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MR blames Tamil political parties for delay

Brushing aside the criticism that he is nowhere near delivering a political solution even 30 months after ending the Eelam war, Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa has blamed Tamils, within the country and outside, for the delay by refusing to participate in the consultative process authored by him.

“The parliamentary select committee [PSC] is a good approach to what has been a vexed problem. Its members are legislators and their proposals could find wider acceptance,” he said in an interview with the Deccan Chronicleat his Temple Tree residence in Colombo.

“It is important that TNA [Tamil National Alliance] participates in PSC with an honest intention of finding a political solution, but they are not nominating members. Sampanthan [TNA leader] seems scared of somebody. Now they are going to America complaining we are not doing this or that,” Mr Rajapaksa said.

He said TNA was steered by the LTTE in the Prabhakaran era and now by the Diaspora, which mostly comprised second- and third-generation Tamils.

They were worried that if a political solution emerged in Sri Lanka, their host countries would send them back home, he said, adding, “There is no point blaming me, it’s the Tamil parties that are delaying solution.”

Asked if he was not leaning a bit too much toward China for India’s comfort, Mr Rajapaksa said all the mega infrastructure projects, such as Hambantota Port and Colombo Port extension, were first offered to India but Delhi did not respond.

Promising action on the report of Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) recently presented to Parliament, he said LLRC had concluded that the security forces did not deliberately target civilians in the final phase of the war. (

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  1. raj

    you invited all parties all party conference before the end of war. What happen to that APAC? You have proven that your you have wasted time of others with the hidden purpose. Therefore, TNA has right to refuse to participate PSC. Actually it is the government of Sri Lanka that diverting attention from bi party negotiation to PSC. First find an agreement with TNA, then go for PSC. Otherwise, it is another ploy.

  2. Dear Mr President, please do not blame the Tamil political parties for your delay in delivering the solution to the ethnic problem. Can you please spell out what you intend to deliver to the Tamil people. Sir, by keeping the Tamils under the armed forces rule both in North and in East will not solve the problem. You promised to the Indians some time back that you will not only implement the 13th amendment to the consitution but also the pluses. I don’t know your meaning of plus, plus. Now you and your mouth pieces are talking about not giving Police and Land powers. If so, what else you want to offer. Do you know that today in North and East we donot have civil administration. Army interferes with everything. This is what your brother wants. I mean Gothabaya Rajapakse. Sir, my humble request to you ,before the Americans and the West push you, to deliver the solution to the Tamils problem. Don’t rely heavily on China, Russia, Iran, India and Pakistan for your survival. One day you will regret very much for your arrogancy.

  3. Tomsamusa

    Why not blame ALL Eelam Tamils,especially those who exiled after the pograms and ongoing genocide for your misgivings.
    I commend the Tamils parties atlast holding to the demands and cvowing down to the crumbs thrown as baits.

  4. P.L.J.B.Palipana

    Please give us scientifically where is the ethnic crisis in sriLanka within a very tiny territorial area of 25000SQMILES.The majority of TAMILS are living outside the NORTHERN and EASTERN provinces. There were three rebellions in the country during the past 50 years and what were the root causes behind those uprisings? The people of SriLanka needs not devolutions and they need only bread and butter for their survival.

    • MMM

      It’s a pity that Sinhalese like Palipana above do not ‘scientifically’ realise that they too loose out because of the policies of the Sinhalese governments.
      What an idiot !

    • Tuan Pham Ngoc

      Just curious to clarify with you.

      If a white van that abducted your loved one and killed return and give you bread and butter, will you happily accept it and eat it.

      First of all you should feel safe and secure before sitting down to eat the bread and butter.

      TNA’s demand is to remove the Army and to implement civil administration for the people to feel safe.

      And the President’s answer is to go to ANOTHER committee and tell your problems.

      Ahh, heard his son is also took oath as a LAWYER. God O God!

  5. raj

    History repeat itself. What happened All Party Conference you had will happen to PSC. You will for sure find some excuse. If TNA should proves that it never withdraw from negotiation though it may not participate on PSC. By doing so, you will give the opportunity to the government to proves that it is the government of Sri Lanka that undermined the bi party negotiation by inserting PSC in the middle of the negotiation.

  6. raj

    What the agreement have both TNA and the government achieved by having bi party negotiation.

  7. raj

    Regardless of what the TNA does, the government of Sri Lanka will find some excuse. History repets itself.

  8. sinhaya

    Where did he(MR) study english?

  9. Dushantha Kurera

    Make all 3 languages compulsary from grade 1. Make Tamil/Sinhala administrative languages of the North and East. Have more private Universities in all the provinces. Give Police powers to the Provinces under normal conditions and Military to take over under Emergency.Land powers to the Central Govt. Every citizen should be given the right to buy land anywhere in the country.Scrap this nonsense of Sinhala or Tamil Homeland and develop all the provinces through a commercial viability mindset. Birth Certificates should have Sri Lankan rather than the Race. Lets go back to the brotherhood of the 50′ and the 60′s where we all talked, played ,sang, drank, and eat together.

  10. There is no point in blaming the TNA nor the Tamils living in exile. You won the war, without of evidence, and you did nothing to the Tamils issue. You want to alianate the Tamils and it is your wish also. If you are a great leader you should have resolved the Tamils issue by now. Your only ambition is to rule Sri Lanka with your family for ever. You never seems to be interested in making Sri Lanka as a beautiful country. The country is heading towars disastarous. I don’t care who rules Sri Lanka as long as human rights are protected and people are allowed to live peacefully. Law is equal to everybody and all the citizens are treated equally. In Sri Lanka under your rule journalists are killed and or kidnapped, the Police is working only for you and your family. There is no law and order. Mr President you have the time to do all this and all you need is the courage. Please treat our Tamil brothers and sisters equally so that we all can live happily in our country.

  11. Machang

    This is very similar to Robert Mugabe blaming rest of the world for the troubles in zimbabwe. MR is soon becoming Sri Lankan mugabe.

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