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Tamil Diaspora Has No Faith In LLRC – GTF

By Dinouk Colombage

Keheliya Rambukwella

The Global Tamil Forum (GTF) says the Tamil Diaspora does not have faith in the report of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) even though it has not yet been made public.
Mass Media and Information Minister Keheliya Rambukwella told the media on Thursday that the government would be releasing the report soon, without providing an accurate date.
Suren Surendiran, a member of the British Tamils Forum which is affiliated to the Global Tamil Forum, expressed his disappointment in the LLRC and the attempts at reconciliation being made in the country.
He told The Sunday Leader that the British Tamils Forum did not believe the President or the government was serious about working towards solving the Tamil grievances. He stated that three years have passed since the end of the war and little or no work has been done for them. He accused the government of being more interested in ‘land grabbing and colonising the Tamil areas’.
When asked if he felt that the LLRC report would go a long way in solving these problems, he responded that even before the report is released the British Tamils Forum has fundamental issues with it. Surendiran accused the Commission of being ‘government agents who have defended the government’s actions’. He drew attention to the fact that the Commission had no authority in investigating whether or not the government or the LTTE was in violation of international laws during the conflict. Surendiran dismissed the suggestion that the Commission had opened itself up to the public to come forth with evidence, claiming that there had been no credible witness protection in place. He argued that no one would feel safe giving evidence against the government or the army. Surendiran went as far as suggesting that ‘no reasonable person or government or institution will accept the recommendations made by such a notorious Commission’. He further added that even if all the recommendations are implemented by the government they would still not be solving the deeper underlying issues in the country.
Asked how he felt about the continuous delay in releasing the report, Surendiran responded that this is just another example of the power of the President. He explained that it is the President who has the authority, rather than Parliament, to decide whether this report in full or in part or at all, is to be made public. He also said that the delay tactic to make the report public was merely a predecessor to the government ignoring any suggestions put forth.
With Surendiran having launched a scathing attack on the Commission, he was asked what measures should be taken to address the problems faced by the Tamil people. He replied that independent international investigations should be carried out in to the allegations of war crimes.
He also called on the President and government to use its two thirds majority in Parliament to implement ‘fundamental constitutional changes to address the grievances and the lack of democratic rights of the Tamil people’. He explained that the President has the support of the Sinhala majority in the country; this would mean that he has the ability to sway the people’s thinking.   He concluded by stating that only when these implementations are made with the government’s sincere convictions can reconciliation be achieved.

4 Comments for “Tamil Diaspora Has No Faith In LLRC – GTF”

  1. Guzban

    There is nothing called the “Tamil Diaspora”, it is the Tamil diaspora…. The word Diaspora (with the capital D) refers to the Jews.

  2. Hansan

    They have no faithin any one they only want what they request for. That is why we can not settle this problem. Like Shylock.

  3. raj

    If LLRC is legitimate then Gadhafi or Hitler should have been allowed to produce their report on their crimes.

  4. Tamil Maran

    The word Diaspora is irrelavant now for the Jews. They have their own state called Isreal. they dont year to their homeland. They can go to Isreal if they want.
    Tamils and many other stateless nations yearn for their homeland. So they can be called like diaspor or Diaspora in year 2012.

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