The deadly roads of Colombo

The deadly roads of Colombo captured on the police CCTV cameras and the story of some victims at the Colombo national hospital.

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  1. hansan

    Like in other Countries Trafic Police men should be given instructions to be serious on duty and not keep chating with civilians for no reson, Mostly they keep chating to grab some money. If the offence is done there is no explanation the police write the ticket and the guy go to pay. Extra chat you don’t see in other developed Countries where the Cops don’t tolarate bribes.

  2. HUD

    Here we go. “The deadly roads of Colombo” .Nice topic Sunday Leader.

  3. Don’t just blame the cops. Get the statistics, there are much more Vehicles on the road than the roads can handle. The Government should improve the public transport system and encourage the masses to use it.

  4. dagobert

    Yes……….. there are far too many vehicles on the Roads.

    GOSL will need to introduce a scheme for private vehicles in the form of EVEN number plates to be on the road every other day and likewise for ODD number plated vehicles.

    Sunday, all be the neutral day for all users.

    Also, all private vehicles entering Colombo City limits to have minimum 04 passengers.

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