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Thousands gather for UNP protest

Thousands of supporters of the main opposition UNP took the streets this afternoon to protest against the government.

UNP leader Ranil Wickremesinghe told the protestors during the rally that he will continue to push for the release of jailed former army commander Sarath Fonseka.

The opposition supporters also demanded that the government step down over the cost of living and allegations of corruption.

Wickramasinghe said that party members will visit towns and villages in Sri Lanka and seek public support against the government.

Meanwhile the JVP, which did not take part in the UNP rally, said separately that it will also hold several protests against the government budget for 2012 and also what it calls are the undemocratic actions of the ruling party.

7 Comments for “Thousands gather for UNP protest”

  1. Lanka Apay

    People’s POWER..Way to GO…Let’s continue to show that the people is the might and corruption and thugs is NOT.

  2. I think what UNP is doing is correct. All opposition parties should join in hands and forget their past. The current government should be send home with its leader, the President. There are lots of corruption and government ministers made big money. Today Srilanka is ruled by a wealthy family and their goons. If we don’t take action now our country will be bankrupt except few hundred people who are currently managing the finance of the country. First job is to get Sarath Fonseka out of jail. He will then sort out the rest. Sarath Fonseka can change the fate of this country.

  3. Punchiappo

    Yes, leaving the support to own parties, every right thinking citizens should get together to go against ruling dictators asking them to set free SF. As everyone can feel it – this is the revenge that is being applied against him.

  4. raj

    if Sri Lankan society was not morally corrupted, they would have demonstrated agains war crimes in Sri Lanka, and riots against Tamils in 1983. Unfortunately, either society is morally corrupted or sacared.

    • colaba buwa

      Raj, Sounds like you are upset for smashing your hero Brabakaren (child killer)

  5. colaba buwa

    UNP is a dead course and you are beating a dead horse. Dead, finished, berried, fossilized. They are a bunch of fools and can be bought for cash to jump ship.

  6. suren soysa

    People have forgotten the terrible corruption under the UNP. How was Richard de Zoysa killed? Did Ranil utter a word at that time? What is this big hue & cry about Fonseka? When thousands gather for a protest, tens of thousands are against it. UNP,JVP,TNA, & Fonseka’s gangs want to create a situation like in Egypt, Yeman,Libiya or elsewhere. If Mahinda is bad, he should be removed by the ballot ,by the people. The west is behind Ranil in all this tomfoolery. He wants to solve every matter through international forums, like the TNA. Ranil will loose even an election is held today!

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