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LLRC Pussyfoots Around Iniya Bharathi- TNA

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) says there is clear evidence of Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) member Iniya Bharathi being involved in human rights violations.
In its 70 page response to the report of the Lessons Learned and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC), the TNA had said that many witnesses in fact identify Iniya Bharathi as responsible for human rights abuses.
The Sunday Leader in December 2011, carried an exposé on Iniya Bharathi.  The article highlighted the fact that he is a man who has been accused of war crimes by the United Nations for giving forced arms training to children.

Furthermore that he is a man who is accused by the public for playing a key role in the abductions and disappearances of several people in Poththuvil, Akkaraippattu, Thirukkovil and Vinaayakapuram in the Ampara district of the Eastern Province.
Iniya Bharathi is a lead operative of the paramilitary group led by Vinayagamoorthy Muralidharan alias Karuna who currently holds a Deputy Minister’s post in the Rajapaksa government. Iniya Bharathi is at present the Ampara District Coordinator for President Rajapaksa.
According to past news reports about ninety percent of affected families that gave evidence before the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) at its sittings in Ampara on March 26, 2011 alleged that Iniya Bharathi was responsible for the abductions and disappearances of their husbands, wives and children.
Iniya Bharathi is also accused of intimidating voters, issuing death threats and of election fraud during the last presidential election, parliamentary election and during the recently held local government elections. The Kalmunai court had sentenced Iniya Bharathi to a ten year suspended jail term, when he was found guilty in some criminal cases.
However, the TNA says the alleged involvement of Iniya Bharathi in a number of human rights violations is not mentioned in the section on human rights in the LLRC’s report. Instead of mentioning the involvement of this individual in the disappearances that took place in the Eastern Province, the LLRC only makes vague references to him in the chapter on ‘reconciliation’. The Commission makes no attempt to examine in any detail the evidence against this individual, nor to highlight his alleged connections to the TMVP and the SLF, the TNA said.

9 Comments for “LLRC Pussyfoots Around Iniya Bharathi- TNA”

  1. ranjit de mel

    aiding and abetting a crime is a offence anywhere in this world.ltte ,i would say,commited h.r.v. from the very beggining,and it was known. tna aided the ltte in many ways,and i say the leaders of the ltte are h.r.violators,just like this guy.

  2. kudu

    the show must go on

  3. sonna boy

    So.. TNA ha, what about TNA’s human rights violations… TNA is and was a proxy of the LTTE, where was the TNA when the mass human rights violations of the LTTE,.. you want evidence Hell there is plenty, Just ask the kids…

    • Shiva

      Why don’t you produce that the TNA is the proxy of the LTTE? LTTE Guys are with the Rajapakse now. Any Tamil group or organization that demands for accountability, transparency, rule of law, democracy, human rights, fundamental rights, justice, independent investigation is branded as the LTTE sympathizers by the alleged war criminal Rajapakse regime. In Canada CTC is an organization of Tamils but due to the Rajapakse regime’s malicious propaganda against the Tamils, they are isolating independent Tamils due to the hate menatality. CTC is gaining strength, now due to Tamils progress in wealth, education and other, Canadian Law makers are supporting Tamils rights for human rights. CTC has filed a lawsuit against Rohan Gunaratna claiming damages. No one won’t be surprised if the Sri Lankan ambassador is kicked out of Canada for denying human rights to the Tamils, human rights abuses, war crimes and transparency in Sri Lanka

    • Vasanthie

      Total Rubbish

    • love2beTRAITOR

      human right violations of both LTTE n government should be investigated.
      if TNA is found to violate human rights, they should be puniched without mercy too

  4. Newman

    The silence of the LLRC on the accusations made by the victims and their relatives on the excesses of paramilitaries especially Iniya Parathy, shows the hands of the president , who last year, honoured the alleged criminal with an award of ‘Desamanya’. From a government whose ministers include Duminda Silva, Martin Silva, Karuna and Devananda how can the oopressed expect law and order and good governance? With LLRC’s report and recommendations aside the abductions and assaults on the journalists and peaceful demonstrators continue unabated in the north is spite of the heavy presence of or as the frightened public say with the connivance of the army and police.

  5. Chaminda Tilakumara

    Pot calling kettle black? In that vain you could certainly ask Mrs Adelaid Balasingham to be charged for crimes against women & children for encouraging them to take up arms and promoting suicide bombing. This should be easy as she resides in the UK.


    I believe that this subject is covered and answered by the most recent announcement by the Attorney General that those identified and alleged in the LLRC Report as having committed crimes are to be prosecuted soon. Of course, We all expect solid actions to follow the well-meant statements of intention.

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