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That’s My Boy

Namal Rajapaksa took oaths as a lawyer on Thursday before a panel of  Supreme Court Judges led by the Chief Justice, Dr. Shirani Bandaranayake. Picture shows Namal Rajapaksa with his happy parents — President Mahinda Rajapaksa and Madam Shiranthi Rajapaksa

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  1. Ravi abey

    IF NAMAl can sit LIKE A NORMAL LAW STUDENT sit at ANY ONE OFof the law papers in the law finals and get 40 percent marks for that paper let along all papers i will bet all my wealth over 1 million dollars.Father also did not have basics qualifications to enter the law college and he entered through political influence and son repeats it again for our counties shame. shame Namal, Study and pass not through the back door..

  2. anil

    Did he pass his exams. That’s the million dollar question????

  3. I thought there was a controversy how he faced the exam????

  4. Kingsley Senanayaka

    Have him defend Gen Fonseka next time.. General may well get released..hah ha..

  5. Lionel

    Passed law exams????

  6. Emmanuel Philip

    How can you pass an examination without sitting for it.?
    May be….

  7. Mahinda Bada

    Future Chief Justice in the Republic of Rajapakistan?

  8. Eddy

    When they(The Rajapakse clan) can turn court verdicts, to favor their Govt: and cronies,passing a law exam is peanuts!!

  9. Kumar

    It’s time the de facto “Prince” of Banana republic got a haircut and stopped wearing alice bands…at least to “look” like a lawyer..let alone be qualified

  10. Gotta the hero


  11. hashini

    stop being jealous, go and do something for ur country

  12. godaya

    Like father like son, Both idiotic thugs. Bet hes not qualified O/Ls. All lies, Not a single genuine act!

  13. Bruz

    You don’t have to sit for any exam or pass that to practice “Law” in the lawless land of Sri Lanka. Some guys are just “jealous”. Even majority of the parliamentarians & ministers haven’t passed much of anything related to good education. No fuss please!

    • Gotta the hero

      In a way (unfortunately) I have to agree with you on this. Every fellow in the parliament is a low life thug or drug dealer.

  14. Mervyn

    Every mother will be happy to see her boy get through these types of examinations if they were given the same privileges like “giving the question papers with the answers and providing a separate room” for their child too.

  15. Kenneth Chelian

    hey guys,

    We may not like the Rajapaksha senior. But give a break to the young guy. Why you guys are just making stories about this young fellow.

    Real story can come out from his batch mates. By the way my brother and sister both passed out from Law college 15 years ago. The law college is completely different than regular universities in Sri lanka where I passed out. Law college is a one protected place for rich and influence to paddle their sons and daughters to glory without a merit selection process. Thats how the law college has been for many decades. So dont blame Rajapaksha. Any lawyer who only went through the law college and passed out knows the loop hole of getting into law college with marginal A/L marks.

    But at the end, the law college is capable of producing more great leaders and talent than our regular universities. This put the question back to that just passing A/L with high marks is enough to make successful people.

    Aha!!!! Two side of the coin. No one is wrong. DONT ONLY LIVE BY THE BOOK. There is lot to learn from the street. Thats where the law college surpasses the universities in Sri Lanka.

  16. laughter is the best medicine

    I enjoyed reading the comments. I am wondering whether any of the Rajapakses read these!!! If they had, and still continue to do what they do, they must be having “thick skins” Shame!!

  17. Lord

    With so much wriiten about him in the media about the law exam, how can he face the world society? Shameless thick skin instead of changing the system, making it worse. This is what is called Miracle of Asia!!

  18. TrueBrit

    Has this family not heard of the saying “never try to bring anything through the back door that does not fit through the front door”?

  19. PM

    OK……….he has to be fed by his Mama? Does he take a bottle still? what’s the point of passing exams if a guy cannot feed himself ):

  20. Lt. Sampath Lakmal

    Namal sat exams specially tailored for him. Now he took his oaths in months after joining the law college, he is also undertaking a Mphil which he will complete tomorrow – Morale: in the land of crooks the biggest despot is the winner

  21. Independent Observer

    To practice law , one must know the law . It’s useless becoming a mere paper lawyer !!

  22. luxman

    You elected the family you sleep with them.

  23. luxman

    Over the years we ate crap from the ruling families who licked back side of the imperialists.Now a normal working class come to power overthrowing all the cronies.Mistakes going to be made.But you fooled by his trickery and voted.
    Now sit and watch the show.By the way its a srilankan thing to look after only your children and forget the next door. disease!

  24. solo

    Have you ears sharpened, next breaking news is Namal is professor in law?

  25. Arunachan

    Who answered his law papers? Like father like son.

  26. shantha Fernando

    Rajapaksians will face the same destiny as Gaddafi and Hussains………………………………no 2 words about it…………..mark my word…………..

    • Ranmal

      That’s the foregone conclusion

    • ksarath

      Mr Shantha,

      Please do not comments on which you do not know or misled by news and media.

      Both Hessians and Gaddafi are long time pets of America. (Getting weapons and education and investments in America etc)

      They became criminals to west, after opposing to do doggy deals with them over OIL.

      Therefore, please do not compare these fellows with great Mahinda family.

      Long live Mahinda for the service he did to the country.

  27. tony

    I dont know how this family can blow their own trumpet. Brothers praising their own brother, Father praising the son, Son praising the father. even the other son joined the navy after they lowered the basic qualifications from 3 A level passes to 2 A level passes. Now the basic qualification to join the navy is raised again to 3 A level passes. Then the father goes for the passing out parade. Amusing!!!!!

  28. sean

    the family curse of this country

  29. perera

    namal needs a hair cut madam needs a g band

  30. Tomsamusa

    Poor thing! doesn’t have much between the ears;atleast fill up the pot belly.
    Like the dad, joined the wrong line when it was time to collect the4 grey matter.

  31. yakko

    Aiyo paw ne mewa kiyanne.

    Namal is the pride of the Thomians, no!

  32. Sabrina

    How can we swallow this????

  33. Dhathusena

    Hon Namal Rajapakse ,You are setting an excellent example to your fellow countrymen by becoming a professional through the backdoor and I muat say a Brilliant future is ahead of you as long as your corrupted father reings the country.It is a shame that guardians of our legal system watching and applauding all this nonsense.Surely cannot they have a better backbone.Shame on You people for giving to these goons.

  34. aathavan

    well done namal…dont follow your fathers foot steps and be easily influenced by others. or even worse used by former ltte members and supporters got more power in srilankan government than normal law abiding srilankan citizen.
    only god can save our beloved country from gimmiks.

  35. Randir Waduge

    Never mind Namal and his Kiribath feeding Mother who adores him,What really irks me are these properly qualfied Judges and lawyers who watch this bullshit and admit this fool to the panteon of a much respected profession. From the chief Juctice to all the high court judges you are an absolute arse licking digrace.. Go dance the Jig you chief justice with the Presidents minions at your daughters wedding you are an absolute disgusting bunch of unacring fools.that are an afront to decent law abiding citizens

  36. Mahasona

    Jealousy sees no bounds… looks….!

  37. dagobert

    Comments in these columns reflect how much the Sri Lankan society is divided.
    Why are we Sri Lankans playing into the hands of the external forces??

    Divided we are through Politics, Religion, Caste, Socially, Race & what not??
    Sri Lanka does not need enemies as they are among us and from within.

  38. Gotta the hero

    Namal’s exam questions;
    1+1 = Namal said 2 correct
    2+2 = Namal said 4 correct
    3+3 = Namal said 6 correct
    4+4 = Namal said 22 Incorrect

    Exam over and Namal achieved 75% in the exam. Now he is a lawyer. Bloody fool can’t even feed himself, his Mom had to feed him.

  39. CONGRATULATIONS to NR. He can now help defend his father & uncles in the War Crimes cases in the USA and the ICC. I hope he studied the same ‘law’ that everyone else does. I hope he didn’t learn the SL Army law. like “…it’s okay to kill and rape tamils… …it’s okay to bomb schools, hospitals and tamil homes… it’s okay to restrict food, medicine, education, basic freedom and rights to tamils…” it’s okay, it’s legal. SL govt/army law

  40. Sudukody

    If Mervyn Silva can become a Doctor, why can’t Namal become a Lawyer?

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