Lanka Violates INTERPOL Agreement

By Indika Sri Aravinda

Sri Lanka’s Criminal Investigations Department (CID) says it will continue to ignore the INTERPOL arrest warrant on former LTTE chief arms procurer Kumaran Padmanathan (KP).
India had issued the warrant over KP’s involvement in the assassination of former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and the warrant is still posted on the INTERPOL website. When The Sunday Leader contacted the CID a top official said that they have not been instructed to arrest KP using the INTERPOL warrant.
Speaking on the condition of anonymity, the CID official said that the Attorney General’s office must advice the CID on arresting anyone against whom an INTERPOL warrant has been issued.
Police spokesman Ajith Rohana, when contacted by The Sunday Leader, said that he was not aware of the investigations involving KP.
Former advisor at the Colombo Law faculty Rev. Dr. Noel Dias said that by not handing over KP to India via INTERPOL the Sri Lankan government is violating its international agreement with INTERPOL.
He explained that under the 1977 Executive law, Sri Lanka is bound to abide by its international agreements and arrest any suspect wanted by INTERPOL.
UNP MP Jayalath Jayawardena meanwhile said that the government must file a case against KP since he had once proclaimed himself to be the LTTE leader following the death of Vellupillai Prabhakaran.
Jayawardena told The Sunday Leader that the government must also ensure that KP is extradited to India for investigations over Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination.
KP was arrested in August 2009 in Malyasia and his name was later taken off the wanted list of INTERPOL. But KP had later claimed that the LTTE was responsible for the assassination of former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and his name reappeared as a wanted person.

13 Comments for “Lanka Violates INTERPOL Agreement”

  1. B.Fernando

    Why worry about International obligations, our Country is no longer the peaceful, democratic Sri Lanka. It is now a corrupt, lawless “Banana Republic” ruled by a corrupt family.

  2. yakolis

    Let not Interpol utter the name of One of Our Gods, in vain!

  3. roy

    it is right move

  4. Hilly

    B.Fernando has hit the nail on the head. Nothing more to say.


    Interpole looking KP or KP looking Interpole,

  6. Motta Pakse

    First ,how come KP is given such a honourable status by the Rajapakses.
    Sri Lanka has been let down by the very people that we expect to uphold our integrity and honour.’
    That is all down the drain as we can all see very clearly that vested interests and corrupt ways by the Pakses takes pride of place and pride in their pockets.
    A ruddy Disgrace.

  7. nanda

    Interpol is a spineless body controlled by who you know

  8. Fernnando

    Sure. Let’s put Sarath Fonseka in jail and ignore all evidence that he’s not guilty. Then let’s keep KP out of jail and ignore all evidence that he is guilty! Ah, Sri Lanka…

  9. Kira

    Look at the brite side Sri Lankan Government still investigating about the crimes done by KP. There for Interpol and india must wait. Back in 80′s India have not taken stern action against LTTE. Infact their Coast Guard protect LTTE. Help LTTE to be the best Terrorist Group in the world. True their investment gone sour.Now get a number and wait in line.

  10. Even INTERPOL is not demanding Sri Lankan government to extradict KP from Sri Lanka.

  11. Bruz

    There is no surprise. Sri Lanka violates each & every International & local laws or agreements with local political parties and all foreign institutions at it’s will.
    Who cares about Interpol, unless it’s about diaspora Tamil nationalists or “tiger remnants” or presumed anti-Govt. opposition groups. KP is still useful & being used. Until he becomes “useless” he will be safeguarded before being dumped or handed over to India. Rajapakse’s are still “smart” guys.! Let Interpol go fly a kite !!

  12. HUD

    If Sri Lanka asked INTERPOL to arrest Anton Balasingham for being a LTTE leader, will British follow the law?
    It is ironical to see that people who want to see the release of Nalini from jain want see KP arrested on the same issue.

  13. human


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