Canada proud of stand on Lanka

Canada says it is “proud” of the stand it took on Sri Lanka’s human rights record just before the recent Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting.

The Canadian press quoted Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird as saying in an interview that he is proud of his stand against the Sri Lankan government for not adequately investigating alleged atrocities by its military forces when they annihilated the LTTE in May 2009.

“We’re appalled at that. Someone needs to stand up and say the lack of accountability for war crimes, the lack of any meaningful reconciliation … it may not be very popular, but someone needs to raise these realities. I think it’s tremendously important,” he was quoted as saying.

Canada was trounced by Portugal last year for the second of two temporary two-year, non-veto-wielding seats on the UN’s top body. It was the first time in the six-decade history of the UN that Canada failed to win a seat for which it made a bid.

The loss sparked criticism in many quarters about whether Canada’s foreign policy under the Conservative government — perceived tilts in policy toward Israel and away from Africa and an unpopular policy on climate change, among them — may have cost the country support among a majority of the UN’s 190-plus member countries.

Baird shot back at critics on all fronts in a wide-ranging interview in his Foreign Affairs Department office shortly before Christmas.

“Maybe if we had shut up, and not talked about gay rights in Africa; maybe if we had shut up and been more quiet about our concerns about Sri Lanka; maybe if we hadn’t been so vocally against the deplorable human rights record in Iran, maybe Iran might have voted for us,” Baird said in the Dec. 20 interview, one of several he conducted with various media outlets that day.

“But we didn’t, and I don’t think we regret anything. Iran probably voted against us; North Korea probably voted against us; Gadhafi probably voted against us. I think those are all badges of honour.”

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  1. Wobat power

    Many countries don’t really care as SL is small, poor and of no real use to the world. But good on Canada for its stand.

  2. RAVI


  3. Bruz

    Thanks Canada for your strong stand & for not towing the usual American way in foreign affairs. You seems to have a better understanding of humanity among this perverted western fake democracies. Appreciate your just & free thinking.

  4. Tamil Victim

    Canada is the country of modernity, muticultural, and human rights. Canada has not only the rights but also has the responsiblity to firmly rise this cruel state terrorism aganist humanity, war crime, genocide, massacre, and ethnics cleaning of Srilanka state terrorism.

  5. Canuck

    Oh please focusing on Sri Lanka is not going to Canadian foreign policy anywhere the Conservatives have bowed down to the propaganda of Tamil Tigers, there were no war crimes or genocide in Sri Lanka, shame on Canada for instigating hate and divisions between the Sinhalese and Tamils here. To win votes the current government is making stands without a back bone while the cost of living is sky rocketing and the working class is struggling to make ends meet, oh Conservatives how the orange wave will diminish you all next time for the point of no return, be gone.

  6. Rowdy Peter

    Native Canadians have no electricity, running water of sanitary facilities yet your Tamil refugees are fed and clothed with the money that rightly belong to them. If Canada was so hot on Human Rights then they should see that the Native Canadians are given more than anyone else.
    Have you thought of that.
    How long has it been since they were given universal franchise. Just shows how very educated you people are.

  7. raj

    if his accussation is true, he and his government has morally failed to stop before those crimes before it happen.

  8. Mr Baird, how much was it worth to take the “stand”? take more stands and milk the diaspora kitty dry.

  9. Mervyn

    Yes, you stupid you have no other choice, because you have caught the Tiger by the tail, now you cannot let it go, it will eat you alive. Keep busy, hold it firmly. God will laugh at you for supporting Tamil Terrorism in Sri Lanka who has no blood in their hands like the members of the NATO.

  10. Raj

    i am a sri lankan i just wanna know what do you want ? do u want another war to fight for ealam ? or just continue with the peace situation

  11. Tamil Canadians are grateful to Canada (and The Sunday Leader) for it’s ‘stand’ in relation to Sri Lankan Govt’s War Crimes. We were very sad to see the murder of Lasantha, a true journalist. We hope some day the people who really killed him are arrested and jailed. We also hope that the truth of the thousands of innocent tamils murdered and buried/burnt-to-ashes by the SL Army …

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