Kelaniya: Mervyn’s Waterloo

By Mandana Ismail Abeywickrema - Photos by Thusitha Kumara

Currying favour Mervyn is the President’s pet69

Public Relations and Public Affairs Minister Dr. Mervyn Silva’s fiefdom in Kelaniya has fallen apart. Friends have now turned foe with Silva’s trusted allies at the Kelaniya Pradeshiya Sabha now becoming his enemies.
The so called descendent of King Dutugemunu, Silva’s dirty deals in his electorate Kelaniya have now come to haunt him with the governing party members of the Kelaniya Pradeshiya Sabha threatening to expose everything with evidence.
Documents including letters and receipts issued by Silva in his campaign to collect monies through the Pibidena Kelaniya Development Fund as well as the Vishnu Devala maintained by him have now surfaced.
The Pibidena Kelaniya Fund has been initiated by Silva claiming to help the needy people in Kelaniya and to be used for infrastructure development projects in the area.
Be that as it may, the address for the Pibidena Kelaniya Fund is a bar owned by one of Silva’s lackeys.
The address for the Fund is Samanala Restaurant and Bar, No. 136, Sumito Building, Kandy Road, Kadawatha.
The Mathata Thitha programme of President Mahinda Rajapaksa has not been applied to the Pibidena Kelaniya Fund.
The Sunday Leader is in possession of the letters sent by Silva’s Fund to businesses in the Kelaniya electorate requesting for money and receipts issued after collecting the monies.
The members in Kelaniya who are now waging war against Silva have in the past years carried out many contracts for the Minister.
Some of the key incidents the Kelaniya Pradeshiya Sabha members were involved in were the attack on the Sirasa Media Network office in Braybrooke Place in 2010 and the abduction of the Samurdhi officer who was tied to a tree by Silva last year.
Three members of the Kelaniya Pradeshiya Sabha, Chathura Dhanushka, Sarathchandra Dias and Hasitha Madawala were identified from the video footage recovered from the MTV/MBC’s CCTV cameras during the attack and were arrested as well.
Nevertheless, the Kelaniya Pradeshiya Sabha members have now come out against Silva saying he and several of his supporters have been engaged in collecting monies from traders and businessmen in the Kelaniya area in a fraudulent manner.
Business establishments, especially restaurants, hotels and guesthouses in the Kelaniya area have been sent letters by the Pibidena Kelaniya Fund demanding for monies every month.
The letter signed by a person whose name does not appear in the document states that the respective business establishment has not made the monthly payments for a period of two months.
A letter sent to Onro Hotel at No. 366/A/3, New Road, Dalugama, Kelaniya on February 19, 2011 states that the organizations has failed to make the monthly payments due to the Pibidena Kelaniya Fund for the months of January and February 2011 and has demanded that the payments be made soon.
All these letters are sent from the Samanala Restaurant and Bar where the Pibidena Kelaniya Fund is located.
On January 31, 2011, then Labour Minister Silva issued a letter on his official letterhead to the businessmen in Kelaniya asking them to be present for a meeting attended by him on February 2, at 9.30 a.m. at the Samanala Restaurant and Bar in Kiribathgoda.
Again on June 20, 2011, the Manager (Finance) of the Pibidena Kelaniya Fund has written to the hotel saying the establishment has delayed the monthly payments and has demanded that monies be deposited in the Fund’s account by June 30, 2011 with arrears monies.
The letter states that the monies could be deposited in the Fund’s account bearing number 237 1001 30000 410 in the People’s Bank branch in Kiribathgoda.
Apart from the restaurants and hotels, Silva’s Pibidena Kelaniya Fund has also collected monies from the container companies in Kelaniya.
One of the container companies in Kelaniya, Repcon Container Depot (Pvt) Ltd., has paid up to Rs. 50,000 every month to the Pibidena Kelaniya Fund since 2009.
However, the receipts issued to the company states the Fund’s address as 3rd floor, Public Market Complex, Kiribathgoda.
The receipts have also been signed by Kelaniya Pradeshiya Sabha member and Secretary of the Pibidena Kelaniya Development Foundation, Melroy Perera and Treasurer, Lakshman Ashok Wijesinghe. The Fund has also collected monies from individuals too. A sum of Rs. 3,500 has been collected for each month from individuals.
Kelaniya Pradeshiya Sabha member and Secretary of the Fund, Melroy Perera claim that the monies deposited in the Pibidena Kelaniya Fund could be withdrawn only by Minister Silva, his supporters Sarath Edirisinghe alias Singapore Sarath and Lakshman Ashok Wijesinghe alias Sea Lion Raja.
“It is these three individuals who have the powers to withdraw monies from the Pibidena Kelaniya account,” he said, adding that as secretary he was only involved in issuing the receipts and depositing monies in the account.
Perera also claimed that he was not aware as to the exact amounts that were in the account.
“I only deposited the monies, as the Pibidena Kelaniya Fund is a legal organization registered in the Pradeshiya Sabha,” he explained.
However, it is only the Minister and two of his supporters who have the mandate to withdraw monies.
It has also been revealed that monies are also collected from businessmen in Kelaniya for Silva’s Vishnu Devala.
Monies have been collected by the Uthpalawarna Vishnu Devala in Himbutuwelgoda, Dalugama, Kelaniya by another one of Silva’s allies called Ranjan Silva.
Receipts have been issued to the tune of Rs. 200,000 collected by the devala
According to the receipts that have been issued in November 2011 are for the development work of the second and third phases of the devala.
In another development, various persons have also collected monies from the weekly fair (sathi pola) in Kiribathgoda, which is under the purview of the Kelaniya Pradeshiya Sabha.
In fact monies amounting to Rs. 85,000 have been collected from some traders to sell 6 feet by 6 feet shop spaces in the Kiribathgoda pola.
Pieces of paper stating receipts have also been issued to the persons who have paid the monies.
Interestingly, while some person had scribbled on the space allocated for the recipient of the monies, an ID card number has not been stated at the space allocated for it.
The persons who have paid monies have not yet received deeds for the shop spaces as well.
When The Sunday Leader visited the Kiribathgoda pola located behind the main bust stand, several individuals who have paid monies and “purchased” the shops said they had not been given any deed of ownership.
“We paid a lot of money and the monies were collected by one of Minister Silva’s secretaries, but we have not been given a deed,” a shop owner said on conditions of anonymity.
He added that they were uncertain of what would happen in the future since the Kelaniya Pradeshiya Sabha has claimed the sale of the shop spaces was illegal although the individuals have paid monies for it.
Even the small time traders have not been spared by Silva and his group in Kelaniya.
Small scraps of paper with numbers have also been issued to the small traders who sell goods at the pola.
While the Kelaniya Pradehsiya Sabha states that such traders have to pay Rs. 125 per day to carry out business in the pola premises, some persons have collected various amounts from the traders.
The monies collected range from Rs. 250 to Rs. 550 from a trader for each day they conduct business in the pola premises.
Only Silva and a handful of his lackeys know the accounts of monies collected in the Kelaniya area.
As pointed out by Perera, even he is unaware of the monies collected in the account although he is the secretary of the Fund.
It is this reason that the governing party members of the Kelaniya Pradeshiya Sabha openly accused Silva of pilfering monies from the Pibidena Kelaniya Fund.
“There is no Pibidena Kelaniya, but it is Pibidena Park Road for Mervyn,” Kelaniya Pradeshiya Sabha members told the media.
Silva has demolished his residence located at No. 296/7, Park Road, Colombo 5 and is in the process of building a new house.
The Sunday Leader learns that Silva and his family are currently residing in one of his friend’s houses in Mirihana, Nugegoda.
Members of the Kelaniya Pradeshiya Sabha said earlier in the week that the laying of the foundation and constructing the basement alone has been estimated at Rs. 2.5 million.
“How can a government minister have such monies?” they questioned.
However, the Kelaniya Pradeshiya Sabha members headed by its chairman Prasanna Ranaweera met the SLFP Secretary and Minister Maithripala Sirisena, SLFP Treasurer and Minister, Dullas Alahapperuma and UPFA Secretary and Minister, Susil Premajayantha last week and handed them files containing proof of Silva’s illegal money collection activities in Kelaniya.
The governing party members of the Kelaniya Pradeshiya Sabha also handed 12 official complaints against Silva to the SLFP disciplinary committee.
They now claim that a complaint would also be lodged with the Bribery Commission as well.
The clash between Silva and the Kelaniya Pradeshiya Sabha members commenced, following the abduction of one of Silva’s coordinating secretaries, Amal Rodrigo last month.
Rodrigo, The Sunday Leader learns had revealed details about the collection of monies in the Kelaniya area along with other illegal activities and has named the people involved with Silva.
The Kelaniya members have been agitated when Silva had not expressed much interest in safeguarding them when authorities have stared to crackdown on extortionists and those involved in illegal activities.
Realizing that they were going to be at the receiving end for Silva’s illegal activities, the Kelaniya Pradeshiya Sabha members decided to go public with details about Silva they had kept silent for years.
Many attempts by The Sunday Leader to contact Minister Silva for comment failed since he could not be contacted through his mobile phones or office number. Silva’s Media Secretary was also not available for comment. Silva on many previous occasions has been spared from any punishment by the SLFP leadership. However, the damning evidence that has surfaced this time around with regard to Silva’s activities would not make it easy for the party seniors as well as those in the government to ignore.

40 Comments for “Kelaniya: Mervyn’s Waterloo”

  1. Pubudu

    It’s a shame that such low class people are put into politics by the rulers. Idiots who are driven by cravings for wealth and power, tyrants who conspire and carry out all forms of murderous and barbaric activities have become the favourites of the sovereign drunk with power, leaving behind trails of death and destruction.

    People who take advantage of their position to enrich themselves and their families and friends, in order to protect their wealth and power, silence those who threaten their authority. As one injustice lead to another, and as their friends become fewer, they grow increasingly paranoid and oppressive. They desperately cling to power in fear that if they lost control then they might also lose their fortunes, their freedom, and possibly even their lives.

    It’s still not too late for the people to act wisely and rightly to make Sri Lanka a better place.

    • Deiiyo Sakki

      Mahinda Chintana- The qualifications needed for Minister of Public Relations in the republic of Lanka are as below-

      1. Plundering every poor man, business, trader and anyone for multibillions ( ? Rs 600 million) as above.
      2. Tie men to trees like animals
      3. Talk in filth
      4. Direct/indirect connections to many crimes, vandalisation of property sucha s TV studios
      5.Should be humiliated by the people- such as TV studio incident
      6. Must talk filth in public etc
      7. Should be national disaster, shame and disgrace to humanity.
      8. Should have a record of gangster violence on the public
      9. Should have underworld connections
      10. Should be able to have murderers, criminals , underworld as his secretaries

      Mr President, your judgement is amazing and have a unparallel lack of shame. You certainly will make Lanka the wonder of Asia!!

      • love2beTRAITOR

        its mervin silva for god sake,
        no one can do anything to him.
        MR needs him, to run the government

  2. Panduka

    “Seeds of destruction are within…”
    So it was with the UNP of 1977-94, the SLFP led UF of 1970-77, and so it will be with any power, anywhere. Until and unless appointees and electees treat power and governance as a trust, and show virtue in their exercise, this fiasco will go on and on…Time for the citizenry to think hard about virtues and values, culture, traditions and principled living, and to act to redeeem these, meaningfully…

  3. yakolis

    Kudu Gemunu grovelling at the Kings feet! Can even the King save him now? Will this trend now follow with the Rest of the Political Crooks?

  4. raj

    there is a proverb that a King punish at present while the God’s punishment comes at the end. What happening in Kelanya is what is happening in North East part of Sri Lanka. The differences between is one has already been exposed while the other is still protected by highler level in Colombo.

  5. Robert

    This man M.Silva is the most corrupted minister in the cabinet, he should have
    been sacked long ago but Rajapakse don’t do that because he loses his
    support in the parliament so he just allow anybody to do any nefarious acts in
    order to earn money by illegal means. The SLFP holding an inquiry against this
    man is an eye wash and just to satisfy the people, all these rogs who are in the
    parliament will not be punished for ever because Rajapaksa wanted to stay in
    power every day (I don’t want to address him as president because he won by
    illegal means so lawfully he is not a legal president of this country) this man
    deserves death soon before he plunders more wealth of the people of this
    country. Hats off to Kelaniya people for their braveness.

  6. ranjit de mel

    there are many thugs,criminnels,corrupted,uneducated basterds like this coward mervin in politics today ins.l..even during the time of the dharmista dictator j.r .there were mervins.during the time of the dictator premedase,ranil time,who many say was a democrat,there were mervins,cbk time,the lady with the french education,many say she did only french language c. at the in france,there were mervins.but these mervins were under control,not like today.what we have to ask ourselfs,how come these mervins control us.who is responsible.i say this government is responsible,and above all,the allmighty ,h,e, the president.if that is so we have to ask why.does the president need these mervins,if so would be good,if the president explain these matters to us.we,the majority of the decent s.l.ans.,i woulld say about 70 p.c. are disgusted.the president ofcource need not worry,he would be in power till 2016,because the opposition parties are very week.the western i.c. is no danger for him,they bark like dogs but cant bite.i and my friends who supported him in 2004 as wellas in 2010,are asking oueselfs,were we fools to support the president.i do not think we were fools,but if the president does not take action against these mervins, his beloved son probably would not become what h.e.wants him to be.action is needed your e. . ranjit demel berlin colombo

  7. cuttige

    This is very good move.

    Hope all the thugs of kaleniya PS & PC will be eliminated from public service.

    Let all the thugs holding common people for ransom be jailed and give freedom to the people to live in peace.

    It is the responsibility of the govnt & the president to the country.

    Unless president get rid of the terrorists with in his govnt the people will not respect him for too long.

  8. Jayan

    All Sri Lankans know what has been going on in Kelaniya for years. This is not the first time Mervin Silva is in trouble. In all previous occasions he was bailed out by non other than the president himself. So don’t be surprised if Silva carry on this racket. If this to be stopped, regime change has to occur.

  9. Chamara sanjeewa

    Finally Mr.Marvin will be innocent as well as Mr. Duminda. This is sri lankan polotics.. ha ha ha…..


    How many committees were entrusted with the duty of inquiring into various acts of thuggery committed by by minister Mervyn including his attack on Rupavahini. No reports came out of any of these inquiries. These really tarnished the name of the president and the government. Now no escape for Mervyn or those protected him. Sri Lanka has gone to dogs with these types of fellows being made ‘ministers’ in the world’s largest cabinet ever. The entire world is laughing at us because of these jokers. Added to the insult from this minister, we had a disaster in Mulleriyawa and Tangalle…………….what more to come good god only will know!

  11. VG

    Please understand that the Hon. Minister is only acting in self-defense and has a legal right to do so.

  12. Lanka Liar

    What Mervin is doing is a humanitarian operation. So what is wrong in that?. Me rain for President. Hooray? At least he should be made the prime minister.

  13. Sumith

    Mervin will be free, he will get a compensation from public money. That is why this bas..d is touching feet. He will touch other things too for money.

  14. Dutugemunu

    Thats why all Sri Lankans must elect SF as he will be the only Lion who can eleminate all this cowards from GONGPATHUWA from the South.

    • Lanka Liar

      I am not a supporter of SF. But rightly or wrongly he was the only one who would have put the country in order. I am sure the country would have prospered in a new direction with discipline. Sri Lanka wasted a golden opertunity. I hope they will get a second chance.

  15. A possible scenario in the near future is there might be a shooting incident in the Kelaniya area. Mervin will be allegedly shot by a Pradeshiya Sabha minister and Mervin will be pronounced brain dead. A few days later he will be flown to Singapore under tight security for medical treatment. 3 months later he will return to the island hale and hearty. By this time the people will also have forgotten everything. When the next General Election comes along he will be given nomination to contest, and the voting public who are now the “Wonder of Asia” (According to the Guinness Book of World Records) will vote him into parliament with an overwhelming majority. Alls well, that ends well.

    The End

    • Gotta the hero

      Hahaha, so bloody true. I cannot wait for that day. Once that is done, lets go for Karuna as well and the tradition should go on!!!!!!!!

    • Against Idiots

      PresiDunce Bean:
      Again, you are right on the money!

      However, there is another option: creat the position of Vice President and place The Vermin on that throne. The “Vice” part will fit very well given whose “goalaya” he is and also because of what he excels at.

    • Rohan

      Very true. This is Sri Lanka folks !!

  16. kingkong

    Yes we have a new addition to Mulleriyawa, Tangalle and Kelaniya in Colombo minister Fowzi’s son is to be arrested on a magistrate’s order! Don’t worry there will be much more………….

  17. Gotta the hero

    Re: Currying favour Mervyn is the President’s pet; if he is a pet, then this is the ugliest and nastiest pet I have ever seen.

  18. Lal.Fernando

    This man Mervyn Silva, has no credentials what so ever.Just ask him to show his educational credentiale.

  19. Observator Srilanka

    Premasada`s dirty orders completed by Cooray, and finnaly those all back fired to Premadasa as same way.(Ex: Athulath Mudali Murder)
    Rajapaksa`s dirty orders completed by Mervyn, and those all back fire very soon to Rajapaksa as same way very soon.( Ex: Sarath Fonseka Case)

    “Kala Kala Dey -Pala Pala Dey.

  20. Donan

    why mervyns son sell drugs at R&B in the toilet. what about that :(


    Lal.Fernando, we examine the heads of those who gave him an honorary ‘DOCTORATE’! Can you imagine of all people on this earth Mervyn to get a ‘doctorate’! Wherer is our country heading to?

    • Sunil

      That is why Sri Lanka has become a joke to the rest of the world. Even in Indian politics, we don’t find jokers like this with a ‘Doctorate’.

  22. daya weerasinghe

    Just as Bandaranyake and Senanayake had their cornies………..this ones a Rajapakses corni…………and you all idiots keep electing these criminals !!!!

  23. Asoka

    @ King Kong,
    why may I ask Minister Vermin cant get a DOCTORATE?? Do you know in what he got the doctorate? Well, Now you can see. From the article above that he got it for his Thesis on Thuggery, Murder, Extortion, drug dealing you name it he has it in his Thesis.

  24. gajan99

    Mervin is a good man and he did lots to Kalaniya.

    • M.Gogood

      Mr Gajan

      You are right ? ?? He is a gooood man. Man of GOD. We never get a fellow like him for Mr Rajapaksa. He did a LOOT to Kelaniya

  25. In a play, a drama or a movie, we see some characters introduce to drag the story. Here, in the PLAY called the GOVERNMENT, Mr. Mervyn Silva has been introduce to divert the attention of certain masses of people so that the government has a lesser problem of governing the place. Mr. Mervyv Silva is like a Mini-Government or road side Prisident of the Country, who has all the powers to rule his mini-mases. As this road-side president over runs his limits, his government wakes up to rid the power of this “road sider”, by completely ERASING him from the SCENE. The time has passed for Mr. M.S. and awaiting the ERASURE of his CHARACTER from the PAVEMENT.

  26. M.Gogood

    No doubt, the bunch of idiots have given the Doctorate to another idiot.

  27. Banji

    People of the area should rally round to support ones who now come forward without any fears. If the voice of the inhabitant could go stronger, no any resistence, from the ruling party tops can do anything.

    There were no headlines of dirty sort for him than any other recent MPs of the country. This alone gives the message the regime chief to draw nation friendly decisions, but he seems to be far from even understanding the most need of the country to date.

  28. Ruwan

    This particular MP is unique by his nature of addressing own people in many occasions. If he s a strong buddhist, learning to express himself in a good polite langauge is the fundemental thing he should bear. I have listened to one of the YOU tube speecheds given by this MP, most of the sinhala slangs he is used to use are as if he was born family one can name it as – street dwellers – without being able to complete proper schooling, to learn how to behave to a civilised manner. So for me and the many who live out of the country is unthinakble why masses voted him to get elected in the last election. There were times in slanka, the majority wanted to politicians to use civilised langauge- because they are the ones who should first be example for the young generation of the country. After all they have been elected by the vote of public, and they should fulfil the best out of them when representing the nation. All these my 10 year old asked me last week after watching a speech given by so called buddhist MP – SILVA. I was speechless and I kept quiet not giving my son a better answer.


    Tie Mervyn and his kudu son – Malayaka – in chains and drop them into the deepest point in the Bay of Bengal.

  30. raj

    who like a society that legitimize political thugs?

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