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Report to parliament next month

The report of the Lessons Learned and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) will be handed over to parliament by President Mahinda Rajapaksa next month, the President’s media unit said this evening.

The report was handed over to the President over the weekend and is expected to be made public after it is presented to parliament.

The LLRC was given a wide mandate that allowed it to recommend measures to ensure reconciliation, restitution for victims and address the root causes to discourage non-repetition of any internal armed conflict.

The 400 page document includes testimonials of victims and families of victims affected by the war between the Sri Lankan army and the LTTE.

In the final report the commission has made several recommendations to the Sri Lankan government to address some concerns and issues in the country.

The commission said the success of its work will depend on the extent to which its recommendations are implemented, especially in the context of the tardy track record of successive Sri Lankan governments in that regard.

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  1. If the is nothing to hide, LLRC report should be made public without further delay.I am very surprised why this report has to be presented to the Parliament first. By now the Royal family would have read the contents of the LLRC report. Parlimentarians are not necessarily interested in reading this report as most of them are “Yes Sir Yes three bags people”. Do you really think people like Mervyn Silva is going to read this report. Even he does he wouldn’t understand most of it. So there is no point in presenting to the parliament. Send a copy to all MPs, Foreign Mission and religious leaders first. Then without further delay implement what is recommended. Pass all the blames to Sarath Fonseka and his followers. Send them to jail. Then Rajapakse family can breath fresh air.

  2. raj

    before read the report, ask one simple question; who nominated the commission and who defined the mission of the commissions and report? When you find the answer to this quesiton, it can discover the truth behind this commission.

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