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Spreading Divine Love Messiah Foundation International

By Imaad Majeed

Younus Al Gohar

While the Eastern world is known for its rich heritage of spiritualism, and the Western world has its more recent neo-sprituality, of late there have been global initiatives aiming to bring together people of all faiths. One such initiative is the Messiah Foundation International. Currently headed by Younus Al Gohar, they claim they are not a religious organisation, but a proponent of spiritualism. And who is this messiah they speak of? Ra Riaz was born in 1941 in Pakistan, at an early age he had gained interest in spirituality.
There is the story of the messiah, or Mehdi, that says he will disappear, and when he returns he will return in all his majesty. The one person their Mehdi is supposed to have met before disappearing was Younus Al Gahar. In 2001, Ra Riaz was in London. One morning he had disappeared, and eventually sightings were reported around the world, with people claiming to have met him and received spiritual guidance.
The Messiah Foundation International claims that it is now the duty of their leader Younus Al Gohar to spread Ra’s universal message of love.
Speaking to Gohar, there is a sense that this man has looked through the eyes of countless men and women, as he is unfazed by anything I say. His eyes penetrate through the space between us as he tells me about his mission.
What brings Messiah Foundation International to Sri Lanka?  Messiah Foundation International has a universal message and it is designed to benefit all humanity. It’s not just Sri Lanka; we’re based in many countries of the world, Europe, America, Australia, Japan, South Korea, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and many other places. The universality of the message brings this mission to every country; the message is love; the practical methodology of love, how to obtain divine love, how to spiritualise our lives.
Is the approach different across cultures? People have different faiths, but what makes your approach universal?
We do not derive our methodology from any other source that is already established in the world; our methodology comes from Lord RaRiaz Gohar Shahi and the reason why I call it universal is because it is designed for all nations of the world; one particular methodology that befits all human beings. We’re not adopting western spirituality in the west or eastern spirituality in the east, there is just one methodology and we’re taking this methodology to all corners of the globe.
This is a non-religious organisation and has nothing to do with any particular religion. It’s a spiritual organisation for people of all religions and all faiths. I am a well-travelled man, I have been stretching from Canada, USA all the way to New Zealand, and I have seen that there are all sorts of the spirituality; there is the eastern spirituality that comes from India, and then we have Buddhist spiritualist, we have western spirituality. I was really amazed when I was first introduced to a newer form of spirituality in the west, especially in USA and Canada. Their spirituality is something which is really naïve to my understanding, because we understand that spirituality without the concept of God is not spirituality, but they have atheist spirituality, which I really can’t understand. Our mission and our message is different from their understanding of spirituality.
We have a practical approach towards the spiritual system. This method of our spiritual doctrine is about enlightening and awakening the souls. His Holiness Lord RaRiaz Gohar Shahi gives us a practical approach to spirituality whereby a special name/mantra is implanted in the beating system of the heart; the idea is that when God’s name is repeated in a rhythm within the heart beats, it generates divine light and that divine light is constantly generated when the name of God is implanted in the heart beats.
So in this particular practise, what is used as the name of God?
Lord RaRiaz explains that many names have been given to God. All the names in all the languages that have been given to God are worthy of respect. It’s not just about one particular name of God, because there are so many languages and so many names have been given to God. When you call upon God with any name, it becomes worthy of respect. The question is not, what name should be given to God, the question is, whatever name is being given to God, we should be able to generate divine light from the practise of making mention of that name.
For example, say Ram, Krishna, God, Allah, Rab, Ek Onkar, any name; we should be able to generate divine light with that name, and that only happens when that name enters the beating system of the heart.
When we speak of ‘Ra’, at which point in his life did he begin to share his thoughts on spirituality?
Lord RaRiaz Gohar Shahi spent three years in the jungles of Pakistan, and upon command of God he returned to the world before he began spreading his message. He was 35 years old at this point, in the year 1977. He wrote a book called ‘Spiritual Journey’ in which he mentioned his experiences with the divine.

Why chant ‘Ra Ram’?

It’s not the only name. There are different religions with different names for God. Any name of God, should it enter the heart, will take effect. The five time prayer is not part of spirituality, it’s a ritual. But we’re not talking about rituals, we’re talking about spirituality, about how to awaken the souls. There are two dimensions in every religion, the outer aspect of the religion and inner-dimension of the religion; we talk about the inner-dimension of the religion.
When it comes to the healing factor, is it at the point at which the soul is reawakened, is it the spirit itself that assists in the healing, or how does that work?  There are seven souls in the human body and when the name of God enters the heart and starts producing divine energy, at one stage all seven souls become enlightened and become to produce divine light.
That divine light is synchronised in the blood-stream and the entire body is enlightened, and you become to generate enough divine energy. Such people, when they blow upon somebody, the divine light travels with their breath and that divine light heals people. It happens when you are completely enlightened and when you are never short of divine energy, because it is constantly produced in the heart.
How does one feel divine energy? Lord RaRiaz Gohar Shahi says that there’s the physical heart and at the same time there is a soul that sits on top of the physical heart, that’s the spiritual heart, and the purpose and function of the spiritual heart is that it serves like a telephone. If you have a connection you can dial a number and speak with people on the other end, in a similar way, when the spiritual heart is awakened and enlightened, it becomes a divine telephone. You can contact God with this, God starts to send messages and you receive it.
Your intentions reach God and God’s messages reach your heart, and at the same time the spiritual heart takes the shape of the person and it begins to make spiritual journeys, and when it is able to make spiritual journeys, this is the point that you realise that you have enough divine energy in it.  The ultimate goal is the union with God.
We have one main soul, and all other five souls are auxiliary, and their function is to assist the individual to make the spiritual journeys and also give him an opportunity to make more divine energy. So when all souls are enlightened, there are different realms in the spiritual sphere, in the domain of God; with each respective soul they can approach different realms in the spiritual world. When one passes away, some of the souls stay in the grave, and some others depart from the world, those that stay in the body, they give spiritual benefits to those who visit their graves.
Those who are not enlightened, their main soul are taken to the spirit of the world, and the other souls are not enlightened so there is nothing in the grave.
How does the Messiah Foundation International followup on its followers around the world? We have local representatives and spiritual ministers in many countries. We have a gathering on ‘Yahoo! Messenger’ and people from all over the world join that conference, on which I spend 8 hours a day, so if anybody has any problem or get stuck somewhere, they can always contact me. Are Sri Lankans more receptive to this approach towards spirituality? Historically speaking all the Prophets came to the East. There was not even one Prophet that came to Europe or America. These people in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and some of the middle-eastern countries are more recipient towards the divine message and have a little more profound understanding of spirituality than those who live in other parts of the world. For example, North Americans, Europeans and Australians; they call themselves the progeny of monkey; so, I think that the people from this part of the world are closer to real spirituality.
Younus Al Gohar was in Sri Lanka spreading his message when The Sunday Leader was able to speak to him. The foundations website is at: and can be contacted locally via telephone on
0774976513 / 0771604491

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