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LTTE schools in Europe a threat says ministry

The government says more than 350 schools operated by the LTTE in Europe could pose a threat as the schools are being used to promote LTTE ideology.

According to the Defence Ministry over 20,000 students are receiving education at these schools located mostly in Germany, Switzerland, France, The Netherlands and Denmark.

“The LTTE front organizations are using most of these students not only to promote LTTE interest overseas but also as a source of income,” the Defence Ministry added.

It also claims that some of these schools had trained children for combat and had sent them to battle the military during the war.

“Sri Lankan Security Forces have recovered considerable documentary evidences with regard to young Tamils and their training with the LTTE,” the Defence Ministry added.

The Defence Ministry said that the growth of Tamil militancy, in the form of underworld gangs in Europe with experience in arms procurement, drug and human trafficking, could be said to be only the “tip of the iceberg” of what is to come in the future.

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  1. singingfisher

    I should be stopped some how by the Government

    • So you believe the story!
      This is an accusation coming from a source which lies to the teeth

    • love2be1traitor

      how can the gov stop?
      its in europe, not asia.

      but wat people dont understand is, LTTE is no more interested in fghting. they have become business organization n LTTE members in europe wants to make money to have a luxury life.

    • tomsamusa

      What not send gota and his baby killers on a m(p) ission impossible!

    • gamarala

      stop for what? when they become strong enough,they will ask separate land from those we will make the happy party for that.Who grow the apple,they will harvested.Europe is stupid and one day soon they will get the results.

  2. Bruz

    Another defense ministry humbug, just going to fizzle out. Defense ministry should first of all take cover & take care of itself from more & more exposures coming out of nowhere, one by one. Blaming LTTE,diaspora, channel 4 etc., won’t work any longer.
    Just concentrate saving your own butt hereafter.Even paying big bucks to Bell
    Pottinger is of no help, other than the help with UN speech. Or is this another Bell Pottinger strategy of discrediting diaspora schools ?..Good luck, anyway.

  3. tomsamusa

    One cannot fool every one ALL the time. Now the civilised world community knows who is the threat to peace and justice.
    The plight of Tamils is akin to Jews of Hitler era of Europe.
    Justice will prevail soon.

  4. Johann Gunasekara

    This justifies military presence in N/E, strict vetting of dual citizenship and visa regulations

    • Shiva

      Sri Lankan authoritarian rule and state terrorism are well-known all over the world.

      No one knows when the International Community will strike against the undemocratic Sri Lankan regime that has no respect for Rule of Law, Justice, Accountability, democarcy, Free Speech, Free Media and Journalism and other democratic values.

      Who wants to have dual Citizenship when a corrupt, alleged criminal and a mockery regime in power in Sri Lanka?

  5. ila

    why does ministry care about non Sri Lankan Tamils living outside Sri Lanka? It is not under Sri Lanka’s territory.

    • Ma-Rout-Ti

      why do non-SriLankan Tamils living outside Sri Lanka “care” about Tamil Eelam ?

    • SAM

      MODA ila, thats how all the countiries in the world act. The threats from outside can become a internal issue someday, if not acted. GOTA will take care of the rest. RIP LTTE

    • Our Defence Ministry has enough problems on their hands locally.
      Still they want to poke their nose into Tamil schools in foreign countries.
      It is sure sign of racism.

    • MAH

      Because that is where the money and motivation came for the terrorists during later stages of the war. They are a future source of terrorism to Sri Lanka and other countries, that is why.

    • gamarala

      yes,you are right.But thambi,when they come back and spoil the good tamil children here,what do you say?Hahaaaaaaaaaaa.You like the blood bath again some day.

  6. suren soysa

    Some have already forgotten the LTTE bombs that exploded at every nook & corner for 30 years, in just two years! LTTE & its supportive diaspora are a killer machine to all patriotic Sri Lankans but due to genetical inferiority, the whites in the mentioned countries are unable to grasp the truth. These schools will certainly promote terrorism very discretely & will someday boomerang in those countries. We need to have facts & protest & wait patiently for them to come to Mother Sri Lanka to pour down their throats better medicine than Prabakaran got!

    • ila


      you have forgetten that Tamils were being raped and looted during 1983 riots, and Tamil’s library was burned by Sri Lankan army.

    • SL has enough problems with its economy but allocates the major portion of resorces to Defence, and this is one expenditure, poking its nose to the schools run for Tamil students in oversea countries.
      It does not like the Tamils to progrss even in far away fron SL.

    • tomsamusa

      The exiled Tamils have not forgotten the pograms since 1956.
      Being in camps and then hauled up to Tamil homeland in cargo boats are STILL in our memory.

  7. amirtha


  8. Gotta the hero

    All these establishments have been taken over by the guys who were running them. I thought Lanka will be brighter after the LTTE was eliminated, but it is getting darker.

  9. Bruz

    SL defense ministry & some people are just going into panic mode & getting paranoid, the moment they hear the word “Tamil, diaspora,Sarath, human rights etc.,” these days. Ministry of “Offense” thinks that the European Governments & the lawmakers are just dumb & they are giving smart advice. The ministry has forgotten to include other important countries where a much more strong diaspora live. Canada,Britain,Australia & even USA , where so many diaspora schools are operating. SL should not feel jealous,but mind it’s own business & stop giving 2 cents worth advice to leading countries of the world called G8 or G20 nations. SL must try to solve it’s own problems first, before giving any piece of advice to other smart countries. Those diaspora, the former Sri Lankans are now proud citizens of the respective nations, having prosperity, decent life in peace with respect, equality, harmony, living without any fear of Army,police or white van abduction,torture & even death.These type of LTTE branding & scare mongering won’t work any longer, as
    the world is slowly but surely getting to know, who is who & what really happened.

  10. kudu

    350 LTTE schools
    even al queda and taliban together do not have that much
    why dont we do a channel 4 documentary on this
    wake up gotra

  11. Saman

    When war criminals are allowed to go scout free, there is no rational in shouting against LTTE school. Defence ministry and our defence secreatry needs to be hanged for their part in war crime and genocide before take any legal action against these schools

    • SAM

      Deram on man, LTTE and all their supporters will go to hell soon and will meet their PARABAHARAN in a shitt pit or may be in Toiletnadu

    • Rosh

      whi says…your mother???

      get a life you sorry thing of a human…you know is actually a good thing you losers teach your children to grow up hating others…as a wise man once said..the worst form of elemination is eleminate within ones ownself…

  12. SAM

    All your despate LTTE supporters can write comments on this type of articles..thats all you can do…cos you will never never be able to keep a foot in our motherland for the next 1000 years.

  13. RD

    seems like this news paper is a heaven for Sinhala KOTI sympathises..we should have sent them to hell along with Prabakaran..I strongly agree with the military presence in North..It should be thereat least for another 2-3 years..most people who read this news paper live in a dream to see LTTE coming back,lol..People who love this country should never forget the way we suffered for 30 yrs,it should nt be allowed tol happen again..So i wont mind even if government increase the military presence in North

  14. aratai

    This is the cost Sinhala Governments have to pay to occupy North and East.

    If Sinhala Governments leave North-East Tamils to look after their day to day affair alone, the diaspora will leave the Sinhala Government alone.


  15. tomsamusa

    Why don’t you guys worry about improving the school system in your native land ,rather than worry about what children of exiled Tamils and learning.
    We very well know the value of education and importance of nuturing our heritage and culture.

  16. Bala

    Me thinks LTTE was the scum of Sri Lanka. Now it stinks overseas as well.

  17. human

    they are not sri lankan citizens . Do you know.. what happens if a forigner is a threat to german or dutch /USA/UK govt etc etc or its interests, same apply to sri lankan govt or sri lanka… (UK / USA started bombing iraq AFghan, etc saying they are threat to them.)

  18. human

    Any wat nice to see sunday leader start publishing comments, The Island paper never vill or dont have software technology, or backborne….

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