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Fonseka Responds Positively To Joining The UNP

By Mandana Ismail Abeywickrema

The UNP says that former Army Commander Sarath Fonseka has responded positively to an invitation extended to him to join the party.
UNP Deputy Leader Sajith Premadasa said that Fonseka had responded positively when an invitation was extended to him to join the UNP by former Deputy Leader Karu Jayasuriya and himself when they met Fonseka at the Welikada Prison in December. Premadasa told The Sunday Leader that Fonseka had said he was willing to play a role in an united UNP.
Fonseka had asked Jayasuriya and Premadasa to ensure the internal squabbles in the UNP were first resolved.
Premadasa and Jayasuriya met Fonseka on December 18 on his birthday and the day before the UNP’s Working Committee meeting to appoint the new office bearers for 2012.
Fonseka Responds…

However, DNA parliamentarian Vijitha Herath told The Sunday Leader when asked about Fonseka’s decision to join the UNP, that the DNA had not been informed of such a move. Herath noted that the DNA is an alliance consisting of several political parties and individuals and that each person had the right choose the path they want to follow.
“There is no barrier preventing any person from deciding what they want to do,” he added. Citing an example he said the JVP performs as a separate political party while being a member of the DNA.
Herath further noted that the comment about Fonseka joining the UNP has been made by two UNP members and not personally by him.

22 Comments for “Fonseka Responds Positively To Joining The UNP”

  1. P.L.J.B.Palipana

    Very good move Gen.Fonseka. The country needs a strong united opposition front to tackle the existing high corruption in all the Institutions.The main duty of the politicains is the pure protection of the tax payers(the NATION).

  2. Ariya

    You mean a UNP of Karu and Sajith?! He, he…would Somey and Vijith H would join too? Come on!

  3. M.V.R.Perera

    He has only asked them to do the mission impossible by requesting them to have a united party before inviting him and also can he join a party that is for federalism?

  4. Shaik Ahamath

    How much more punishment can the UNP take. I wish Messrs. Premadasa and Jayasuriya would tell us the qualities that makes Mr. Fonseka an asset to the party.


  6. Roy

    Mr Sarath Fonseka, what politics for you best to keep away from it. Politics is totally a different thing compared to the Army forces. The Army forces is well-disciplined profession unlike politics. You don’t fit into Politics.

    • Sisira

      I remember Fonseka once saying to TV, “if I will join politics, I will be the most failed politician in the world”. He was dead right in it.

  7. raj

    this request should go through proper channel. It shows the division within the party. If that so, why should SF join the party that is divided?

  8. loki

    UNP tries to get a person to fight with Ranil .. this person still does not understand what’s going under the carpt ..cunning politicians … you are still not good at politics

  9. Tomsamusa

    Politics all over again! Any clown in sinking lanka knows that this bum is wanted ,along with his former buddies for the genocide of Eelam Tamils and bribery and money laundering in USA.
    His alliance with UNP proves these ranil clowns are no better than their predecessors.
    All this will enhance the birth of Eelam.

    • Anthony J.

      @ Tomasamusa
      We have seen 2 generations of Tamils getting wasted trying to achive the Eerlam. The Singhalese will never ever allow an armed struggle again to happen in Sri Lanka in the name of Eelam.

      The Singhalese got the numbers and any government of what ever colour in Sri Lanka will be dominated by the majority. No government in power can afford to grant an Eelam. Even the sligtest try to reemerge the North & the East, will be suicidal for any government. There will never be an Eelam. I hope that you get that right. You will not get wasted, ’cause there will be no armed struggle, but people like you living in dreams will die as very unhappy old men.

    • suren soysa

      Buddy “Tomsamusa” birth of Eelam is only a dream & will lead to more bloodshed than last time the Tamil terrorists got. Only Eelam has sunk & for sure SR LANKA is not sinking at all,though you would love it!

  10. Don Quixote

    This is simply speculation, with a view to increasing circulation !

    This paper keeps doing this and we all fall for it.

  11. Saroja Pinnaduwa

    yes fonseka will join the UNP only as it’s Leader. Nopthing less

  12. Nobee Perera

    This is same like “Aththo Kathi Bothi Sukawiharanaya Karathi, Naththo Suttha Pataharalaa Balathi” By hook or crook he wants to come out now, damn shame. After defeating 1956 Election, Sir John Kotalawala stepped down even as UNP leader and never ever talked after that with any politics. Learn from him, Mr. Sarath Fonseka

  13. lalith

    Do not destroy his future. This move will not be successful, as long as Ranil is there as leader. First get rid of Ranil for good.

  14. Jay

    he is the real residenl of sri lanka not raja hora he is a just a fake figure.

  15. Hotdog

    And the WINNER is…….Mahinda Rajapaske. So keep fighting.

  16. Leela

    You’d be better off if you try your luck in India for at least there are over 60 million Tamils there.

  17. Siripala Maduwage

    Anoma Fonseka will be sadest if Sarth Fonseka is released.

    I feef sorry for Aparna and the other girl. They are genuine.

  18. acs hameed

    please dont join with unp under ranils leader ship

  19. Last time SF was put in trouble by Ranil and this time it will be by Karu and Premadasa. SF will never learn a lesson because he thinks he knows every thing other than military. He was the best General who could face LTTE when given all facilities and cover up by Gvt but he became the worse politician when it comes to politics. His gesture during the final days of the election proved well enough how dangerous he would be if he came to power.

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