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Who Raised The Price Of Highland Milk To Rs.55?

Consumers are appalled at the recent increase in the price of a packet of fresh milk manufactured by Highland from Rs.40 to Rs.55. How dare they do this to the consumer who has nowhere to complain! The consumers remain helpless and are now forced to pay this fantastic amount for a price of a packet of fresh milk barely enough to make tea for three people.
The price was first raised to Rs.30, then to Rs. 35 and then to Rs.40, and now without a warning someone has taken it to great heights and made the price Rs.55. I could not believe my ears. Was I hearing things? The audacity of the authorities is unbelievable. Is this because the consumer is helpless.
I appeal to the consumer affairs authority to step in. I appeal to all those in high places to look into this great robbery of the poor man.
How many labourers tend to buy a packet of milk and go home for a cup of tea in the night or for their children. These daily wage earners will now find that they have to pay an extra amount just for tea, that will leave them short of money for bread and rice and other essentials.
The simple cup of tea has become out of reach for the common man. First the cost of gas to boil the water, then the water bill, then the milk, sugar and tea leaves.
The government ought to be more sensitive to the state of the common man. When people at the top of establishments behave in this manner, it reflects badly on the government. So one cannot blame the government. The decision makers in institutions ought to think twice before behaving in a manner that will reflect badly on the government.
When price increases are decided upon, these factors, these humanitarian factors ought to be considered. How can the government allow such an increase. With the price of packeted milk powder at prohibitive levels, the poor and the middle class found solace in the milk packet which helped for the moment.
But now at the price set at Rs.55, we have to think twice before purchasing a packet of milk. I appeal to the authorities to bring down the cost of the milk packet as everything around seems to be turning sour for the consumer.
T. Pereira,

2 Comments for “Who Raised The Price Of Highland Milk To Rs.55?”


    It is pointless appealing to the authorities concerned because all these buggers
    get together and doing these dirty game, because all these are up to the
    position of corruption. The minister is an inefficient bugger who licks the ass of
    MR to become a minister and he talks like a son of a gun. Just watch there will
    be more and more increases of all the food items soon and today the people
    have become paupers under this government but these bastard ministers are
    well off in their life which is luxury and they all have made in millions/billions by
    fraud and finally the people who voted this government are suffering to meet
    their ends. God must kill these bastards.

  2. gamarala

    Cow Milk is not necessary for health, even for babies..The Milk Lobby has brainwashed the public so much so, that even old ladies and gents have started drinking milk.
    Our ancesters drank mothers’ milk for two years and more, and were weaned on rice and curry.
    This is also the recommendation of WHO.
    Cow Milk is meant for calves and not for human babies.

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