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The LLRC Report: A Process Of Reconciliation Or Perpetuation Of A Dynastic Military Junta?

By Surendra Ajit Rupasinghe

Landmines were responsible for many deaths, Picture courtesy: - Child soldiers - used a lot by the LTTE and Picture courtesy:, There was much international help to help finish the war

The Leasons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) Report has served to polarise an already, irrevocably, polarised society, placed barriers in bringing about reconciliation and opened the country to even more foreign intervention. Here was a golden opportunity for the State and the Regime to come clean, on which basis the bridges of reconciliation could have been built and all foreign powers that intend to pursue their geo-political agendas by exploiting the situation would have been silenced. This issue affects all of us. It is our collective honour and dignity that is at stake. As citizens, as the supreme People of Lanka, we do not want our country to be seen as a morally degenerate Banana Republic. The country belongs to us, its citizens. It cannot be held hostage to any particular political agenda or regime. This issue affects our collective moral conscience, our shared sense of justice, our collective identity as a civilised human community. Therefore, we must pursue the debate, however consequential it may be.
Why could not the LLRC be constituted of eminent and trusted citizens of all nationalities and communities, instead of servants of the state and the regime,  that is itself part of the investigation? Why could it not have been constituted with the participation and observation of eminent and trusted international personalities that have neither truck with  foreign powers nor the regime? These questions have to be addressed with honesty and integrity.
What is at issue is not only whether any particular alleged violation did take place but also who ultimately should be held accountable down the line of command, including both the regime and the LTTE leadership. This core issue is fundamental to the process of reconciliation with justice, and to our future as a united, civilised nation. The issue is also whether the particular political ideology and agenda, and the military doctrine that logically flowed from it, that  inspired and led the war are accountable for the alleged crimes. This question is of paramount importance since the political agenda and the military doctrine itself is being auctioned as a model for counter-insurgency.
If the war on the side of the regime and the state was waged based on a political ideology and an accompanying military doctrine aimed at militarily liquidating the LTTE, along with its political-military leadership, and to annihilate the political status of the Tamil nation and if the war was waged to consolidate a Sinhala-Buddhist hegemonic-chauvinist-militarist State that would feed into the political agenda of perpetuating the Rajapaksa dynastic regime, then, politically, the war itself is on trial.  Then, the prosecution of all allegations of war crimes and atrocities achieve overriding  political and moral legitimacy. It is within this political context and situational matrix that the LTTE is also to be held accountable for its crimes against humanity, including war crimes.
The facts on the ground attest to this political agenda of national subjugation and military conquest. The political status of the Tamil nation has been deleted from the political discourse and the Tamil people have been brought under military rule. There would be no political solution ever that accords dignity, equality, security, autonomy and democratic freedom to the Tamil people as a nation. There would only be the manipulations and procrastinations just to perpetuate the military conquest and occupation and keep the regime alive and perpetuated.
The Rajapaksa regime claimed that the war was waged with “zero civilian casualties”. Why does it now acknowledge, under the sanction of the LLRC and mounting international pressure,  that; “ok, there could have been some civilian casualties and some atrocities.”
However, if the agenda is to deny the political status of the Tamil nation and to impose a  chauvinist-hegemonic military dictatorship, then we shall stand with the oppressed Tamil nation in its struggle for liberation as we have done consistently. Once again, if the cause of separatism and terrorism is unilaterally latched on to the LTTE, without accounting for its fundamental, generative cause in the construction of a unitary, chauvinist, hegemonic State and the policy of intensifying and systematic discrimination and violent suppression of the Tamil nation, then we shall have no truck with the regime and its apologists and so with the LLRC.
We shall not stand with the politics of division and suppression, but shall struggle untiringly to unite all revolutionary democratic forces in the task of achieving a united, independent, democratic and prosperous Lanka.

4 Comments for “The LLRC Report: A Process Of Reconciliation Or Perpetuation Of A Dynastic Military Junta?”

  1. Johanne Goonesekara

    Everyone knows that this stupid report is corrupt and a cover up. The war crimes investigations must begin and the murderious regime that killed 300,000 innocent Tamil men, women and chidren be jailed for life.

  2. tamil circle

    Why should we care much about international actors who think of their interest and try to use us. There were so many organisations taking about child soldiers, one famous person Mrs. Rdihika Kumarsamy. She is still in the UN connect with human rights matters but not worried about these poor soldiers any more. Some are dead, some are in prisons some are without limbs. Many innocent children who were not child soldiers are without parents to support these.victims of the war which these foreign actors promoted and turned the other side when all crimes were perpetrated. Radihika should cry aloud about the fate of the windows and orphans and even about the young girls who are raped or forced into prostitution, isn’t it as bad as child soldiers or worst. Who will talk? Do they need state decorations like the one which Radihika got from Chandirka.

  3. Punchinilame

    MRs Consultants (living ones) like Rajiva, Dyan, Rohana etc do support the
    MR Agenda by various Doctrines of their make. They too have the white-van phobia by now. What is the remedy now?

  4. Gotta the hero

    The only good thing out of this is the bloody LTTE is no more. Now the world needs to rid of these Rajapakses.

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