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Grero joins the government

UNP MP Mohanlal Grero crossed over to the government during the vote on the second reading of the budget in parliament today.

The second reading of the budget was passed by a majority of 91 votes with 151 members, including Grero, voting in favour of the budget.

Earlier in the evening President Mahinda Rajapaksa held talks with the UNP MP at the parliament premises.

20 Comments for “Grero joins the government”

  1. P.L.J.B.Palipana


  2. Disgraceful conduct of academic mudalali.

    • Ruwan Ferdinandez

      Now tell me who gave out the A/L Physics paper in the tuition class a day before the exam in 1981 ruining thousands of genuine students? Here’s a clue, .. he then sold the paper to a few other tuition crookes who also gave the paper out in their classes a few hours later but still the the day before the exam. Nimal Hettiarachchi in Kandy who had only 20 students in his class in 1981 had a bumer harvest following the event and had almost 500 next year on and he is now a billionaire. So is Grero. These are academic thieves.

  3. love2be1traitor

    business mastermind Grero. will cross back when UNP wins.
    he just made the people who voted for him a modaya

  4. Dushantha Kurera

    Another wicket falls, UNP on the verge of a Collapse. At the rate the Green Brigade is joining the Govt, only Ranil will be the last man NOT OUT !!! Today its Grero, Tommorrow it will be Dayasiri and the day after it will be Buddhika P. ……..Eliwenna Jameta Honnda Honnda “Cross Overs”. Go Mahinda Go, Get them on to your side and develop Sri Lanka as no leader has done so far.

  5. Asoka

    The government needs smart and successful people like Mr. Grero!

    Very good timely move!

  6. raj

    how can one switch side after people electing one based on the platform? Unfortunately, it s not illegal. Becasue of opportunists like him, democracy is undermined.

  7. Don Quixote

    Either blackmail or bought over,anyway the man’s true character is on display !

    How can a tuition master who makes money by exploiting children have any morals ?

    This is the fault of the UNP leadership giving nomination to the wrong people.

  8. suren soysa

    What can sensible people do in the UNP? Only going round protesting for good & bad. It is better to be with the Government & contribute to development of the country. More will join before the end of 2012. Ranil for now removed the tie & he will have to remove the trouser next!

    • Don Quixote

      The way you can contribute BEST to this country is to ensure good governance !

      This is lust for POWER not anything else.

      All of you can continue to fool yourselves how can a Country develop when there is no democracy ?

  9. Ruwan

    Ranil must fall but who can take over this party, who can lead, all seem only to follow

  10. Teacher

    ‘Everybody is looking for something’ and these educated crooks are also looking for greener pastures.They don’t realise the fact that the UNP has been destroyed politically,mainly because of the selfish politicians like them, and not because of the ordinary UNPers.

  11. willows

    Good move, lets see what the UNP leadership will do, eventually it will be RW and his camp only will remain??? we will not vote any more UNPers

  12. aragonna ranatunge

    A little too late. But not to worry, he can still make his billions and catch up with the other scum before their time is over.

  13. Tsunami Dollars

    Until the consititution change and makes the “Politics” in Srilanka a “Social Service and not a monthely salaried job” but an “Allowance” only for the service, we can see this type of ” Boot Leakers” counting “Innocent People Money” will change side to side for their “Living”.

  14. Our Politica is full of drama. Grero will be offered a good job in Mahinda Rajapakses government. That is the normal practice. These people are disgraceful people. How can they face the voters who elected them? For money and power these people will sell their wives and children.

  15. Bruz

    “What for the telling ?” Let every UNP ers join the Govt. & ‘develop’ what ever they want.Ranil is already there but still continuing to act like UNP leader. Loser leader.
    Unfortunately there is no one today to lead that once strong major political party.
    Karu , Sajith are just good for nothing weak individuals to lead anything.
    Very bleak future for UNP, and President Mahinda is the most happiest person today
    in the political arena. All the other so called leaders are just a bunch of plain jokers.

    • Mahinda

      I have been noticing this new politician Eran Wickramaratne. I am beginning to wonder if he is the emerging leader. Educated, cultured, refined, decent, intelligent, and seemsto have all the leadership qualities of a leader. Let’s wait and see. I think Dr. Harsha De Silva is another who has a lot of potential and so does Sujeeva Senasinghe. They are decent politicians. Its only the UNP that you find refined politicians ..not in the UPFA.

  16. Neomal

    Gregro is ZERO. Poor guy. Miscalculated decison will cost him very dearly . No vision and no future for this guy so he does not have the capability of educating the masses.

  17. td

    UNP should have appoints a new deputy leaders those who can trustworty to the leader and to the country . What has happen to those 2 deputy leaders. When buddhika PATHIRANA made a public statement on private tv channel that 2011 he wants to eat milk rise on new year day (SINHALA AWRUDU DAWASE) because he was 100% certain that ranil will leave the party and sajith will become the leader of the unp.Sajith has no knowledge of how to govern. If he becomes a leader of the country people will see whats going to happen. If anyone remamber R PREMADASA UGAYA. Ranil was the only person who was with premadasa at that time when there was an impeachment against premadasa. At that time little premadasa has no knowledge of what happening in the party and the country. CAN YOU IMAGINE IF PREMADASA LOST THE IMPEECHMENT in the parliment AT THAT TIME WHAT WOULD HAPPEN TO PREMADASA FAMILLY. IT IS VERY SAD TO SAY THAT PREMADA’S FAMILLY HAS NOWHERE TO FIND IN SRI LANKA!

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