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UN Studying LLRC Report

  • HR groups say report fails to address accountability

By Easwaran Rutnam

The United Nations (UN) says it is studying the final report of the Lessons Learned and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) which was made public on Friday December 16.
Leading international human rights groups, meanwhile, said the report fell short of addressing accountability issues including the ‘white flag’ incident.
The much anticipated report of the LLRC was presented to parliament on Friday and was also subsequently placed in the public domain. UN deputy spokesman Farhan Haq told reporters in New York yesterday that UN Secretary Ban ki-moon was studying the report in order to make a statement.
He noted, however, that the Secretary-General continues to believe that UN Member States should take seriously the findings in the UN experts panel report, also known as the ‘Darusman report’ which was made public earlier this year.
The US based Human Rights Watch, meanwhile, said the LLRC report disregards the worst abuses by government forces, rehashes longstanding recommendations, and fails to advance accountability for victims of Sri Lanka’s civil armed conflict.
The serious shortcomings of the 388-page report highlight the need for an international investigative mechanism into the conflict as recommended by the United Nations Secretary-General’s Panel of Experts in April, HRW said.
While the UN Panel of Experts recommended the establishment of an independent international mechanism to conduct investigations into the alleged violations, the LLRC report provides no realistic pathway for holding accountable military and government officials implicated in serious abuses.
“Governments and UN bodies have held back for the past 18 months to allow the Sri Lankan commission to make progress on accountability,” Brad Adams, Asia Director at Human Rights Watch said. “The commission’s failure to provide a road map for investigating and prosecuting wartime perpetrators shows the dire need for an independent, international commission.”
HRW noted that among the many omissions, the LLRC report does not examine allegations that government forces executed several LTTE leaders who attempted to surrender to the government during the last days of the war in what has been called the “white flag” incident.
The report limits its analysis of the so-called Channel 4 video, which appears to show government soldiers executing handcuffed and blindfolded prisoners, to a technical discussion of the video’s authenticity without mentioning the government’s admission that its forces killed a young woman visible in the footage, HRW said.
Amnesty International, meanwhile, said the final report of the LLRC acknowledges serious human rights problems in Sri Lanka but falls short of fully addressing the war crimes and crimes against humanity committed during the final phases of the conflict between the government and the LTTE.
“A preliminary review of the report suggests that it acknowledges the very serious human rights problems in Sri Lanka.  But where it appears to really falter is in ignoring the serious evidence of war crimes, crimes against humanity and other violations of the laws of war by government forces, even though the report highlights the serious and systematic violations committed by the LTTE,” Sam Zarifi, Amnesty International’s Asia-Pacific director said.
Zarifi, however, admits the report offers some interesting recommendations about how to improve the overall human rights situation in Sri Lanka.
“The Sri Lankan government must now address the findings included in this report. It should report to the UN Human Rights Council at its next session in March 2012 on its measures to implement the report’s recommendations, including the need for further investigation of alleged violations of the laws of war, taking account of the findings and recommendations of the report of the UN Secretary-General’s Panel of Experts on Accountability in Sri Lanka,” Amnesty International said.

18 Comments for “UN Studying LLRC Report”

  1. There are two reports in our hand today. One is the UN report fondly called as Darusman report by Srilankan politicians and the second one is LLRC report fondly called as Mahinda Rajapakse report. There are lot of difference between these reports. Then we have this UK based Channel 4 film. Rajapkses regime constantly denied any killing during the final stages of the war. Now they say there may be few. Without any doubt some 40,000 people get killed during the final month of the war. These are the innocent Tamil people who were between LTTE and Armed forces. Government always say when a Tamil is get killed he or she is a terrorist. In the eyes of the government all the Tamils are terrorists. So we call upon UN to start a full investigation without further delay.

    • Tamilselvam

      Tamils will never get self-rule in Sri Lanka’s North and /or East, even All Sri Lankans will have to starve and stagnate forever. This will be the end of story. If Tamils want a piece of real estate of Sri Lanka, they need to be smarter than they are now.

  2. I have my doubts as to Pan K Moon can read LLRC report, he is waiting for Rajapaksa to send some one witha fat envelop & him to say that the LLRC report is correct. I hope all SL wil agree with me in this subject.

  3. Pan K Moon is a wanker, he was a lawyer who received a few dollers to appear for clients, do u think he cannot be bribed, specially by the Rajapaksa family who are very liberal with our money, the SL tax payers money, they don’t care a damn, they can send a air craft load ( Marhinair) dollers to the Moon guy.

  4. Anil

    The “brother” are as guily as the retarded report of war crimes and crimes against humanity that it has gone to the extent of canceling the dual citizenship in Sri Lanka to save their own ass’s from being procecuted as a citizen of USA. A UN led investigation is the only solution. And if not, the suffering and missary of the people will continue under this dictatorship!

  5. ila

    Actually, Hilary Clinton should have congratulated since she is one of them who placed confidence on the commission. Most people who follow the Sri Lanka news might remember the news conference with Peris, the Sri Lankan foreign minister & Hilary Clinton, States Secretary of US had a conference where Hilary clinton expressed her trust in the commission.

  6. Johanne Gunasekera

    This is just a fake report siding the corrupt genocidal government. The UN and other western countries will disregard this stupid report and an international human rights investigation will commence thanks to the pressure from the the diaspora.

    • Sisira

      Do you really want us to believe that you are a Gonasekara? When did you jon the diaspora? Why didn’t you give your submission to the commission Gonasekara? You may be the Tamil Gune in Christmas Island ditenton centre.

      • CON

        Grow up Sisira. If you are a human being and believe in justice and fairplay you would not write all these nonsense. The Government ignored the call for impartial inquiry. MR and his co-horts have deliberately hisdden vital information and this is an eye wash. No one would know the truth because truth has already been burried. Those who committed these barbaric and sub human acts will end up in hells fire.

  7. Sisira

    UN is losing the plot here. The report very clearly identified that there had been no war crimes committed. There was no evidence to that effcet. Hearings were well transparent. Every transcript is available for anyone to peruse. Even media was present during hearings. The UN’s problem is they want to believe UN “expert report” that was made in a few days without ANY evidence.

    White Flag case has been addressed in the report. The commission has cited documents in which it explained how US army killed persons who surrendered during the war due to mistaken belief during crossfire. The answers are there. UN must read it hard enough.

  8. Shiva

    This report has no creadibility and ther is no complete truth in it as LLRC is formed to cover up war crimes and human rights abuses against the innocent Tamils and it is a delaying tactic on the full scale international independent investigation.

    No accountability or justice will be delivered to the victims unless there is an independent international investigation of crimes committed against the innocent civilians.

  9. Raja corrupt

    Sisra, not sure where Christmas Island is, but where ever it is, you are too low and unintelligent to know where it is, Craw back into your third SL cave.

  10. raj

    until Tamil eliminate the dowry system and modernize the culture, they are not going to get the freedom they deserve. How many Tamils are counting on dowry at present? How Tamils have never got dowry? Not many.

    • Gotta the hero

      Hey Raj-what the hek are you talking about? This is a report about the mass killings of a people and you are talking about some dowry system. When your brain stops working stop writing. Give it a break and then come back and write your garbage when your tiny brain starts working. Idiot!!!!!!!!

      • raj

        Gotta the hero:

        I do agree with you that Tamils should get freedom. In reality, Tamils are occupied in making dowry rather than focusing on getting basic freedom. Whether you agree or not, i stand by my argument. I view anyone who get or support dowry are dowry criminals. Tamils should eliminate dowry criminals in order to have freedom. Dowry system is a barrier for many progress. It is an indirect slavery. No one one force Tamils to get or give dowry. It is part of the backward system.

  11. Gotta the hero

    Nobody has to study this farce of a report. Rajapakses are innocent angels. They would not even harm a fly let alone the Tamils.

  12. Gotta the hero

    I do not think the Rajapakses are racists but I strongly believe they will eliminate anyone who stands in their way.

  13. raj

    Bak Ki Moon should appoint an independent commissions to probe into his conduct in regard to Sri Lanka. As a UN Secretary, he failed to protect innocent civilians during the war.

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