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The Hypocrisy Of Ranil

By Indi Samarajiva

Ranil Wickremesinghe is a shameless hypocrite. He calls for media freedom, while at the same time proposing that the Editors of this paper and Lakbima News be given a white van to travel around in. It’s a comment at best in bad taste.
Combine this with his ongoing battle with Sirasa TV and you have an opposition leader at war with the private media. What does that tell you?
Ranil is a dictator without a state, a disgrace to his party and nation. He presides over the opposition like a fiefdom, trying to use bureaucracy to suppress Democracy within the UNP while hypocritically calling for it from the government. He condemns the government for censorship, but forbids his own MPs from speaking to the press. He calls for a free media, but attacks it if it criticises him.
The people who suffer are the party members of the UNP and the people of Sri Lanka. The only ones who profit are Ranil – who gets all the perks of a Minister – and the small coterie of school friends and lackeys he surrounds himself with. He only needs enough hardcore supporters to stuff the UNP working committee with, and that may be all he has.
In prior issues this paper has discussed Ranil’s lack of honour, the inability to gracefully resign after losing not one but over a dozen elections. In any party system, the leader is expected to have the basic decency to serve the party before themselves and to listen to voters. Ranil does not. While we have said this is a lack of honour, it is also rank hypocrisy.
What the nation needs today is an opposition which can stand for Democracy in an honest way. This Ranil cannot do, because he does not practice Democracy himself. He has displayed nothing but contempt for the will of the voters, his own party MPs (of whom over 60 have crossed), and the private media. This is no champion of Democracy this is a dictator.
When Ranil calls for the release of Sarath Fonseka, it also rings false. Ranil was too cowardly to run in that election, and too shameless to resign. In his head, the inability to run is not connected to his inability to lead. Sarath Fonseka took the risk and the bullet and Ranil is limply twiddling his thumbs. If he was really serious about releasing the General he would resign and give the UNP some hope of becoming the government within this decade. Instead he’s quite happy to have one more item for his international roadshow of hypocritical complaints.
The country      also needs a free media, which Ranil again pays lip service to, unless it dares to speak truth to him. The truth is that a losing opposition leader needs to step down, this is what private media has started to stay. Instead of listening, Ranil has chosen to attack editors and TV stations personally. What he cannot understand is that this is not personal. He simply cannot do his job and every media outlet has called him on it. This is a media freedom he cannot condone.
So, how can this man defend Democracy, justice and free speech? What democracy is there in the UNP? What justice is there in Fonseka rotting in jail while Ranil cries crocodile tears? What freedom is there if he only supports voices that support him? The man is a hypocrite and he has to go.
Karu Jayasuriya has bravely decided to take Ranil head on and test his commitment to Democracy. Will Ranil stuff the working committee, effectively fixing the election, or will he allow a proper vote? Better yet, will he listen to voters and the media and step down gracefully? Knowing the man, the answer is likely no. He is like Saddam in his rat-hole, or Gaddafi in his drain-pipe. The man’s hypocrisy bounces off the walls of his cocoon and comes back reflected as reason. It is a damn shame for the country and the party, and Ranil does wrong to blame the messenger. It is nothing personal. It is just not working out, and it  is  time for Ranil Wickremesinghe to go.

This is the letter sent to Ranil Wickramasinghe by the Mahanayaka Theroes of the four Chapters. The letter was signed by most reverend Thibbatuwawe thero, Udugama thero, Wewalduwe Medalankara Thero and Dawuldena Thero.

3 Comments for “The Hypocrisy Of Ranil”

  1. Chooty Putha

    This old royalists is a shame to entire Royal community. Runied UNP and with his antiques with the same sex he is trying to become the president. What a shameless fool is the man.

  2. ana

    Crap for yourself

  3. Eddy

    Oh, it’s not even worth writing any thing about Ranil, coz his hide is so thick, his brain is in his a….s and had sold his soul to the “Goni Bothal Karaya”(scrap dealer). He’s like a maggot,eating and spoiling into the UNP apple!! So what do you do? Throw the entire apple? Just remove the goddamn maggot and crush it underfoot and save the apple & make it edible to the public!

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