UK discusses sustainable peace

British Deputy High Commissioner Robbie Bulloch met the Security Forces Commander in Jaffna, Maj. Gen. Mahinda Hathurusinghe today and discussed further steps that need to be taken to ensure a sustainable peace.

The British High Commission in Colombo said that Bulloch met Hathurusinghe as part of a two-day visit of Jaffna and the North.

During his meeting with the SF Commander, the Deputy High Commissioner also discussed the reintegration of former combatants and reports of progress made in the North.

He also highlighted the UK’s contribution to demining, reintegration of former combatants and support for community reconciliation.

During his visit, the Deputy High Commissioner will have a range of meetings in Jaffna, Kilinochchi and Vavuniya, the High Commission said.

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  1. raj

    Did Britan discussed peace with Nacy Germany when Hitler was ruling Germany?

  2. P.L.J.B.Palipana

    Hi! Hon.High Commissioner, please advice the GOSL to abolish completely the existing provincial council system(the 13th Ammendment to the Constitution). The saved resources could be used for the re-conciliation of the North and East using the concept of the Sustainable Development (John Brundtland report). Don’t forget the tiny dimentions of Srilanka(250KM X 150KM).

  3. Bruz

    UK is not interested in any kind of peace at all. Every move by these western agents
    are only encouraging military dictatorship and their own political agendas and definitely not reconciliation or peace for northerners. These former imperialists are
    helping the present local imperialists to subjugate the population and rule by force.
    Never ever trust these people and even today’s India, the other agent’s agent.
    These diplomats only pay visit to Maj.General or Governor & listen to their cock & bull development stories, but never tried or met any local representatives of the affected and suffering Tamils in order to get the real story or the actual situation.
    No one really cares about the welfare of the battered & butchered .

  4. Prakash

    well said Raj !

  5. suren soysa

    If MR listened to the bullshit these whites talk “The devil Prabakaran” would be controlling the north & east by now. Since these guy’s have dumped aid here, they are unable to keep their mouths shut. Sustainable or otherwise there is absolute peace in the country & matters only to people who live in Sri Lanka and not others.

  6. ila

    he met Sinhalse Commander of Sri Lanak though Sri Lanka has both Tamils and Sinhalse and Muslim.

  7. Bruz

    UK discusses sustainable peace ? Oh yes, my foot ! The country is only tearing into pieces ,at an alarming rate. Peace & harmony are the things of the past, long been lost and a really missing important item necessary for Lanka. It’s still the hard to find commodity unfortunately. British or US are merely interested in Geo political, business and other selfish ventures or selling helicopters,air crafts,arms and whatever. It’s all because of Britain’s intended, shrewd political manipulation before they gave a dishonest independence to our nation, we are all suffering and still unable to develop our country without wasting time, quarreling with each other community and or fighting for the just rights & freedom, even after sixty plus years.
    with no end or solution in sight. UK has not changed much, even today. They still have a grudge & won’t allow us live in peace and harmony. These discussions are just a ploy to fool us and carry on with their strategies & pre-planned agendas.

  8. The top priority to the government today is to resolve the long outstanding Tamils issue. Mahinda Rajapakse cannot keep on fooling the international community anymore. We were told by the President some two years ago that he will resolve the Tamils issue after the President election. Then he said after the general election. Now he is planning to appoint a committee to resolve the problem. Our President thinks he is a seasoned politician and rest of the world are punch of idiots. Mahinda Rajapase can fool his party and the Sinhala voters but not the international community. Now the LLRC report is out and he is sitting on that report without action. What does he thinks about the pressure from especially Europe and USA. He doesn’t know what is going to happen to him. China and India wont come to bail him now. Time is getting too late.

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