President visits Duminda in hospital

President Mahinda Rajapaksa visited MP Duminda Silva at the Sri Jayawardenapura hospital a short while ago.

Several government officials also accompanied the President, sources at the hospital told The Sunday Leader.

Silva is receiving treatment for the gunshot wounds he sustained during the shooting incident in which Presidential advisor Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra was killed.

17 Comments for “President visits Duminda in hospital”

  1. Sudu malli

    Behold …the GODFATHER !!

  2. sam

    Country ^s president seems to have sufficent time to see drug dealers leaving alrming problems as they are… – country is left to be in anarchy

  3. Ruwan basnayake

    Here we go again. The President visits Dumida Silva in Hospital?. What more proof do you need that this man and his familial regime are run with the support of criminals ,drug dealers, rapists and thugs..Duminda Silva is no stranger to most peace loving decent citizens, This man is a violent criminal, drug dealer and rapist. He is now a suspect as a murderer. So here is is this pious,great democrat of a President paying his respects to a sick thug wounded by other thugs in a battle for drug money and power play in a rivals turf. These Pseudo religious frauds in power are the bane of our society, they preach of morality and the poor voters gulp all this bullshit and vote for them.Hope our poor brain washed voters see the light,.We deserve better..

    • sam

      Common man of the country to be put the blame on this for giving the golden votes to elect these buggers. If I may say so, these sorta leaders, we never had in our parliaments. He is saying ban – continuous to do the worst… majority of the country s populations are living in Villages- they dont have reliable media to follow up.. so they are becoming brain washed.. lanken situation can be more or less like that of libia in a few years now. Sad to see this, but these buggers should go home- or exile leaving the respect of the country that it deserved sofar.

  4. Kamal

    MR needs thugs for his mission, so what harm visiting his best thug

  5. lalith


  6. willows

    So it is clear now, that the former MP Bahratha was ditched by the top of SLFP,

  7. He is the people’s president.

  8. Lankaputra

    MR is showing his true colours, what a shame. Has he forgotten he is the Executive President of the country to visit a known thug & a drug dealer ? ( what ever happened to “Mathata Thitha”?

  9. kaputakukula

    A friend visiting a friend wo what like minded people go together.

  10. Wanaya

    If not proper action against drags king duminda Hope this will be the end of this government.

  11. bASIL

    Birds of a feather flock together.

    Mahinda why don’t you go and see General Sarath Fonseka in prison. After all it was he who liberated YOU and your family from the clutches of the LTTE. Then you must go and visit the family of Bharath Lakshman’s family and compensate them for the tragedy they have faced. After that you go back to see Duminda and see that he is put in the prison hospital .

  12. Imran Hussein

    Did Mr Vasudeva Nanayakkara, ruling party memebr and govt minister, say some individuals support Duminda?

  13. anon

    We all accept MR as the president & the leader of SL and believe you will look after the interests of all lankans: sinhalese, tamil, muslim, SLFP,UNP,JVP,TNA……. etc. in a transparent & just manner, which only you can do at present. Pl take the chance, as it will take another 10 years to make a leader. Pres Chandrika also had this chance but she did not take it for our unluck. Perhaps there was a need fr you to make this visit personally with govt officers so that all of them could take responsibility of this sensitive matter, which also has a human angle as there is a critical patient who needs our support.

  14. rj

    some governments in the world is made of thugs, drug dealers, and criminals.

  15. Sisira

    On the day white flag case was publised Sarath Fonseka turned the corner and went down hill. Is this the day for MR? Certainly he lost my support.

  16. sam

    My granny s proverb- birds of a feather flock together.. eka jatiye aya ekata ekathuwenawa

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