Sri Lanka’s Disappeared

  •   Mohan Peiris says will testify over reports he received
  •   Police to begin probe on hundreds of missing persons

By Indika Sri Aravinda

Mohan Peiris

The police have begun investigations into hundreds of people reported missing over the past several months.  In the last 40 days alone eleven persons have been abducted in white vans.  They have disappeared with no clue except for Amal Rodrigo, Coordinating Secretary for Mervyn Silva who was returned after being abducted.
Out of the ten who were ‘whitevanned’ in the last one and a half months include two JVP rebel activists abducted in Jaffna,  Lalith Kumar Weeraraj and Kugan Murugasan, who remain missing.
Former Attorney General (AG) Mohan Peiris told The Sunday Leader that IGP N. K. Illangakoon had issued instructions to police regional heads around the country on Thursday.
Convenor of ‘We are Sri Lankans’ Udul Premaratne told The Sunday Leader that some 500 people have been reported missing in the North and East alone over the past few years.
Of those missing are 110 persons from Trincomalee, 100 from Mannar, 140 from Vavuniya and several others from Jaffna and parts of Killinochchi and Batticaloa.
Among those abducted are State employees, fishermen and university students, Udul Premaratne added.
Meanwhile former MP Mano Ganeshan said that between 2005 – 2009 there were around 550 persons reported missing in Colombo and its immediate suburbs.
He said the whereabouts of these people are still not known and blamed the government for the alleged abductions.
Mohan Peiris meanwhile said that he has already informed the relevant officials on the information he had received about the whereabouts of missing journalist Pradeep Eknaligoda.
Peiris, who is now a Presidential Advisor, said that he had received information from another source that Eknaligoda was overseas and so he asked the relevant officials to investigate the claims.
Peiris said he had received the information when he was still the Attorney General and it was now up to the relevant officials to investigate the claims.
Last year Peiris had also told the UN Human Rights Council that Eknaligoda was overseas and this created a stir with human rights groups asking him to clarify his statement.
He also said that if summons is issued on him to give evidence in court regarding his statement on Eknaligoda then he will do so.
The Appeal Court had ruled last week that Pieris could be called in as a witness to inquire into the disappearance of Eknaligoda.
Sandya Eknaligoda, the wife of Prageeth had requested courts to order the police to produce the missing journalist in courts.

18 Comments for “Sri Lanka’s Disappeared”

  1. Karu

    The police have begun investigations – surely a joke. Do we think the police force is trusted? The criminals are investigating themselves. Thousands disappeared at the hands of the UNP death squads too. At one time more than Argentina. So much for dictatorships with the smile of democracy.

  2. tamil circle

    We were happy when pro LTTE men and women were whitevanned even supported it when it gradually turned on others we were unable to discern. But now LTTE out those who have tasted blood think their survival is possible only in the destruction of opponents. Adopt to the environment. Only the fittest will survive.
    To continue this good work now the existence of “Ghost LTTE” story is highlighted so we can continue the white van series. People will enjoy it. .
    Return of the Mervyin’s man is not surprising, home and home teams playing.

    The authorities investigating, reminds of the popular Sinhala proverb, “Asking the thief’s mother to read the Horoscope.

    Praise and glory be to Mahinda Chindanaya.

  3. gamarala

    If Peiris became aware that Eknaligoda was in another country, he shuld have informed the Minister of External Affairs, to take up the matter confidentially with that country.
    This is what happens in similar situations elsewhere.
    He had asked the ‘relevant officials’ to investigate,when he was the AG. Why had he not followed up the case as the chief law officer investigating/prosecuting crimes/criminals. It was his duty.
    But he waited until he was appointed head of LLRC to reveal this only at a UN Meeting on Torture.

  4. Bruz

    Most of the disappeared are really gone for good,unfortunately- R.I.P. That’s what happening in our land of disappearance & a leading nation in that activity. Mohan Peiris or no one can bring all of them alive again. Sri Lankaan political & moral cultures have changed so drastically and even the religious teachings have done nothing good. Thank god, Buddha is not alive.We have so many “patriots” roaming in vans and ‘cleansing’ the nation so vigorously to safeguard the citizen from evil
    minded people who are preventing the public from enjoying the hard earned freedom from the clutches of terrorists. The whole thing should be viewed as a mopping up operation, good for the country by the ‘patriots’ and against unpatriotic-dis loyal day dreamers who are trying to destabilize the once proud nation with the help of diaspora LTTE rumps & foreign imperialists.

  5. Tomsamusa

    No extensive “investigation “is needed; just dig up the back yard of temple trees!!!

  6. Saro

    Mohan Peiris has to explain a lot on why not a single perpetrators of abductions, torture, robberies and extra-judicial killing of hundreds apprehended or brought to justice during his time of office as Attorney General. All he has done is to protect those criminals to satisfy his pay master with a view of expecting favours from the top.

  7. Sri Lankan Genius

    Mohan Peiris is a Presidential Advisor? On what? On how to “disappear” people?

  8. Leslie

    Mohan Peries will not have to answer any questions. He will get away as he is the Presidential Advisor and nothing will come out of it or maybe some poor innocent person will have to take the blame.

  9. raj

    Poeple do not understand why does Robert Blake is still keep silence on these disppearance though it condemned by many? Why does Robert Blake does not speak for justice for Lasantha wickramasinghe who fought with pen and not with weapons?

  10. raj

    here is more information about abductions in Sri Lanka.

  11. Kalu Sudda

    Why bother about the missing let us count the living.

  12. Ajith

    This is the man, absolutely disgraceful to his profession dismissed specific criminal cases against govt. politiciens against all norms. If he did not dismiss the rape case against Duminda , today Baratha could be living. On Prageeth, being one of the highest officials representing the state, when giving evidence at UN etc, it should be, must be backed up by concrete evidence and should not give information based on ‘hearsay’. But knowing the man, who is simply a yes man to the mafia govt., his statements are a joke !!

  13. Ruwan

    Bull shit he is not overseas at all, I know his wife well enough. This is full gov coverup

  14. B.Fernando

    Abductions, disappearances, murder, rapes and drugs are normal in the day to day life of the newly created lawless, corrupt Banana Republic. With a politicised Police service protecting the criminals and Kangaroo Courts jailing the innocent no need for further investigations. We need a real clean up and bring back the lost democratic Sri Lanka first.

  15. Shiva

    Only an independent international investigation of human rights abuses, forced disappearences and other crimes will bring meaningful results, accountability and justice.

    The rest process are for buying time, delaying tactics and cover up of crimes committed.

  16. Nimini Walpola

    Mohan Peiris to investigate kdnappings and white van dissapearences/What was this man doing all these years as attorney General to bring the culprits to book? It is like asking a thief to catch a thief, because this fellow is part of the system that uses thugs, criminals extortionanists and muederers to keep them in power. This fraud should take rest and leave decent unbiased lawyers if there are any to investgate these crimes..

  17. raj

    if a government has drug dealers, you can expect abductions too.

  18. raj

    unitil people who are responsible for disappearance disappear, disappearances will continue. When will those who are responsible for disappearance disappear?

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