed large scale economic development in the years that followed.

He also added that hosting of the Games would allow reconciliation among his people, after years of civil war, and the reconstruction of infrastructure. He pledged to finish building all accommodations and sporting facilities by 2015, saying that the bid had his government`s “highest backing”.

Rajapaksa mentioned that Australia had hosted the Games on earlier occasions as well.

Sri Lanka will be hosting the next CHOGM in Colombo in 2013. Meanwhile, Aussie PM Gillard made a brief mention of the Gold Coast, having put in a bid, saying Australia would host an “outstanding games”.  (PTI)


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  1. Mahadenamutta

    From a budget estimate of 2 trillion the country has a deficit of 1 trillion. But the MR clan wants to spend additional Rs 500 billion plus plus to prop up the first born. The Raja family cares too hoots for the needs of over 20 million citizens of Lanka, but only concerned about the ego, plundering of wealth by family, politicians and henchman, who drain billions from people.

    Here is the recent record-

    -Sri Lanka cricket and H’tota stadium- lost 3.5 billion and cricket bankrupt.
    -Luxury train from airport -a pet project by the first born- disaster- billions lost
    -Homagama athletic stadium- spent Rs 450 million but not suitable for international meets- as usual no one responsible!
    -IIFA dance- Rs 1.1 billion spent Rs 25 million income !
    -H’tota harbour – Extra Rs 18 billion to blast the rock which was known before

    Having failed miserably now the ego of the clan wants to spend 1/2 of national income for a show when sportsman up and down the country do not have even bare minimum sports facilities.

    This is a financial tsunami for Lanka…. but who cares .. it the ego that matters !!!

  2. Sisira

    Raja is lucky. He will bring this home. I remember late Mr Premadasa once said, we sri lankans can talk and convince anyting to anyone.

  3. anti-muslim monk

    y do we neeed to build stadiums in hambantota for? y do we need to organize such events n waste public money.


    better national hospitals n give better medical facility to the poor?

    better universities in the country(colombo university is ranked 4000th in engineering, malaysian national university is in 130th place, singapore national university in 30th place, thailand university in 200th place)

    better living for people, 39.7% of sri lankans(almost half) earn less than Rs220 a day. cost of bread alone is Rs50. y not give subsidized food rations to these people just like how india doing it for 1.2billion people.

    better government schools, better roads, better encouragement for small businesses by giving easy interest free loans, free fertilizers for farmers???????

  4. nizam

    Another attempt by Rajapaksa to fool the world by using “attempt for reconciliation” as a weapon. As CBK mentioned he is an uneduated raskal

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