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Two students attempt suicide over A/L results

Two students attempted to commit suicide this evening in two separate incidents over their A/L results, Hospital sources told The Sunday Leader.

One girl had consumed several Panadol tablets and was admitted to hospital in Nittambuwa while a boy had reportedly attempted to hang himself in Karapitiya.

Both students had failed to obtain the required marks to get University admission, Hospital sources told The Sunday Leader.

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    Better to Die than living in a country like this, no Future for the next generation.

    • Solution!
      Give them a better result in the future so that they do not attempt to end their life.

    • P2BSL

      well that’s nice -.- every country has a future, its just our counrty’s current state isnt stable enough. However, that isn’t a reason to be so negative. New times are ahead, and it may come to our disadvantage or to a prosperity, but no one can determine the future, not even you :) Some might find it hard, yet if you have faith and believe in yourself and have that driving force, there is no saying to what you can achieve and where you can go. If you have that determination, you can build a future and become a successful and worthy citizen, especially in a, if you don’t mind me quoting, “country like this”. If you are to build a future in Sri Lanka or in any country, you first need to respect and love the country itself, because if not, you will go nowhere with such a pesimistic atitude.

  2. Independent Observer

    They must not think that it’s the end of the world !!
    There are great men and women who have done extremely well in life although they have not had a University education .

  3. Sherlock Holmes

    MR and his 03 sons have not even passed their O/L ‘s . So they don’t value the results of A/L exam for a child’s future .

    these donkeys are parasites w/o any skills but living on lies and tax payers money .

  4. Bruz

    Hello Students, don;t give up hope, things will get better sooner than later. Please do not attempt suicide, as this is not the solution and your life is precious. Pls do not make your parents & siblings sad and go through all these agony. Just bare with the sorry situation in our country, and hope things will get better and we all can have a decent life.

  5. raj

    in some countries even education ministry does speak as an educated person. Instead, they speak as a wrestler.

  6. raj

    Sri Lanka needs to modify its curriculum to improve their graduates’ intellectual level. The language you use reflects your background. Talk to some university graduates from Sri Lanka, and other developed county graduates, you will find the difference. Paper graduates are useless

  7. raj

    paper graduates is the one who demand dowry by using his paper.

  8. Village Teacher

    Students you are educated than President , the Cabinet of Srilanka and the heads of departments, but because of some mistakes done by your parents or elderly people Voting to this fools to take Power making every thing Up Set in this country. Now as you are educated enough to correct this, advice them not to “Give Power by Voting to this Foolish Clan Again”.

  9. ranarala

    Now the education is controlled by tution mudalalis who think only about the money. One minister destroyed the education before and selling adulterartd petrol. The whole govt including the cardboard deshpremis are responsible for the future of these students,

  10. Ranjit Wijesinha, in australia

    I dont live in Sri Lanka. Can sherlock enlighten me on ‘MR and his 3 sons have not even passed the OLs. If I assume who that MR is, iread that on son bcame a lawyer recently.

    • @Ranjit Wijesinha, in australia

      In Sri Lanka anything can be bought if you have the money and power.

    • MR`s Supporter

      Ranjith, MR is not an educated man, that is correct, but we needed a man like this to finish the “Trouble” made by another “Uneducated” man VeluPillai Prabakaran, which educated man cannot make. That is correct, but , Question is after that MR`s whole uneducated family members and some group of “Uneducated Gang” keeping “MR” as a “Pupert” and making him dance according to their “TUNE”. MR has no backbone and sufficient education to kick out the “FOOLS” and command the Nation as he cannot reach support from educated people in and out of Srilanka, because of his sorrounding “Foolish Family Members”. Otherwise MR is not a badman.If correct people give him correct Directions, he can make a “Change”, otherwise Whole Country is on FryingPan.

    • Indi

      Wow, good for you for not living in Sri Lanka, and reiterating that twice. Are you enjoying life there in Australia?

    • But Namal Rajpakse does not deserve to be a lawyer, since he was allowed to be in a secluded room with airconditioning and internet facilities, (and who knows, with all answers written out already by others).

      That is life in this once blessed country.

  11. Mervyn

    Hallo, failing Exams is a common thing that each one of us had faced, it had happened to everybody irrespective of the current position an individual is holding. If everybody get through at the first shy, it will be a wonder. Had you been the son of the BIG GUY then you would have got the chance of getting a separate room and the answers along with the questions, but unfortunately it was not so. Now the best is to review where you did went wrong and steps to correct it. Committing suicide will not solve any problems. Remember, none in the Govt. or in the Opposition would feel the agony, they will only shout for some time and will fall back to their enjoyable life but not your parents they will never be able get rid of this tragedy which you created even though you are matured enough to sit for the A/L. So face the life, it is not a well paved road, but is full of hindrances and awaiting your skillful navigation to success.

  12. Leann Arrance

    I’m with you Cowgirl! I have a 2 year old grandbaby at my house and two dogs that we love with all our heart, as well. We had an unusually bad population of all kinds of snakes last yearand expect the same this year. While most of the snakes are non-poisonous, we do have some rattlers and a few coral snakes. We will try to teach the grand child about the snakes, but the dogs will not know the difference, and I’m afraid that the snakes on our property will have to be destroyed for their safety. It’s just that simple.

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